How to Run a Successful Social Media Contest in Six Easy Steps

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Paige Kutilek
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Fundraiser Promotion

The key to a successful fundraiser is implementing a social strategy to boost donations. Each Facebook share of a GoFundMe fundraiser raises $43 on average toward the cause. If you’re looking to go beyond simply sharing your fundraiser, consider a new strategy, such as hosting a social media contest. Follow these six simple steps to take your fundraising efforts on social media to the next level and attract more donors.

1. Choose the type of contest

There are different types of social media contests, so choose one that aligns with your fundraiser goals and what your audience would find engaging. From photo or video submissions to a hashtag contest, there are many options that will help you discover more donors.

2. Set a timeline

According to Vertical Response, Nicole Krug from Social Light recommends stretching the length of photo and video contests by hosting several rounds of voting. If you decide to host a hashtag contest to promote your fundraiser, choose a timeline that works for you and gives participants enough time to participate.

3. Pick a social media platform

You will have to decide on which social media platform your contest will take place. The easiest way to choose is to identify which platform contains the majority of your audience. You can also choose a platform based on which site correlates best with the type of contest you are hosting. If you’re running a photo or video contest, we recommend using Instagram or Twitter, or creating a Facebook page to have your participants post their submissions. If you decide on a hashtag contest, Twitter or Instagram would both be great options.

4. Create graphics

Before launching your fundraiser, brainstorm some ideas about how you want your promotional graphics to look. If you need design help, create a free Canva account for templates, graphics, fonts, and more. Remember to add your organization’s logo, GoFundMe fundraiser link, contest rules, and start and end dates. Once you create and download your design from Canva, you are ready for promotion.

5. Curate submissions

Before the contest launches, you’ll need a tool to help collect and curate all of the submissions. Instead of searching Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for the submissions, using a tool like Zoomph will take the burden of searching for that content off your shoulders. You can easily create a free account to search for your unique fundraiser hashtag or collect photos from your contest’s Facebook page. Once your account is set up, you can begin to promote your contest on social media and watch the submissions start to roll into Zoomph for a simple curation process.  

6. Promote your contest

Once you have all of the elements you need in place, it’s time to promote your social media contest! Inspire your family and friends to share the contest to their audiences on social media and post an update to your fundraiser informing donors about the contest. Remember to post regularly throughout the contest to remind users to participate. Check out more fundraising ideas.

Use a social media contest to drive donations

Once the contest has ended, you can choose a winner and award them with the prize of your choosing. Remember that throughout this process, the contest should help promote the cause of your fundraiser. Remind people to visit your GoFundMe and inspire them to donate while still having fun. 

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