Five Healing Affirmations for Someone Struggling With an Illness

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Getting diagnosed with a life-changing disease or illness is devastatingboth for the diagnosed and their loved ones. After taking in the news that someone you care about has been diagnosed with a serious illness, you might be wondering, “What can I do to help?” 

While it’s difficult to fix or change a difficult medical diagnosis, we can share positive affirmations with loved ones to bring them hope and encouragement.  In this article, we’ll explore five healing affirmations for someone struggling with a diagnosis so you’re ready to be there for your loved one when they need you the most.

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Positive affirmations that make a difference

Positive affirmations are statements that promote emotional support and encouragement during difficult circumstances. A study on the psychology of self-defense suggests that self-affirmations remind people of the important aspects of themselves and of life, and can help them change their perspective to view their circumstances as reasonable and more rational.

Claude Steele’s scientific study on the self-affirmation theory found that words can have the power to change lives and help people feel good about themselves. By providing positive affirmations for healing to your loved ones, you can actually help ease their process of healing and bring them hope.

Let’s take a look at five possible affirming things you can say to a friend, family member, or anyone significant in your life who is struggling with a tough medical diagnosis. 

1. “I’m here for you always.”

Sometimes, the people who are closest to you just need to know that you’re there for them, especially during difficult times. Nothing you or anyone says will be a cure, but it’s important you do everything in your power to ease their struggle and their pain. Saying something like, “Nothing I say will make this better, but I’m here for you always,” can be extremely reassuring to your loved one. 

These words can comfort anyone who feels alone, scared, or unsure of what’s to come next. Let your loved one know that no matter what comes next, you’ll be there right by their side in good times and in bad. You’re in this journey together, and they shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask you for help

2. “You are stronger and braver than you know.”

In the midst of a diagnosis, it’s easy for the mind to spiral into negative thoughts. Questions might arise, such as “How will I get through this?” “What if I’m not strong enough?” It can be easy for someone diagnosed with a serious illness to question what’s next. They tend to think of the worst possible scenarios.

Your job is to provide them with positive affirmations and the support they need. When you repeat these positive affirmations to your loved one, an incredible transformation happens—they’ll start to believe it themselves. By telling them that they’re braver than they realize they’ll start believing it too.

3. “What’s on your mind? I’m here to listen.”

Positivity can get many people very far in life and in their struggles. Yet, sometimes someone who is struggling just needs someone to listen to  whatever it is they’re going through. The best thing you can do in these circumstances is actively listen while they talk. 

Since people may be hesitant or are afraid of burdening you with their own struggles, it’s important for you to open the door for them by offering to listen. You can say something like, “How are you doing today? I want to know how you’re really feeling.” Make it easy for them to come to you when they need someone to talk to. Assure them you’re there to listen with an open heart and an open mind.

4. “How can I best support you?”

Supporting someone can come in many different forms—through gift giving, running daily errands, or even simply listening. You’re in this journey together, and they shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask you for help. Don’t forget to ask your loved one how you can support them during troubling times. You may be surprised by their answer.

5. “I am so grateful for you.”

One of the most positive affirmations for someone with an illness to receive is knowing they matter to those around them. Express how grateful you are to have this person in your life and tell them how much they mean to you. Additionally, help your loved one practice gratitude in their own life as well. 

In fact, Harvard Medical School found that giving thanks can make you happier. The study found that gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, appreciate good experiences, and even improve their health. Comforting, positive, and healing affirming words are one of many ways you can help your loved one struggling with an illness.

Three ways to help someone with an illness

Beyond words, there are some other ways you can help someone struggling with a diagnosis . Here are three things you can consider doing to help ease your loved one’s difficult time.

Plan a fun activity

Facing an illness can be filled with fear, anxiety, and overwhelming emotions. Distractions are a great way to help get your friend or loved one’s mind off of their current situation, even if it’s only temporary. If they’re well enough and up to it, plan a fun weekend getaway or even a staycation. Make sure they are surrounded by those they know and love as often as possible. 

For simpler activities, plan one day of the week everyone can be together and host  a dinner party, a movie night, or another fun activity to do once a week or even monthly. Plan a barbeque or a picnic, and get them outdoors to enjoy some fresh air.

Offer to help with daily tasks

When you help a sick friend, offer to assist them with as many daily tasks as you can. Doing so will give your loved one the extra time they need for things like doctor’s appointments and whatever they need to do for their own personal healing. Offer to run some daily errands, like grocery shopping, walking their pets, or taking their kids to school.

Start an online fundraiser

Unfortunately, the costs that come along with caring for someone with an illness can be overwhelming. The out of pocket medical expenses can become difficult to manage. You can help ease the burden and give the person you care about one less thing to worry about by starting an online fundraiser. Share it with your mutual friends and family to bring in the most financial support possible. 

On top of assisting with the financial costs that come with a diagnosis, a fundraiser can offer a space for your community to leave uplifting and inspirational messages. It also provides an opportunity to share your loved one’s story with their own communities as well.

Your support goes a long way

Aside from healing affirmations and assisting with daily tasks, you can take action and help ease the burden of those hefty medical costs by starting an online fundraiser on GoFundMe. Share your loved one’s story with your mutual friends and family to bring in the most financial support possible. Provide them with emotional support and these positive affirmations for illness as often as you can—doing so is guaranteed to make a difference in your loved one’s life and in your own.  

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