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Fundraise for tuition assistance, study abroad costs, books, student clubs, intramural sports, Greek life, or nearly any education endeavor on GoFundMe.

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Our tools help create your fundraiser

Click the ‘Start a GoFundMe’ button and answer a few questions to get started. You’ll add your fundraiser details and set your goal, but can always adjust these anytime.

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Share your fundraiser link to reach donors

Once live, share your fundraiser link with friends and family to start gaining momentum. You’ll also find helpful resources for running your fundraiser in your GoFundMe dashboard.

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Securely receive the funds you raise

Add your bank information to securely start receiving funds or invite your intended recipient to add theirs. You don’t need to reach your fundraising goal to receive your money.

Examples of fundraisers by students on GoFundMe

Fraternity tradition Study abroad Help with tuition

Questions about student fundraising on GoFundMe

Can I start a GoFundMe for help with tuition?

Yes, GoFundMe has been used by many students to help them in their education journey. We recommend listing how the funds you raise will be used to help potential donors understand how they are helping. 

How do I set up a fundraiser so that someone else receives the money?

We recommend you first ask if the person you are fundraising for is comfortable with you starting the fundraiser. Once you set up the fundraiser, you can invite them to set up bank transfers so they will receive the money directly. Learn more about inviting the person you are fundraising for to receive funds.

How long will it take to receive the money?

The process of setting up and verifying transfers can take 3-7 business days or longer to complete. Then, once your first transfer is sent, it will take on average 2-5 business days for the funds to safely be deposited into the bank account on file.

Can I upload videos to my fundraiser?

Yes, one way you can consider using photos or videos is by adding one to a fundraiser update to easily thank everyone or engage with a progress update. Try these tips for using video in your fundraiser.

How much of the money will I keep?

One small transaction fee (2.9% + $0.30) is automatically deducted per donation—that’s it. Everything else goes directly to your cause. For more information and to estimate what you will receive, check out the GoFundMe pricing calculator.

What details should I include in an education fundraiser?

In your fundraiser, we recommend including as many details as you can about what you are fundraising for and how much you need to raise. For example, if you need help covering the cost of your textbooks, you can add up the average or projected costs of your books and include that in your fundraiser description. 

How do I invite team members to help me?

If you are fundraising as part of a club or organization such as a sorority or club team, adding team members can be a great way to help reach your goal. You can add team members to help you run the fundraiser after the fundraiser is set up. Visit this tips article for advice on using team members help your GoFundMe reach its goal.

Why start a student fundraiser on GoFundMe?

Whether you’re seeking assistance for tuition, classroom supplies, study abroad programs, or other educational expenses, our platform offers students an easy, powerful, and trusted way to achieve your financial goals. By sharing your story and connecting with friends, family, and even compassionate strangers, you can gather the financial support you need. Additionally, if you’re part of Greek life or other student organizations, GoFundMe can help fund your group’s activities, events, or philanthropic projects. At GoFundMe, we provide you with the tools, resources, and community to make your dreams a reality, reinforcing that together, we can overcome any financial hurdle and create a brighter future for all.