Give Shang-Chi a #GoldOpen

Gold House is inviting you to help more youth experience the first titular Asian superhero, Shang-Chi, in the upcoming film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Donate to the fundraiser to cover the cost of tickets for youth programs across the country, or join the Shang-Chi challenge and start your own GoFundMe for a program in your area.

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Shang Chi Challenge

Help kids in your community see Shang-Chi

Every child deserves to feel seen. Help more youth see themselves represented on screen as strong, worthy, and as the superheroes that they are! Proper representation of different cultures is critically important for all children so that they understand that people of all colors and backgrounds are to be embraced and valued. Start a GoFundMe for a youth program in your area using #ShangChiChallenge.

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Fundraisers in the Shang-Chi challenge

Share or donate to any of the verified fundraisers raising money for more youth to experience Shang-Chi

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    Representation matters

    AAPI youth were able to watch this historic movie, thanks to tickets funded by these GoFundMe fundraisers, and see themselves represented on the big screen as strong, worthy superheroes.


    “Yesterday we had over 200 attendees at our first charity screening for the Boys & Girls Club of San Gabriel Valley! It’s hard to put into words what participating in this event meant to me personally. Seeing all these families come together and watch the first Asian led Marvel superhero film was so special.”

    – Ron H., creator of the Shang-Chi Challenge