Inspiring Action Through Nonprofit Storytelling

A GoFundMe Webinar

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What You’ll Learn

We, as humans, are hardwired to respond to powerful stories. This means, your ability to tell the story of your nonprofit’s mission and impact, directly affects how people will respond and engage with your organization.

Join GoFundMe and learn how to craft a story that not only represents your mission but also inspires supporters to take action.

We’ll discuss:

  • How to effectively communicate your mission
  • Suggestions for length and tone when telling your story
  • Strategies for inspiring action
  • Examples of excellent storytelling

Meet the Speakers

Kaley Aposporos (she/her)

SEO Content Writer

Kaley’s love for written storytelling is a product of bringing her parents to tears over the birthday cards she wrote them when she was growing up. Ever since she saw the first sentimental tear in her dad’s eye, she’s been chasing that feeling.

As an SEO content writer for GoFundMe, Kaley is passionate about creating meaningful stories that inspire hope and drive change. She spends her time creating narrative storytelling pieces, managing the GoFundMe content calendar, and writing copy for marketing campaigns, video scripts, and product launches.

At the heart of it all, she believes that the art of good marketing can be narrowed down to how well you tell your story.

Rayna Wachs (she/her)

Video Content Strategist

Equipped with her parents’ 1989 Sony camcorder, Rayna started making videos when she was a teenager, filming her own renditions of Hall & Oates music videos with her high school buddies. Fast-forward a little over a decade later, and she’s turned that passion for videography into a career.

As a content creator and video strategist at GoFundMe, Rayna unfortunately no longer makes Hall & Oates music videos. However, she’s proud to help craft and amplify human-centered stories that move people to take action and drive social change. Since joining GoFundMe in October 2019, she’s helped revamp GoFundMe’s video content strategy, handling virtually every aspect of the production process—from ideation to delivery.

Rayna believes that every nonprofit has a powerful story to share, but the way in which they tell it determines whether someone will be inspired to support their mission.