Charity Fundraising Tips for Any Cause

Crowdfunding is one of the best ways to raise money for a charity that supports your favorite cause. Once you find the right organization that supports your cause, you can take the steps needed to start your charity fundraising journey. To make sure your fundraising journey is a success, we’ve put together this list of charity fundraising tips that any cause can benefit from.

Start a charity fundraiser

Our favorite tips for charity fundraising

Find the right organization and cause

If you’re not sure about which organization or cause you want to support, start with some general interests, such as helping animals, children, or communities in need. The number of causes out there is almost endless and organizations of all sizes may need your help. A great place to get started is a charity directory like the one maintained by Guidestar. Guidestar provides a huge database of organizations for almost any cause, so it’s a great place to start your search for the right charity to support.

Do your research

If you are raising funds on behalf of an organization, double check with their financial administrator to ensure they are able to accept donations raised via crowdfunding. This information should be available on their website.

Key points to include:

  • Your name and if you are affiliated with this charity or organization.
  • Why this cause means so much to you personally.
  • Exactly how all funds will be used and who will be withdrawing any funds raised. We promote complete transparency between our donors and their supporters.

Target your audience

Find those who share your passion and same interests. For example, if you’re raising funds to help a local zoo or animal habitat, you will want to find people who share a love and passion for helping animals. This might be your dog groomer or someone who fosters animals. Check out Facebook groups similar to your cause to find people out of your network who share common interests. These people can help support and promote your fundraiser.

Organize an event

Host a potluck, dinner party, or create a Facebook event to kick off your fundraiser. Trying out new charity fundraising ideas like an event is a great way for you to share your cause and fundraiser with your friends and engage donors. At the event, you can hand out posters you’ve made or even print business cards. Customize your fundraiser link to make it easier to remember. And don’t forget to bring a tablet or mobile device for easy mobile giving.

Say thanks

Don’t forget to thank your donors for their kindness and generosity. A simple thank you can go along away. This small gesture can be used to encourage your donors to continue sharing and supporting your cause. For unique ideas for showing gratitude read 20 Affordable Ways to Say Thank You to Donors.

Put our fundraising tips for charity to work

Now that you have a place to start with these tips for charity fundraising, start a fundraiser is the next easy step.  With GoFundMe, it only takes a few minutes and you’ll be on your way to raising money for your favorite charity. Get started today and get the support your organization needs.