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Time Magazine Read the Full Article
“The secret to a successful campaign: leveraging social-media contacts. It took just two months to raise $144,000 from more than 1,583 donors.”
Fast Company Read the Full Article
“The 'crowdfunding site for the rest of us' is, frankly, inspiring. GoFundMe has it all. Kickstarter looks frivolous by comparison.”
“Crowdfunding was the obvious choice for Sanders. “I wouldn’t have been able to do that without GoFundMe,” he says. Setting up the actual page was, according to Sanders, “just so simple.” He says it took him around five minutes.”
National Public Radio Read the Full Article
“But crowdfunding isn't just for hipsters anymore; it's moving into all kinds of other spheres, from startups to research to personal causes. One site that's capitalized on personal-cause crowdfunding is GoFundMe.”
“GoFundMe fundraisers get their cash as it comes in - no need to wait to reach a predetermined goal like Kickstarter. The company is filling yet another unexpected niche in the burgeoning crowdfunding industry.”
New York Times Read the Full Article
“Within three days, he had raised more than $26,000. 'It's amazing. I’ve never seen this,' said Howard Lapides, his manager of 30 years.”
Bloomberg BusinessWeek Read the Full Article
“ allows people to create fundraising sites for their personal needs. Folks have set them up to raise money for everything from medical bills to weddings.”
“GoFundMe Simplifies Group Fundraising: It connects directly to a user's PayPal account and donation pages may also be embedded on a user's existing blog.”
“Out of 125 applicants, Cadenas was one of seven accepted into a Ph.D. program in psychology. But paying for the program was even more challenging for Cadenas than a typical student. Undeterred, he created a Web page dubbed 'German. Chasing his Dream!' on, a fundraising site. Cadenas has raised $19,253 toward his $25,000 goal.”
KillerStartups Read the Full Article
“GoFundMe is a truly comprehensive platform that will empower anybody to raise money, for any purpose whatsoever... couldn't be simpler!”
“Letting you raise money for literally anything, simply enter an unlimited $ goal, write up a brief description of your cause, then announce it to friends on Facebook.”
“You can encourage friends, relatives and strangers to join your cause and donate money. You can also promote your event to contacts and friends on social neworks.”
Toronto Star Read the Full Article
“GoFundMe has helped thousands solicit money to produce independent films, bounce back from a house fire or, in one headline-grabbing American case, pay for a liver transplant.”
Durango Herald Read the Full Article
“They provide a convenient way to ask for money but also represent how social media and the Internet are transforming our notions of privacy and sense of community through cyberspace.”

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