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Scroll to explore stories of celebration, artistry and achievement from and for the Black GoFundMe community-stories that reclaim our humanity. Stories we hope will inspire you to find and fund your own joy. A space for the Black community to imagine, dream big, and find the tools necessary to fund those dreams. A space to celebrate our successes and talents—because we’re more than grief and trauma.

Full Circle team

The first all-Black team on top of the world

The Full Circle Everest team is on a mission to climb the tallest mountain on earth—and make history in the process. The moment they step foot on top of the world, they’ll become the first all-Black climbing team to summit Mt. Everest, collectively raising the bar for diversity and inclusion in the outdoor community.

“Everest is not the end goal, but just the beginning. Our expedition will reshape the narrative of the outdoors to one that is inclusive and where everyone belongs,” the team shares on their GoFundMe.

“The impact of this expedition will resonate long after its completion and will continue to highlight the importance of representation in the outdoors.”

The Full Circle team turned to their community to help them get to the top of Mt. Everest. Their community showed up, donating over $165,000.

“With community behind us, we believe that we can create lasting change.”


Building a home away from home

“We know so much about the pain and historic and long-standing oppression of our people, but our laughter and love and celebration are often overlooked. We must highlight the goodness in order to not be solely associated with the negative. And because we want to celebrate our Black joy, we are providing a space to feel safe and free to explore it.”

Sara Elise and Amber
Founders of Apogeo Collective, a bed and breakfast for LGBTQIA+ travelers


The healing power of the blues

In 1944, Z. L. Hill started the Riverside Hotel as one of the only African American hotels in Jim Crow-era Mississippi. Formerly well-known as a safe haven for Black travelers and host to a who’s who of blues and R&B legends such as Duke Ellington and Sam Cooke, the hotel is now one of America’s Most Endangered Historic Places.

“This is the first time the doors of the Riverside have been closed since my grandma opened the hotel in 1944,” explains co-owner Zelena.

As was the case for many hotels in 2020, the Riverside Hotel shut its doors for the first time in almost 80 years. And after a powerful storm caused a tree to fall onto the hotel, sister co-owners Zelena and Sonya started a GoFundMe and have raised over $20,000 to repair and reopen the hotel.

“My grandma was a visionary. She was that Black joy back in the 40’s when it wasn’t that easy for our people to accomplish things at that particular time,” says Zelena of her grandmother.


Sharing Black history through books

Willa has devoted her life to helping Black children see themselves in the books they read. Her community has rallied and donated over $15,000 to keep the only Black-owned independent brick-and-mortar store in Kansas City open for business.

Owner of Willa’s Books and Vinyl, specializing in African American history

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“The society we live in makes you feel guilty for asking for help. But this was my dream, and the only thing in between me and that dream was money. I was gonna never let that stop me.”

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Abdirahim Mohamoud,

A first-generation college student funding his future