Support Black-Owned Businesses in Your Community and Beyond

As we continue the fight for justice and equality, there are simple ways we can all make a difference. Support Black-owned businesses and business owners that are facing financial loss and hardship as the coronavirus and racial justice crises sweep the nation. Make an impact today by donating to a Black-owned business, or start a fundraiser for a business that’s close to your heart.

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Black-owned businesses experienced a 41% drop in active business owners during April of 2020, as they felt the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, this decrease in Black-owned business owners represents a larger decline than any other demographic of business owners, including Latinx, Asian, and female-owned businesses.

The recent racial reckoning in the US and throughout the world has highlighted the long-standing racism and injustices that the Black community continues to face. Together, we must continue educating ourselves on racial injustice with reliable resources for equality, advocate for justice and equality with our votes, our dollars, and our voices, and fundraise for Black-owned businesses to help them survive the pandemic. Show your support for Black-owned businesses online right now by making a donation to any of the above fundraisers.

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