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The most successful GoFundMe fundraising campaigns of all-time.

OCTOBER 5, 2015 (3:06)
Cancer, officer, vet bills
SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 (3:23)
Veteran, tuition, 'success kid'
SEPTEMBER 21, 2015 (3:23)
Hearing loss, wheelchair, rugby
Parents use social media to save daughter
4-year-old Eliza was diagnosed with a terminal disease that will eventually make her lose all motor functioning. Determined to get her to a potentially life-saving therapy trial, her parents created a GoFundMe campaign, a viral video, and a hashtag, #savingeliza.
Flood of donations for shooting survivor
Chris Mintz, a father and a veteran, was at Umpqua Community College when the shooter opened fire. When Chris stood up to the gunman, he was shot 7 times. Thankfully, he survived, and is now being hailed as a national hero. Well-wishers from all over the world came together to show Chris their support.
Thousands unite to help double amputee
Jeff Bauman was a victim of the Boston Bombings, which claimed both of his legs. His story of courage inspired thousands, who returned the favor by donating to aid his medical costs, making his the largest GoFundMe campaign to date.
Recovery support for mom and daughter
Celeste and Sydney went to watch the Boston Marathon together, and were both severely injured by the blast. Thousands stepped up to make sure money was one thing they wouldn't have to worry about.
Support for family of Connecticut priest
Matthew Baker was a respected and widely loved priest in Norwich, Connecticut. Tragically, his life was taken too soon as the result of a car accident. Thousands of people rallied together to support Matthew's wife and six children during this difficult time for their family.
Hope of research for a rare disease
Liza was diagnosed with a rare cancer, synovial sarcoma, in 2011. After a few years of remission, it returned aggressively. After a surprise wedding thrown for her ended, she received hope in the form of a non-traditional treatment method. This campaign was created to help fund clinical research for many people suffering from this rare disease.
Help for family after tragic accident
On December 8th, 2014, a small plane crashed into a residential house, killing those on board, as well as a mother and her two children who were home at the time. A friend started this GoFundMe campaign to help the grieving family in their time of need - thousands of people donated to show their support.
Wave of support for attack victim
Alan Barnes suffers from a number of disabilities including sight and growth problems. Recently he was attacked outside his home, resulting in a broken collar bone. What started out as a campaign to help him relocate homes turned into a massive outpouring of support from people all over the world.
Young parents tragically killed in crash
On Halloween, two young parents went on a trip to the store while their four children remained at home. Tragically, they got into a fatal car wreck and never made it home. State trooper Nathan Bradley responded to the scene, and later went to the couple's home to take care of the children until their grandmother arrived. Deeply saddened by the situation, he created a campaign to help support the family during this incredibly difficult time.
Flood of support for grieving family
The Rogan family was on the way to the hospital to welcome a new baby into the world. Tragically, they got into a car accident and Mike Rogan, husband to Niki and father to their eight children, was killed. Thousands of people around the world heard their story and pitched in to help during this incredibly difficult time.
Support for quadruplets who lost mother
Shortly after Erica delivered her quadruplets, she tragically passed away. Knowing that Erica's husband Carlos would need as much support as possible during this difficult time, friends and family came together on a GoFundMe campaign. Support poured in from all over the globe and thousands of dollars were raised.
Cyclist struck during charity ride
Jake Brewer, a White House advisor, was participating in a charity cycling event when he lost control of his bike and hit an oncoming car. Tragically, he passed away, leaving behind a pregnant wife and a daughter. Thousands of donors flocked to the GoFundMe campaign set up for the Brewer family, to show support during this incredibly difficult time.
Native Bostonian begins recovery
Roseann had been to the Boston Marathon many times, but nothing could have prepared her for what happened on that fateful day. The blast claimed her leg, but she continues to heal, supported by thousands of well-wishers.
Donations pour in for tragedy survivor
15-year-old Cassidy's mother, father, and four siblings were taken from her in an act of terrible violence. Luckily, she survived the attack and was able to make a full recovery. This campaign was created to raise funds for Cassidy's future.
Donors help shorten man's commute
James Robertson walks an exhausting 21 miles to work every single day. Despite his trek, he is never late and has a perfect attendance record. Evan heard about James' story and wanted to help buy him a car. Little did he know that the outpouring of support would be so widespread and life-changing for James.
Brave teen facing 53rd surgery
Austin was born with Goldenhar Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects the eyes, ears, and vertebrae. He's had 52 surgeries in his life, and is about to face his 53rd. Despite his hardships, Austin always keeps a positive attitude. His spirit touched thousands of people around the world, who then donated to help him and his family out.
Army veteran's final wish
Justin Fitch retired from the U.S. Army due to a devastating cancer diagnosis. Despite the fact that he only had a few months left, he wanted to leave something meaningful behind. Friends, family, and the Chive community helped raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to fulfill Justin's dream of building a peaceful veteran retreat center.
Secret Service Agent injured in crash
Garrett FitzGerald was on duty as a Federal Agent in the United States Secret Service when the car he was riding in was hit head-on by another vehicle. Garrett survived, but was left with extensive injuries. This campaign was created to aid Garrett and his fiancée, Joan, as they begin the long road to recovery.
Thousands raised for abandoned chimps
A group of chimpanzees originally used for medical testing were cut off from their funding program, leaving them without the necessary resources for food and water. Thousands of animal lovers around the world stepped in and donated funds to help the chimps out in their time of need.
Rescue effort for flood victims
In May of 2015, major flooding tore through Texas towns, leaving many people homeless, injured, or missing. A family friend created this GoFundMe campaign on behalf of three Texas families who were searching for loved ones in the wake of the disaster.
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