San Francisco Marathon Charity Fundraising

Finish the San Francisco Marathon with an even greater sense of accomplishment by running in support of a cause that means the most to you. Start a GoFundMe to benefit your charity of choice—it’s an easy way to make a powerful impact.

Fundraise for a charity that matters to you

Why fundraise as part of your San Francisco Marathon experience?


Multiply Your Impact

Raise more money for the charity than you could donate alone.


It’s an easy way to help

Fundraising for a charity is an easy way to use your experience for good—and find inspiration to push through those last few miles.


Marathons are a great way to fundraise

Spark generosity in your community by telling your marathon story. Who knows—you could inspire someone else to start their own fundraiser.

Local cause

Fundraise for Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

The community-supported, nonprofit organization is dedicated to protecting Golden Gate National Parks, and making them relevant and accessible for all communities. Show your love for the parks that you will be running through for the San Francisco Marathon by starting a GoFundMe.

Start a GoFundMe

How does it work?

1. Choose a charity
Click the Start a GoFundMe button and enter the name of the charity you want to fundraise for in the search bar.
(Note: You can also fundraise for an individual by visiting

2. Follow easy prompts
Enter your zip code, select a reason for fundraising (i.e. ‘community’), and follow the simple steps to set up your fundraiser. Tip: Not sure what to choose for a fundraising goal? Try $1,200

3. Add your personal touch
Why are you taking on the challenge of the San Francisco Marathon? Why did you select this charity? Do you have a great photo of you running or training? Don’t be afraid to get creative with your fundraiser photo or description.

4. Rally your community
Friends? Neighbors? Coworker? Family? Now you have another reason to talk about the impressive race you’re tackling- it’s for a great cause! Share your fundraiser with at least 10 people and ask them to consider sharing on your behalf.

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