Generosity Joined GoFundMe

Generosity is now part of GoFundMe, the largest and most trusted fundraising online platform. 



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Here’s what people say about GoFundMe

Wendy N.

Raised 3,100 on GoFundMe

“For our family, GoFundMe was a safe and easy way to raise money for my mother’s funeral. Asking people for money is hard enough in itself, but GoFundMe made sharing and posting updates a smooth process.”

Mary G.

Raised 760 on GoFundMe

“GoFundMe was great to help my son raise the money he needed for his Eagle Scout project. We set up the campaign together and literally within minutes he had his first $100 donation. This was great for him to track where he was at and to personally thank each donor. It was very easy to use and we are so thankful for it.”