for Kindness

Be a Creator for Kindness:
Drive Change Through Your Art

When was the last time a brand paid you to create something meaningful to you?

That’s exactly what we want to do with our new Creators for Kindness program.
We want to celebrate your creativity and pay you to help us spread kindness and raise awareness about causes that matter to you. Ready to get involved?

How does Creators for Kindness work?

Submit your portfolio or Instagram handle and we’ll reach out if you are selected to participate in our program. If you’re selected and subject to the specificities below, we’ll pay you $1,000 to produce two pieces of art that we can then share with our community. Please see the program overview and fine print below for more details.

  • Make something meaningful to you
    Let your voice be heard and contribute to a kinder world.
  • Engage with a new community
    We’ll make sure to credit your work on our Instagram.
  • Get paid to promote positivity
    We’ll pay you to create art that inspires people around the world.

An overview of the full process:

  1. Send us your portfolio. If it’s a good fit, our team will reach out to you within a week of receiving your submission and ask you to create two pieces of art.
  2. Produce two pieces of original artwork from the following prompts (choose any two):
    • A graphic, illustration, etc. that brings awareness to a cause or movement you’re passionate about. A few ideas to get you thinking are human rights, social justice, mental health, or an important holiday or celebration such as Pride or Black History Month.
    • A graphic, illustration, etc to support an existing GoFundMe fundraiser you’d like to spotlight—we’ll make sure to link to it in the post.
    • A graphic illustration, etc. around “Kindness”:
      • Any visual representation of positivity, joy, hope, wishes, generosity, or chasing your dreams.
      • How do you encourage someone to pursue random acts of kindness for themselves, for others, for a community, etc
    • A graphic illustration, etc. around help / “It’s okay to ask for help”
      • Any visual representation of offering help, or letting people know that it’s okay to ask for help
      • A visual representation of a time you asked for help, or when you helped someone
  3. We’ll pay you $1000 to license your two pieces of artwork.
  4. We’ll share your artwork on our Instagram.

Apply to be a creator

Thank you for your interest—our submissions are currently full. However, we hope to be accepting more creators in the near future. If you would like to join the waitlist please fill out the form below. You can follow along and share the amazing work from our current creators on @gofundme.

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The fine print

While we would love to do so, we can’t accept all applicants into our Creators for Kindness program (the “Program”).  Consequently, the submission of your information does not guarantee that you will be selected for participation in the Program. Signing of an Artwork License Agreement (“License Agreement”) by an artist is a requirement of participating in the Program.  The conditions for payment of $1000 by GoFundMe to an artist are set forth in the License Agreement and include, without limitation, that any artwork submitted by the artist cannot, in GoFundMe’s sole judgment, support misinformation, hate, violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, terrorism, extremist politics, or intolerance relating to race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, serious disabilities or diseases. Further, GoFundMe, in its sole discretion, may decide not to use an artist’s submitted artwork at any time, for any reason. Participation in the Program will not transfer ownership of any artwork to GoFundMe, rather GoFundMe will obtain a license to use the artwork as more fully set forth in the License Agreement.  If there are any conflicts or inconsistencies between the terms on this webpage and those in the License Agreement that you and GoFundMe sign, the terms in the License Agreement control.