Turkey and Syria Earthquake: How to Help

On February 6, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake affected thousands across Turkey and Syria. The GoFundMe community is coming together to support people and nonprofit organizations raising money to provide relief for the individuals and families affected. Help today by donating to verified Turkey and Syria Earthquake fundraisers. Our Trust & Safety team reviews and verifies fundraisers to help ensure funds go to the correct recipients. We also take steps to verify that donors and organizers act in compliance with US and international laws and financial regulations.


Every fundraiser on this page has been verified by our Trust & Safety experts.


Your donation helps the people and communities affected by this event.


You’re covered by the GoFundMe Giving Guarantee—our money-back donor protection guarantee.

Verified fundraisers for people affected by the Turkey and Syria Earthquake

Donate to one of the verified fundraisers below to help the individuals and families affected.

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     Here are three fast and safe ways you can help people in Turkey and Syria

    1. Donate to a verified fundraiser that supports relief efforts. Our Trust & Safety team has verified the fundraisers on this centralized hub and will continue to add verified fundraisers to it as more become available.
    2. Start a certified charity fundraiser for a verified organization providing critical support to those affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.
    3. Start an individual fundraiser for an impacted friend or family member, subject to review by our Trust & Safety team.

    While we accept donations worldwide, only people in supported countries can start fundraisers for their friends and family members. We understand that many diaspora communities want to start fundraisers and transfer money directly to those impacted. To help our team complete this process as quickly as possible, please include the following in your fundraiser description: 

    • Who you’re raising money for
    • Where your beneficiary is located
    • How they will use the funds raised
    • How you will deliver funds to your beneficiary

    For example, if it is a fundraiser to support medical aid for your family in Turkey, please include those details in your description. Our Trust & Safety team is carefully reviewing fundraisers related to this crisis. This is an important step to help ensure the fundraiser is compliant with the evolving regulations, international laws, strictly enforced policies from our payment partners, and our Terms of Service. It’s also important that we protect the generosity of all donors by taking steps to help ensure that any funds raised on GoFundMe can be delivered as intended by the organizer.

    Update: How to safely fundraise for Syria

    Following the updated Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) guidance released on February 9, individuals can now use GoFundMe to raise funds for humanitarian aid efforts in Syria, including through personal remittances to those impacted by this crisis. 

    All fundraisers to aid Syria must be reviewed 

    To ensure GoFundMe and our payment processors remain in compliance with international sanctions, all fundraisers to aid Syria must be reviewed before they are able to raise or withdraw funds. 

    Fundraisers to aid Syria must be complete by July 31, 2023

    Per our payment processors, all donations to fundraisers supporting aid to Syria and transfers from their balance must be completed by July 31, 2023, and fundraisers will be closed following this date. If the fundraiser balance is not transferred by this date, GoFundMe will be required to refund the balance back to donors.  

    As the situation evolves and new information is released by government agencies, our fundraising guidance is subject to change.

    Trusted nonprofits providing support

    All Hands and Hearts

    All Hands and Hearts: A Disaster Assessment Response Team is providing on-the-ground support in Turkey

    Concern Worldwide US

    Concern Worldwide US: Supporting emergency responses in Syria and Turkey, including food and water, community shelter centers and aid to impacted areas

    Direct Relief

    Direct Relief: A long history of response in the region, donations will go to mobilizing medical requests and financial support


    JDC: Immediate on-the-ground relief – temporary shelter, winter essentials like portable heating and thermal clothes, food, and medical support

    Karam Foundation

    Karem Foundation: Support for shelter, basic needs, and disaster relief to families, students, and greater community

    Operation USA

    Operation USA: Support for mobilizing material aid–including safety equipment, medical and first aid supplies and other relief items to impacted areas

    Turkish Philanthropy Funds

    Turkish Philanthropy Funds: Support rescue, relief and emergency services for displaced families


    Alight: Support for shelters and emergency resources for displaced families in Syria

    World Central Kitchen

    World Central Kitchen: Support WCK’s Relief Team delivering fresh meals to families displaced and local authorities stretched thin due to the scale of the disaster.

    The Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army: Support recovery efforts for large-scale disasters