Donate to Oregon Fires and Help Those in Need

High temperatures and strong winds continue to create disastrous fire conditions across Oregon. Hundreds of thousands of acres have been scorched and thousands have fled their homes. In the wake of these unprecedented fires, many fundraisers have been created to help those affected.

Donate to Oregon wildfire relief today.


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Support Oregon fire victims

GoFundMe has launched a centralized hub identifying all verified fundraisers created to help residents who have lost their homes and have been displaced by the Oregon fires. The centralized hub will be updated on a regular basis with new fundraisers that have been verified by our Trust and Safety team. All fundraisers are backed by the GoFundMe Guarantee, which ensures that all funds go to the right place.

Additionally,, the company’s charitable and advocacy arm, has launched the Wildfire Relief Fund to offer relief to Oregonians in need. When donors support the GoFundMe.Org fund, GoFundMe.Org selects and then distributes donations to verified fundraisers and organizations that help those affected.

Eugene, OR
The Gabriel family, 12 adults and more than 15 children and grandchildren and gr...
Last donation 1w ago
$40,556 raised of $250,000
$40,556 raised
Salem, OR
My Dad, Bill called at 3:30am. They (him, Rikki, & Josh) barely escaped the ...
Last donation 2mos ago
$16,579 raised of $25,000
$16,579 raised
Eugene, OR
A sweet single mama of three children lost everything they owned in a fast-movin...
Last donation 1mo ago
$11,546 raised of $25,000
$11,546 raised
Fayetteville, NC
From the Bellows family my name is Eileen Bellows.  My family and I are startin...
Last donation 1mo ago
$6,880 raised of $10,000
$6,880 raised
Blue River, OR
As most of you know last night we were evacuated from our home in blue river. We...
Last donation 1mo ago
$6,806 raised of $10,000
$6,806 raised
Blue River, OR
Travis Simonis and Tiffany Lemmerz and their family lost their beloved dogs, hom...
Last donation 5d ago
$6,494 raised of $45,000
$6,494 raised
Blue River, OR
In the very early morning hours on September 8th, a wildfire tore through the co...
Last donation 2mos ago
$5,845 raised of $20,000
$5,845 raised
Lyons, OR
Unfortunately Gordon and Jane Flesher lost their home to one of the Oregon fir...
Last donation 2mos ago
$4,130 raised of $5,000
$4,130 raised
Eugene, OR
My mother lost everything in the McKenzie fire last night. All of her family p...
Last donation 14h ago
$2,865 raised of $10,000
$2,865 raised
Temecula, CA
Kenny Tomas is not only one of the nicest and most respectful people that I know...
Last donation 1w ago
$2,825 raised of $3,000
$2,825 raised
Seattle, WA
Hi everyone, my grandma just lost her house in the Blue River fire. This unfortu...
Last donation 3w ago
$1,280 raised of $2,000
$1,280 raised

Up-to-date information on Oregon wildfires

Please check the following resources for up-to-date information about fires.

Why donate to Oregon fire victims?

Oregon could experience the greatest loss of property and human lives in state history from the devastating wildfires that are burning across the state. Powerful winds fueled the current fires that were already burning, while additional fires broke out across the state Sept. 8. The blazes have left a wake of destruction, with dozens of homes and countless businesses across multiple counties lost and thousands more threatened.

Governor Kate Brown approved an emergency conflagration declaration for the Beachie Creek, Lionshead, and Holiday Farm Fire, with officials saying that some areas are experiencing the worst fire conditions in 30 years. The state’s firefighting resources are limited due to the catastrophic growth of the fires, in addition to the dozens of blazes tearing across Washington and California which have depleted the national firefighting capability.

Read your state wildfire information to find current information with up to date statistics available regarding acres burned and total fires.