Uplift LGBTQ Lives and Fund Love

People are meant to be free in who they love and how they live. Time and time again, we’ve seen LGBTQ individuals and allies come to GoFundMe to champion the ongoing fight for equality, help people afford gender confirmation surgery, and so much more. In 2020 alone, 1.2 million donors came together to donate over $60 million to LGBTQ causes. We’re committed to giving the LGBTQ community a space to receive help and be themselves. Together, we can celebrate diversity and uplift LGBTQ lives.


Free to be you

Fund gender confirmation surgeries to help LGBTQ people live authentically

Support LGBTQ communities

Help LGBTQ communities grow and create safe spaces together

Fund LGBTQ artists and creatives

Give LGBTQ artists and creatives the visibility and representation they deserve

Save queer venues

Support the LGBTQ venues that embody safety and inclusion


Pride Cause

Celebrate and support equality through a tax-deductible donation to the Pride Cause. Your donation supports a range of needs within the LGBTQ community year round.

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Fundraise for LGBTQ Organizations

Want to make a bigger impact? Start a fundraiser to advocate for LGBTQ rights, voices, and communities.

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