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Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Bring your unique fundraising ideas to life in less than a minute!

Looking for fundraising ideas for school? Bring your school fundraising ideas to life in less than a minute using GoFundMe. Sign up for free and start school fundraising today!
Ready to launch some new fundraising ideas for schools? Whether you're a teacher or administrator looking for new ways to run your school fundraiser, or a parent or PTA member helping raise money for your child's school, GoFundMe can provide you with a successful online fundraiser with far less overhead and time investment than traditional fundraising ideas for schools.
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$5 Billion Raised!
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Did you know that many schools only see a portion of the money their students raise during traditional fundraising campaigns? The rest goes to a company you've probably never heard of. Add to that the hours of academic instruction time that schools lose hyping prizes for top-sellers and explaining the fundraiser to students. If you're a parent, you've probably been faced with the decision of allowing your student to walk around the neighborhood selling door-to-door, or just taking the catalogue to work with you and selling to your coworkers.

Many schools also have smaller fundraisers such as bake sales and raffles, but these often don't offer much return on their investment. No matter how you look at it, most fundraising ideas for schools involve a lot of precious time - the school's, yours, and your child's. Not to mention they don't always enrich the cause they're meant to support.

GoFundMe helps change all that.

Spread the word about your school fundraiser by using GoFundMe's built in sharing tools via email, Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can even embed your fundraiser in your school's website! All donations to your school are securely processed by our payment partners and are available immediately. Compare GoFundMe's 5% fee with the amount charged by catalogue companies and other traditional school fundraisers, and subtract the amount of time that you're going to save! Why not ask Grandma and the neighbors to donate? They might just appreciate not having to buy more wrapping paper and cookies. Stop searching for new fundraising ideas for schools and start raising money in minutes with GoFundMe!
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