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How to Fundraise

Browse our most popular questions & learn how to fundraise online with GoFundMe. Or, Contact Us


Getting Started

How does it work? What can I raise money for? Is it safe? Who are you guys and why should I trust this site? How do I get my money? How long do withdrawals take? Can I raise money for a friend? Does it cost anything? Do my donors get charged? Are there any time limits? What if I don't reach my goal? How will I know if someone donates? Do I have to use my real name? Can I keep my campaign private? Who will donate to my campaign? What if I'm not comfortable sharing this with friends & family? Do I have to use my Facebook account?

Receiving Donations

Is my country supported? Can donors in other countries donate to my campaign? Will my donors get charged any fees? Can people donate from their phones? We raised money offline, can it be listed on our campaign? Can donors give privately? How can I withdraw the money? Can people give on a monthly basis? What about taxes and stuff?

Running a Successful Campaign

What's the secret to a successful campaign? Can I raise money for anything? How can I share my campaign? Will GoFundMe help me get media coverage? What are 'Update' messages? How do I send thank-you notes? Can I export the information of my donors? Will I have my donors' mailing addresses?

Other Common Questions

When will I appear in GoFundMe's search results? Where do I choose which category I want to appear in? How do I know it's safe to donate to someone? Does GoFundMe have a mobile app? Why does GoFundMe have to charge 5%? Do I have to be a non-profit to use this?
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