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Ogden, UT
Brent Taylor, Mayor of North Ogden, was killed in Afghanistan today. Mayor Taylor was a hero in every sense of the word.  He believed in his community, his country and in selfless service to his fellowman. He truly belonged to all of us in the community, but he ultimately belongs to Jennie and hi...
Last donation 6m ago
$519,854 raised of $550,000
$519,854 raised
Costa Mesa, CA
Mike Kreza was injured this morning while riding his bicycle and is need of your support. His sweet girls, extended family and Costa Mesa Fire & Rescue are present by his side and we are so thankful for the outpouring of generosity by all.  We stand strong for him and his family and will continue...
Last donation 1h ago
$200,200 raised of $200,000
$200,200 raised
Rochester, IN
Three elementary school aged children from the same family were hit and killed by a pickup truck while boarding a school bus early Tuesday morning in Rochester, Indiana. We are very good friends with this family.  Now we want to help them.  Please help us.
Last donation 13m ago
$153,100 raised of $200,000
$153,100 raised
Fishers, IN
After years of kids dying in Yemen, you would think that it would eventually stop.  However, here we are, several years later watching young Yemeni kids starving to death.  The situation in Yemen is one that is very complex, but what you need to know is that a child is starving to death every 8 m...
Last donation 36m ago
$140,886 raised of $145,000
$140,886 raised
Valhalla, NY
In September 2018, Oscar was diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), a rare polio-like condition that led to sudden paralysis below his neck. At just 12 months old, he spent a month in intensive care, undergoing numerous surgeries (emergency spinal cord, tracheostomy, gastrointestinal) and t...
Last donation 2h ago
$134,543 raised of $150,000
$134,543 raised
Los Angeles, CA
On Tuesday, November 6, our friend Corentin was a victim of a hit & run accident. Corentin was hit by a car as he was crossing the street in Hollywood. The car took off but LAPD is investigating as we were able to get a clear picture of the license plate  Nobody deserves to suffer like Corentin...
Last donation 1h ago
$142,064 raised of $250,000
$142,064 raised
Chico, CA
Ray Morgan Company is headquartered in Chico Ca. Many of our colleagues have been affected by the Campfire. The Campfire has destroyed 100,000 acres including the entire town of Paradise, CA and is reported to be the most destructive fire in California history. Ray Morgan Company colleagues are a...
Last donation 5m ago
$114,620 raised of $200,000
$114,620 raised
Chico, CA
Tri Counties Bank has started the Camp Fire Fund 2018 account with an initial deposit of $25,000 to benefit victims of the fires ravaging our communities in the Paradise, California area. Those who would like to make monetary donations to the Camp Fire Fund 2018 can at any Tri Counties Bank Branc...
Last donation 6m ago
$134,952 raised of $250,000
$134,952 raised
Indianapolis, IN
On Tuesday, October 30, 2018 missionary Charles Wesco was killed in Camaroon, Africa where his family had just arrived as missionaries 2 weeks prior.  He is survived by his wife Stephanie and their 8 children.  Stephanie Wesco posted this on Tuesday morning -  "I'm sharing what is worse than a...
Last donation 2h ago
$109,390 raised of $100,000
$109,390 raised
Lexington, KY
We are all deeply saddened by the sudden and tragic death of Odanis Acuna.  He leaves behind a wife and 3 sons in Cuba.  He worked tirelessly for his family and loved his work.  We are raising money to help for his funeral arrangements and to contribute to the future of his 3 sons and their mothe...
Last donation 20m ago
$107,623 raised of $100,000
$107,623 raised
Whitestone, NY
It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our little angle Joanna Sophia.  Joanna was a beautiful child full of life who brought joy and laugher to all those around her.  Tragically she was taken away from us much too soon.   The family requests that in lieu of flowers donations  ...
Last donation 9m ago
$107,251 raised of $10,000
$107,251 raised
Miami, FL
I want to tell you about two of the best people I know. And how death came to their door. And how an unexpected medical catastrophe has turned their world upside down. And how, even in the midst of all this, God has not withdrawn his goodness from them. Dasha Hernandez is my wife’s cousin. Family...
Last donation 1h ago
$95,897 raised of $75,000
$95,897 raised
Houston, TX
Who she is: Our one-liner summary of Caci: “a never-resting altruist”. The kind of person who is first to paint the children’s’ foster home, the DJ in autistic kids’ picnic, the laser-sharp analytical mind of our Young Statisticians association. The kind of classmate that stands up for you when...
Last donation 13m ago
$34,211 raised of $200,000
$34,211 raised
Brooklyn, NY
On October 16th, Katherine Tam, a sophomore studying Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell University, was found unconscious and seizing in her dorm. After being admitted to the emergency room that night and eventually being transported to the Neurological ICU at the University of Rochester,...
Last donation 35m ago
$39,983 raised of $50,000
$39,983 raised
Chippewa Falls, WI
Madalyn was helping clean up trash along the roadside with her sister Brooke's Girl Scouts Troop #3055 on November 3rd.  3 of the girls and 1 of the mothers were tragically taken from us.  We are so sorry and devastated by these beautiful souls being taken from this world way too early. Madalyn...
Last donation 34m ago
$93,064 raised of $50,000
$93,064 raised
Boise, ID
On Thursday, November 8th 2018 my father was viciously assaulted in front of my parent's home in Boise. He was outside doing yard work when an unknown knife wielding assailant brutally attacked him. He was knocked to the ground and a struggle ensued for more than 10 long minutes. During the assau...
Last donation 7m ago
$25,169 raised of $50,000
$25,169 raised
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Naperville, IL
Jemel Roberson was a young man who was greatly loved by all who knew him.  He was the light of his mother Beatrice's life, and was a devoted loving son.  Jemel was a gifted basketball player and musician, and his love for God and his family were at the forefront of his life.   Sadly, Jemel's life...
Last donation 4m ago
$88,010 raised of $100,000
$88,010 raised
Minneapolis, MN
On November 7th,2018 Bhargav Reddy Ittireddy passed way unexpectedly due to a  cardiac arrest at the Hennepin County Medical Centre, Minneapolis. Bhargav Reddy Ittireddy (25) graduated recently from University of North Texas. He recently moved to Minneapolis to start his career. It is unfortunate...
Last donation 11m ago
$69,837 raised of $100,000
$69,837 raised
New York, NY
On 11/8/2018, the Rains family tragically lost their 8 year old son, Max. His adventurous and funny spirit will be missed by all of his friends and family.  This money will go towards funeral costs and to the family.
Last donation 9m ago
$40,791 raised of $50,000
$40,791 raised
Simi Valley, CA
In Support of Sean Adler’s Heroic Actions and Tragic Death during the November 7th Shooting at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California Father of Two. Husband. Loving. Protector. Sean Adler. Sean's selfless and heroic efforts on the evening of November 7th certainly saved the liv...
Last donation 18m ago
$30,171 raised of $40,000
$30,171 raised
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Oak Park, CA
Dear Families, We are compiling a list of all Oak Park USD families and Oak Park residents who were impacted by the fire meaning they lost their home or had it so severely damaged that it cannot be occupied. We have set up a single GoFundMe page through the Oak Park High School PFA so that we ca...
Last donation 6m ago
$64,597 raised of $70,000
$64,597 raised
Thousand Oaks, CA
Twelve people lost their lives at a crowded bar in Thousand Oaks, California, late Wednesday, November 7, 2018.   Cody Coffman, 22 Sean Adler, 48 Sgt. Ron Helus, 54 Alaina Housley, 18 Dan Manrique, 33 Justin Meek, 23 Kristina Morisette, 20 Telemachus Orfanos, 27 Noel Sparks, 21 Jacob Du...
Last donation 24m ago
$82,183 raised of $100,000
$82,183 raised
Paradise, CA
PLEASE NOTE: Your tax deductible donation goes 100% to the Olsen Family to support their recovery. The story of Jake Olsen, a California Department of Fish and Wildlife Officer, and his family is pretty amazing. Jake and his whole family moved to Paradise to support his dream of becoming a Wildl...
Last donation 11m ago
$62,047 raised of $50,000
$62,047 raised
Northridge, CA
Stella and Quinn Killick are two very amazing people who sadly fell victim to the Woolsey Fire. Their home in Malibou Lake was reduced to a pile of ash, including Stella's car. Not only did this home contain their memories as a couple, it also contained their future as a family. Stella is 9 month...
Last donation 21m ago
$45,357 raised of $50,000
$45,357 raised
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Redondo Beach, CA
 To PayPal Mary directly, please reach out to us for that information. Spunky's Rescue Ranch in Malibu, CA was burned to the ground and ~15-20 cats perished. Mary did her best to save as many as she could but the fire was too close and too fast. She was able to save about 45+ animals from her ra...
Last donation 5m ago
$24,350 raised of $25,000
$24,350 raised
Peoria, IL
The Firdeus Foundation in Albania lead by Elvis Naci is launching the new campaign named: To Eliminate Poverty.  This human action aims to help the people in need, especially the orphan children. Also, this year's campaign will serve those in need for medical help whose life is in danger, and who...
Last donation 13m ago
$72,894 raised of $150,000
$72,894 raised
Killeen, TX
This is the 3rd year we at are raising money to put together these "Essential Bags" for our homeless vets.  The cold season is quickly approaching and there will be a need to help the homeless out through the elements.   America is the "Home of the Brave" but many of the B...
Last donation 3h ago
$10,380 raised of $10,000
$10,380 raised
YOU DID IT! We are so insanely excited to announce that we have reached 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Thank you to every single one of you for your support and encouragement. We never imagined that you all would continue to grow and nurture a community of this magnitude and force and we are so...
Last donation 7m ago
$9,684 raised of $5,185
$9,684 raised
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Agoura Hills, CA
On November 9th, our magical little school on the hill was overrun by flames in the Woolsey Fire.  We suffered terrible structural damage, and our community is left to rebuild.  Our school is a special place- a small community that has always valued the whole child, where families gather and form...
Last donation 14m ago
$38,277 raised of $250,000
$38,277 raised
Oroville, CA
Many Butte College students have lost their homes and all their possessions in the deadly Camp Fire. We set up this account to collect tax-deductible donations that the Butte College Foundation will use to help students who are victims of the Camp Fire. Funds will be used for fire relief at the d...
Last donation 16m ago
$11,555 raised of $100,000
$11,555 raised
Oroville, CA
Butte College has set up this GoFundMe page to provide direct support to pass donations (non-tax deductible) through to Butte College faculty and staff affected by the Camp fire. As the college president, I am establishing this fundraising campaign as the direct way to help those in need who have...
Last donation 5m ago
$15,025 raised of $50,000
$15,025 raised
Washington, DC
[November 9,  2018 – Below is the original story that kicked off this fundraiser. Since then there has been much progress in defining the endowment, and I have had the chance to discuss it with Dr. Blasey herself. Please see updates 8 and 9 for details.] On September 27th, 2018,  Dr. Christine Bl...
Last donation 1d ago
$32,495 raised of $120,000
$32,495 raised
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