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Lafayette, LA
Three historically black churches have burned in less than two weeks in one south Louisiana parish, where officials said they had found “suspicious elements” in each case. The officials have not ruled out the possibility of arson, or the possibility that the fires are related. “There is clearly...
Last donation 2m ago
$2.0M raised of $1.8M
$2,049,065 raised
Saint Paul, MN
This is Landen, he is the sweetest kindest 5 year old you will ever meet. His soul is soft and gentle and instantly brings a smile to everybody he meets. He is full of energy and life and enjoys soccer, playing with friends and family and playing hockey with his brother and sister. He was enjoyin...
Last donation 6m ago
$879,480 raised of $1.0M
$879,480 raised
Los Angeles, CA
In 2011, we launched the Mosaic Hollywood location making Hollywood Mosaic’s singular focus, using the 7107 Hollywood Blvd property as a platform to reach the world. The time has come for us to become homeowners, to lay a foundation on the very corner where we have watched tens of thousands of li...
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$2.2M raised of $5.0M
$2,201,213 raised
Durham, NC
This campaign is organized by UNC's Entrepreneurship Center on behalf of Diana Lee. On April 10th, a few minutes past 10 am, there was a massive explosion in downtown Durham. Kaffeinate, a beloved local coffee shop, crumbled to pieces. The owner, Kong Lee, was inside the building when it collaps...
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$147,860 raised of $50,000
$147,860 raised
Daly City, CA
At 8:30pm on March 23, 2019, Fernando (Andy) Teodoro parked his car a block away from Fillmore St in San Francisco. It was a Saturday night and he was going to meet his friends for dinner. As he made his way towards the restaurant, an altercation broke out between two men. Shots were fired. Andy...
Last donation 15m ago
$139,729 raised of $100,000
$139,729 raised
Boston, MA
On March 3, while the eight of us were on holiday in Bali, our dear friend Ethan Wang was swimming in the ocean when he suffered a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Ethan has a C3 and C5 spinal fracture, but thankfully has not sustained any brain injuries. He was rush...
Last donation 1h ago
$119,937 raised of $175,000
$119,937 raised
Chelsea, MI
Folks   For those who know  and those that do not ,  We have   Lost a Great man this last Saturday,  Doing the Job he loved ,  Married 23 years ,  He Leave's His Wife   Samantha and his adorable  ( 14 yr old )Twin  Girls Tawnie and Danni ,  We will never know why this was the time ,  But sadly th...
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$113,315 raised of $25,000
$113,315 raised
Missouri City, TX
Hi everyone, As you may know, it’s really shocking to hear the sad demise of our beloved friend and Yuvajanavedhi member Cyril Karisserickal (age 27). Cyril is the elder son of James and Betty Karisserickal from Kallara, India and currently residing in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately, he met with a...
Last donation 9h ago
$103,935 raised of $100,000
$103,935 raised
New York, NY
We are all saddened to learn of the untimely passing of Nic Bureau. This fund will be used to establish a trust to support future educational expenses for Nic's child.
Last donation 7h ago
$92,611 raised of $30,000
$92,611 raised
Swampscott, MA
Funny, outgoing, intelligent, and kindhearted are just a few words to describe Max Carbone. He was a hard worker who loved and cared for others. He was a selfless person who would do anything to help someone. There was never a time that you would be greeted by him without seeing his big beautiful...
Last donation 15h ago
$92,057 raised of $95,000
$92,057 raised
Holmdel, NJ
Lisa Waller was a devoted mother to 2 beautiful daughters, Madison (3) and Morgan (1). Six weeks after Morgan was born, Lisa was diagnosed with Stage 4 Mucosal Melanoma which derailed our lives.  Lisa's disease progressed despite trying all possible treatments available. On April 7, 2019, Lisa d...
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$82,914 raised of $100,000
$82,914 raised
Cary, NC
> Life is so unpredictable & fragile - Early Saturday morning, Siddhartha Ghosh AKA Sid passed away suddenly and unexpectedly due to massive cardiac arrest with-in moments at an age of 40yrs. Sid was married to Atashi, had a beautiful 2yrs old daughter Ira with loving old parents back in India....
Last donation 19h ago
$75,569 raised of $100,000
$75,569 raised
San Antonio, TX
Our  son ja'bari  was born January 1,2019 @11:40am at Methodist hospital . My whole time being pregnant everything was going good then an ultrasound showed that he wasn't gaining weight so they decided to induced me at 37 weeks then when I went the morning to get induced his heart rate was droppi...
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$73,909 raised of $95,000
$73,909 raised
Daytona Beach, FL
Saturday, April 13th around 7 pm in Daytona Beach there was a young boy stranded from his boogie board, drowning in the water and getting taken away by the rip current. Hanna works on the Roof at Joe's Crab Shack and saw everyone up there concerned, looking over the edge at the mother trying to g...
Last donation 5m ago
$45,610 raised of $75,000
$45,610 raised
Hamilton, OH
I am asking friends and family to please help if you can and to please pray. This is my sweet niece who is 18 months old. Her name is Callie June and her adoption was just finalized this week.  She is in Cincinnati Childrens Hospital where on New Years Day she was diagnosed with advanced neurobla...
Last donation 58m ago
$51,374 raised of $75,000
$51,374 raised
Jackson, MI
On April 16th, Nicole and her son Ryker were viciously attacked outside of their home, as a result of a domestic violence incident. Ryker, who just had his 2nd birthday this past weekend, was hit by a shotgun blast to his face and hand and was transported to Henry Ford Allegiance Health where he...
Last donation 11m ago
$19,379 raised of $40,000
$19,379 raised
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Winthrop, MA
We raising money for our brother Hassan.  He passed away April 16 around 430 am after a battle with brain cancer . Hassan left a wife and 3 kids If you knew Hassan, you knew the singularity of who he was and how he lived his life.  Please join in donating whatever you can to the memory of who h...
Last donation 5h ago
$23,676 raised of $25,000
$23,676 raised
Chicago, IL
Im starting this campaign to raise money for a proper burial for Johany Juan Bueno. He was born January 8 but unexpectedly passed away April 17.  As it was an unexpected death, we are looking to help his mom and stepdad take care of some of the funeral costs. This should be the last of their worr...
Last donation 4m ago
$13,100 raised of $10,000
$13,100 raised
Austin, TX
At the time of his death Bill Crowley was the most popular 5th grade teacher at Baldwin Elementary School. Students and parents alike rejoiced when they learned Mr. Crowley was to be their teacher. His face lit up when former students saw him in the neighborhood or stopped by to see him at Meet t...
Last donation 21m ago
$36,792 raised of $50,000
$36,792 raised
Lynwood, CA
Aiden Jimenez passed away unexpectedly Sunday April 14, 2019.  He was and will always be greatly loved by family and friends. There are no words that can be used to explain the loss of such a beautiful child, at such a young age.  There are no words we can use to explain how we feel right now. O...
Last donation 35m ago
$13,812 raised of $15,000
$13,812 raised
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Aldie, VA
My husband Udaya Kiran Peddu, who was diagnosed with flu (2009 H1N1 strain) & pneumonia fought valiantly for 3.5 months but passed away on April 17th, 2019 leaving me, our 7 year old son, parents, sister and tons of beloved friends. Due to this unexpected loss, requesting your kind donation to co...
Last donation 3m ago
$62,545 raised of $200,000
$62,545 raised
Gilbert, AZ
Dearest family and friends, In the early evening of April 13, 2019 our beloved Stacey Sullivan was traveling in her SUV with her three beautiful small children and her precious niece. While traveling home from a fabric store in Avondale, Stacey’s SUV was hit by a semi-truck resulting in a devasta...
Last donation 9m ago
$63,660 raised of $100,000
$63,660 raised
Kent, WA
We are looking to raise funds for the family of Jered Sperling for the costs associated with this tragedy. All proceeds will go to his services and any remaining to help his amazing wife.
Last donation 5m ago
$27,703 raised of $35,000
$27,703 raised
San Diego, CA
Our beloved Nick Ashworth was in a serious motorcycle accident on Saturday night (4/13). Thankfully his helmet spared him from any major head trauma, but he has suffered a complete T6/T7 break in his thoracic vertebrae, as well as a badly severed spinal cord. He currently has no feeling in his le...
Last donation 19m ago
$26,438 raised of $50,000
$26,438 raised
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Aurora, IL
Funds go to Indivisible Aurora
Last donation 12h ago
$20,605 raised of $17,000
$20,605 raised
Nacogdoches, TX
Funds go to Nacogdoches Friends of the Library Incor...
Last donation 52m ago
$37,905 raised of $50,000
$37,905 raised
Chicago, IL
Funds go to Friends of Onahan School
Last donation 1mo ago
$21,910 raised of $25,000
$21,910 raised
Funds go to North America Telugu Society
Last donation 29m ago
$31,795 raised of $100,000
$31,795 raised
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Austin, TX
Hi, my name is Map Pesqueira. I am a Freshman at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing a degree in Radio/TV/Film. I am also a transgender cadet in the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (AROTC) working towards a commission as a Second Lieutenant upon graduation. During my senior year of hig...
Last donation 1h ago
$22,321 raised of $27,000
$22,321 raised
Chicago, IL
Funds go to Friends of Onahan School
Last donation 1mo ago
$21,910 raised of $25,000
$21,910 raised
Pretty Prairie, KS
The band room at Pretty Prairie High School was broken into. instruments and materials were vandalized just days short of the schools end of year concerts. I'm raising money to help the Band rent instruments for their upcoming concerts and/or replace instruments and materials that were damaged.
Last donation 10h ago
$7,307 raised of $2,500
$7,307 raised
Richmond, VA
Richmond!!! We did it! We've qualified for the FIRST Robotics World Championship Competition in Detroit, MI! What an amazing journey this has been! We just took 2nd place at the District Championship Competition in Fairfax where we competed against the top 58 teams across the Maryland, DC, and V...
Last donation 1h ago
$15,699 raised of $15,000
$15,699 raised
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