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Los Angeles, CA
Sophia Roh is a third-grader at the UCLA Lab School.  On January 9, 2019, Sophia's father Seong died unexpectedly.  Her mother Sun had already passed away last spring from an extended illness.  Sophia's older brothers, Justin and Robert, are 21 and 19, respectively.  Their savings are very limite...
Last donation 31m ago
$163,130 raised of $200,000
$163,130 raised
Sunnyvale, CA
***PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE CURRENCY IS CURRENTLY IN CANADIAN DOLLARS, THANK YOU!*** As many of you know, Jo has been hospitalized in Vancouver, Canada since Christmas Eve. Jo had just completed her first semester of a two year acting program in New York and was excited to spend Christmas with h...
Last donation 1m ago
$121,852 raised of $250,000
$121,852 raised
Bridgewater, NJ
As some of you may be aware, one of our dear friends & long time employee, Ryan Pritchard, 29 years old, is currently facing the fight of his life with a recent terrible diagnosis of a rare type on pancreatic cancer. You may know Ryan from his years in the dining room with Food & Beverage or more...
Last donation 1m ago
$98,255 raised of $50,000
$98,255 raised
West Chicago, IL
On Monday, January 14, there was a fire at Bully Life Animal Services, a dog boarding & training facility operated by Garrett Mercado in West Chicago. 31* dogs lost their lives and others sustained injuries. Garrett works closely with many Chicago rescues and boards & trains dogs that need help,...
Last donation 1m ago
$90,211 raised of $100,000
$90,211 raised
Mesa, AZ
On January 8, 2019, Officer Clayton Townsend was making a routine traffic stop when a texting driver struck and killed him on the 101 N in Scottsdale.  Clayton was also a cancer survivor and was not eligible for additional life insurance. He leaves behind Deanna (25), his wife and 10 month old s...
Last donation 19m ago
$87,117 raised of $100,000
$87,117 raised
Olney, MD
The world changed for the Jaffe family at the end of 2012 when Adam, just 41 years old at the time, started experiencing abdominal pains and doctors had a difficult time initially determining the cause.  Even with his first surgery, Adam's abdomen was so inflamed and matted down, the doctors coul...
Last donation 1h ago
$84,823 raised of $75,000
$84,823 raised
Sunnyvale, CA
On the morning of December 8, 2018, Sriharsha’s life changed forever. She is 25 years old and perfectly healthy and that morning she abruptly suffered a massive stroke leaving her unconscious and requiring part of her brain and skull to be removed in two risky brain surgeries. Her family is in In...
Last donation 9h ago
$82,818 raised of $150,000
$82,818 raised
Miami, FL
It has been an unforgettable experience catering to the organizers of Fyre Festival. Back in April 2017 I pushed myself to the limits catering no less than a 1000 meals per day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all prepared and delivered by Exuma Point to Coco Plum Beach, and Roker’s Point where...
Last donation 1m ago
$82,352 raised of $123,000
$82,352 raised
Wake Forest, NC
Officer Charles Ainsworth of the Raleigh Police Department was shot multiple times while responding to a suspicious vehicle. He was out of surgery early Thursday, but his condition was not known. All of the money raised will go to Officer Ainsworth.  As the President of the Wake County Chapter...
Last donation 1h ago
$80,864 raised of $100,000
$80,864 raised
Springville, UT
Officer Joseph Shinners was killed in the line of duty early on the morning of 1/6/2019. Joe was an amazing husband, father, and friend to many. Joe was always the first to volunteer whenever anyone needed help or if there was anything to be done. Please consider helping Joe and his family with a...
Last donation 9h ago
$73,483 raised of $120,000
$73,483 raised
Herndon, VA
A dedicated father, husband, a wonderful and loyal friend, ever helpful and willing to step up to the plate, and a kids' favorite, there are not enough words to describe Venu.  His sudden demise on January 13th, 2019 at a very young age of 46 years has left us all in an endless ocean of sorrow.  ...
Last donation 47m ago
$68,932 raised of $200,000
$68,932 raised
Alpharetta, GA
Gavin was a beloved member of the poker community and a father of two boys, Kingston and Keegan.  Gavin was a dedicated father with sole custody of his sons before passing away unexpectedly.  Since his death, social media has been flooded with stories and remembrances of Gavin and the love that e...
Last donation 1h ago
$68,129 raised of $100,000
$68,129 raised
Encinitas, CA
On the morning of December 8th at 6am Roberta Walker had just begun her bike ride when a large truck smashed into her from behind. She was wearing a helmet with a large light on the back. There was reflective gear and a headlight on her bike and she was traveling in a bike lane. She suffered cata...
Last donation 7m ago
$66,385 raised of $125,000
$66,385 raised
Houston, TX
My roommate Hoang Le, an IU and UH alumnus, was shot last Sunday evening 01/06/2019 in our apartment's parking lot after an unsuccessful robbery attempt. Hoang had surgery immediately and has been in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) until now without being able to speak clearly to us. The situation is e...
Last donation 10m ago
$44,995 raised of $50,000
$44,995 raised
Saint Augustine, FL
Hello everyone, On Thursday night, January 17th, our good friend and UCF student Mariana was tragically struck by a car near campus. She is now in critical conditions with major injuries. We’re asking for kind donations to help relieve her family of the stress of medical bills. Anything you can p...
Last donation 22m ago
$8,149 raised of $20,000
$8,149 raised
Chicago, IL
Our beloved Japanese friend and sister Uri, urgently needs our help to pay the overwhelming medical costs she and her family are now struggling to find a way to cover in her efforts to heal from a very aggressive Stage 4b cancer (squamous cell carcinoma of cervix). 日本の皆様へ 日本語でお読みになりたい方は、右側にあるUp...
Last donation 18m ago
$49,872 raised of $100,000
$49,872 raised
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Jersey City, NJ  He is the sweetest 5 year old boy we have ever met.  His parents have done a wonderful job of raising him to be respectful and loving to all of his family and peers.  His sudden passing have lef...
Last donation 15m ago
$21,824 raised of $15,000
$21,824 raised
Brooklyn, NY
It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of our dear son, brother, and friend Olukayode Owolabi.  He had a passion for Fashion and Design; which led him to create his own company called KayodeCo. He was a visionary, a creative soul, and most importantly he was an inspiration to us all...
Last donation 34m ago
$23,945 raised of $50,000
$23,945 raised
Champlin, MN
Jamie Wright's youngest son Jamison recently lost his battle with mental illness.   Jamison leaves behind many who love him.   This page was started by concerned friends to support Jamie.  As her friends, family, loyal readers, and people that love and care about her --  this is one way we can...
Last donation 31m ago
$12,877 raised of $10,000
$12,877 raised
Colorado Springs, CO
On January 18, 2019 our beloved friend, mentor, student, and role model was taken from us way too soon. John Coughlin was an ambassador to figure skating and was loved by so many around the world. John lost everything....his name, reputation, his ability to earn a living and what he loved most,  ...
Last donation 3m ago
$24,235 raised of $25,000
$24,235 raised
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Jamaica, NY
Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. On Janurary 15th, tragedy struck a family of four children/teens, who are now in desperate need of the community's support. They lost their forty-four year old mother due to a stabbing by the husband. The husband has been arrested and now in custody....
Last donation 7m ago
$58,630 raised of $100,000
$58,630 raised
Savage, MN
Jayme is HOME ❣️ We have had several requests to Increase our fundraiser for the Family Go Fund Me account (by people who care; as well as, national news outlets who would like to promote a way for people to help). The response is overwhelming! Thank you for contributing to the ongoing cost & ne...
Last donation 6m ago
$31,689 raised of $50,000
$31,689 raised
Providence, RI
On Thursday, January 17, 2019, four students from Brown University were involved in a tragic car accident. Those involved were Maryori Conde, Ricardo Wemiz, Jeffrey Benes, and Angel Ortiz. All were close friends and lived together in the Brown community with five other roommates.   It is with a...
Last donation 8m ago
$13,074 raised of $20,000
$13,074 raised
Dilworth, MN
My good friends John and Sara Schmidt lost their son on January 17th in a fatal car accident.  Cristian was an amazing young man with a smile that was contagious.  He has left an amazing legacy of love behind him.  I can't fathom the hurt that comes with losing a child.  I started this fund to r...
Last donation 24m ago
$16,552 raised of $20,000
$16,552 raised
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Tulsa, OK
Funds go to Humane Society of Tulsa
Last donation 58m ago
$31,802 raised of $25,000
$31,802 raised
Seattle, WA
Funds go to World Central Kitchen, Inc
Last donation 22m ago
$57,030 raised of $60,000
$57,030 raised
San Luis Obispo, CA
Funds go to American Indian College Fund
Last donation 7m ago
$10,774 raised of $100,000
$10,774 raised
Charleston Afb, SC
Funds go to Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Incorporated (Cgma)
Last donation 27m ago
$16,997 raised of $1.0M
$16,997 raised
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Los Angeles, CA
Help support striking Los Angeles teachers and their fight for public education by donating to Tacos for Teachers, the fund that brings taco trucks to the picket-lines. Any remaining funds not used on tacos goes directly to Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools. -------- Public school teachers in th...
Last donation 57m ago
$39,279 raised of $15,000
$39,279 raised
Carmel, CA
Please consider a small donation in memory of Braxton Cooper Stuntz to begin a charitable Foundation in his name. He was a very special young man who selflessly touched many, many people. He died in a tragic accident along the California coast on January 12, 2019 at 18 years of age. Braxton aspir...
Last donation 3h ago
$54,315 raised of $100,000
$54,315 raised
San Luis Obispo, CA
Funds go to American Indian College Fund
Last donation 7m ago
$10,774 raised of $100,000
$10,774 raised
Takoma Park, MD
Due to the US federal government shutdown, NPP - the program that funds space-sciences postdoctoral fellow across the country - ran out of money January 17th. This means its fellows — many of whom just finished graduate school — will go without pay starting January 18th. These individuals help un...
Last donation 2h ago
$14,670 raised of $400,000
$14,670 raised
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