How to Help Climate Change and Protect Our Planet

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The effects of climate change impact every individual, no matter where on Earth they live. Finding positive solutions to global warming impacts brings people together around a common goal, as we all want to preserve the health of the planet for future generations. Below earn how to help, from small things you can do in your community to fundraising for environmental charities.

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Six facts you should know to stop global warming

Many alarming facts have emerged about global warming in recent years. Below are six key facts you should know if you are wondering how to stop global warming:

  • As of 2018, the concentration of atmospheric CO2—a key contributor to global warming—is higher than it has been in three million years. 
  • The Earth’s warming trend has increased in the past 25 years: 2016 was the warmest year on record to date, with 16 of the 17 hottest years occurring since 2001.
  • Global sea levels are rising faster today than ever before, due to ice losses from Antarctica—losses that have tripled since 2012. 
  • Climate change is bad for health: the World Health Organization projects an additional 250,000 deaths each year due to climate change, from malnutrition, heat stress, and waterborne illness. 
  • Over 1 million species face extinction as a result of climate change, from honey bees in your backyard to polar bears in the Arctic.
  • Ocean acidification is occurring as a result of atmospheric CO2. This makes the ocean less habitable for life, and means we must do even more to help preserve our oceans.

Top 10 global warming solutions

There are many ways you can help to prevent global warming, and coming up with solutions doesn’t have to be difficult. Take a look at the top ways you can help stop climate change and save the planet. 

1. Plant trees in your community

Planting trees is a fun activity for your family to do if you want to teach solutions of global warming for kids and friends alike. Reach out to your local government to find locations where trees are needed, such as along sidewalks or in medians. Start a community fundraiser to gather donations to purchase trees and gardening supplies.

2. Participate in sustainable transportation

Transportation accounts for the largest portion of all greenhouse gas emissions—around 30%. On average, commuting with one person per vehicle makes up about one-quarter of all miles traveled. To easily fight these changes, set up a carpool to and from work. To take it a step further, consider trading in your gas-burning car for an electric vehicle.

3. Fundraise for renewable energy projects

There are numerous projects that help the environment, and many of these are focused on renewable energy sources.  This energy project can help offset fossil fuels, reducing the number of greenhouse gasses entering our atmosphere and increasing carbon dioxide levels. Start a fundraiser to collect donations to support these projects, and share your fundraiser on social media to raise even more awareness about energy. 

4. Support water conservation efforts

Do your part to reduce your everyday water use, and help save the planet as a result. Reducing your water use means that less energy is required to treat and transport water, resulting in less greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere. Keep showers to 10 minutes or less, and choose plants that are drought hearty over a traditional lawn.

5. Raise awareness through education

Raise awareness about climate change by volunteering with the Alliance for Climate Education. This organization is on a mission to educate about the facts of climate change, and empower others to take action. Volunteer opportunities exist nationwide.

6. Involve your community in reducing emissions

Get other community members involved and approach your local government about creating a climate action plan. A climate action plan is a roadmap that your city can use to help reduce greenhouse gases over time. Another way to fight climate change at the local level is to start a Green Business Challenge—a fun competition between local businesses to save energy and transition to different energy sources.

7. Raise money for environmental charities

Start a fundraiser to collect donations that help the environment. Pick an environmental charity of your choice, and share your fundraiser with your family and friends. There are many simple fundraising ideas you can use to quickly raise money for a cause, such as organizing a bake sale or hosting a community bingo night.

8. Choose eco-friendly products for your home

Buying greener products can help reduce pollution and other damage to the environment. Choosing natural cleaning and personal care products reduces the number of harmful chemicals that are released into the oceans and atmosphere. Look for products with minimal packaging, as this helps reduce the impact on our landfills and carbon emissions. 

9. Eat to save the planet

Organic food requires up to 50% less energy to produce than its conventional counterparts. Buying food locally further reduces the carbon footprint, as the energy required for transportation is greatly reduced. Another thing you can try is simply adopting Meatless Mondays—eating vegetarian one day a week saves almost 2,000 pounds of CO2 emissions each year.

10. Talk about reversing global warming

Be vocal with your friends and family about your efforts to reduce and stop global warming. The more you make sure you share your efforts for a cause you care about, the easier it is to raise awareness for issues that matter. You never know who may want to join you in helping to reverse these changes, too.

How others use fundraising to help global warming

Crowdfunding is an empowering way to rally your community in support of reversing global warming. Take a look at some examples of how others are using the power of fundraising to create change in support of the environment.

Starting an environmental nonprofit  

Rachael, a resource economist and activist, created a fundraiser to help start her own environmental nonprofit. Her work focuses on helping farmers in developing countries adapt to the effects of these changes, so they can continue to provide food and income for their families. To date, she has raised over $12,000 to support her goal.

Preserving Mongolia’s freshwater lakes

Environmental activist Craigus started a fundraiser to help preserve Lake Khovsgol, an ecologically diverse ancient lake in Mongolia. The fundraiser supported an arts and environment tour in the village surrounding the lake that aims to raise awareness about the importance of preserving natural resources. More than $10,000 was raised.

Find unique ways to help reverse climate change

No matter how you choose to support the environment, starting a fundraiser to help climate changes means you can make the most impact. And fundraising through GoFundMe means all of your donations will go where they’re intended—to help stop climate change and save the planet. Start your fundraiser today and see what kind of positive change you can make for the environment.

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