End Poverty: Chester, Pa. & World..

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We Can End All Poverty ($100,000) In Chester, Pennsylvania & Around The World...

Short Video #2 Chester/Arts:  Through The Visions Of Art & Ending Poverty In Chester: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwMfWESUZFE

My Start A Small Business Training Book/Program Is Also Changing  Lives: 

End World Poverty Short Video #3:

Free Art:  One Piece Of Non-Appraised Free Art To Major Fund Contributors, Please Click Link & Catalog To View Art...    https://non-appraised-fine-arts-collectables.myshopify.com/

Chester, Pennsylvania  Credit Card Program
Our 501(c) information is available by request, if needed to make a donation.

Reinvest Profits From My Second Book/The Movie To End Poverty/Still Needs Funding: 

Please Over Look Any Possible Grammar Mistakes... wkirk777@aol.com

This Is Just One Solution Of Many:  A $100,000 Free Credit Card Per Long Term Aldult Chester Citizen.
(See Details Below)

Lets Get To Work / The Details:   We are creating a credit card system that will end all poverty. This unique credit card system will create a return or profitable solution for improvised cities like Chester over and over again, no matter where the impoverished city is located. The key that makes this system full proof is that these credit cards can “only” be used to buy and sell merchandise in the city of Chester, by its residents and business merchants, who do will only business in this particular city. This same system can also end most poverty in all improvised communities across America over the course of three years or less. We will create this special credit card system that is distributed free of charge, by a local bank or certified accounting firm that is located in this improvised city. This special credit card will be designed or have limited use to purchase only goods, services, and merchandise, from merchants within this particular city (Chester) that has a population of around 25,000 long term adult residents. Only these long-term twenty five year plus residents, at age twenty five and older citizens and entrepreneurs, will be the benefactors of these particular credit cards and or programs. Shortly after donors help us raise $100,000 per citizen or $25,000,000 of soon to be reinvested funds back into the community. We will start the process of healing and ending all poverty in this city. The original donated funds will be secured and never fully used until this programs is up and running successfully. Our involved merchants will also add a slightly higher fee of 20% increase for each item sold in order to raise returnable donation funds for future Chester crowdfund raisers. Not only will this help the current merchants, but it will bring all types of new and startup ventures to the city, as well as spark the interest of Wall Street and corporate America. Once this system is 100% in place and fully operational and repeated by the original parties each quarter, there will be no limits to our soon to be, future success stories. This new program will give a permanent boost to our improvised economy, school district, increase tax revenues, citizens reinvesting back into their communities, local college education for adults & kids, capital for new and established business ventures, and etc. This new type of revolving cash flow for improvised cities like Chester, will also create a source of cash flow for any particular city that's working within this same system. This original crowdfund donation will also give Chester City and the many other improvised cities like it, a sense of pride and direction in just a few months. It will also give a personal sense of individual dignity, that comes with owning a piece of the American dream. This win, win, system will also help our local merchants and bankers prosper as they will have an increased in business and revenues every quarter, to reinvest back into the city's tax and business community. As local competitive merchants slowly start to increase their inventory to high end products, these items will sell much faster as residents start small businesses, and spend more capital back in this city businesses, as they are able to afford higher end profitable personal and business merchandise, that will be resold or consumed by residents. As our local residents and merchants start to make serious deposits back and forth into our local credit care holding business bank account. The community will also benefit from increased lines of credit to new businesses and and for people who may otherwise would never have a chance to borrow capital, for a new business venture or new home. There will also be all types of other investment ideas brought to reality as we move forward over the course of the next three years. After inventory and balance sheets are reviewed by our certified accountants, a signed detailed agreement/contract with all local suppliers, groceries stores, gas stations, restaurants, conveyance stores, repair shops, car dealerships, etc., will be noted and filed before the bank re-pay each merchants for items sold through these special credit card purchases. The 20% mockup collected by each business merchant for items sold will also be accounted and returned to the original donor’s bank account for reinvestments and future crowdfunding donations to those creative minds that have plans to end all poverty here in the U.S., and around the world...

Please Copy/Paste, And Share This Fundraiser Link With Friends & Business Assocates

 If Not For Prejudice:  A devastating man-made illness that most of us suffer from, but never admits to having. This mental disease that most psychiatrist have labeled as "prejudice" is a devastating disease. This disease or "mental illness" has been detrimental to all of mankind, especially in the "United States Of America" for centuries. It has created more man-made sickness, lies, unnecessary setbacks, division, and poverty, than any other disease, when it comes to healthy "race" relations. If not for prejudice, mankind would be a highly intelligent "being" as everyone would be operating at their full or highest thinking ability, doing what they love to do with their God given gifts/talents for a living, not wasting time and life, working for a living. If not for prejudice, we would be a race of advanced "beings" instead of a primitive joke, as we continue to believe the lie that we are a technologically advanced culture, who never have to look in the mirror at one's self. If not for "prejudice" all human beings would have reach their full thinking potential years ago, using their creative gifts to advance mankind in ways we can only begin to imagine. If not for prejudice, there would be no more illnesses that leads to suffering and death, as we would have found the cures for all disease, many years ago. If not for prejudice, our scientist would have already come up with the mathematical equations to travel the universe where we as human space travelers would have found untold wealth and new discoveries, to benefit all of mankind. If not for prejudice, we would have full access to billions of unclaimed wealth stars, planets, and universes, instead of being stuck here on earth as low intelligent primitive beings. If not for prejudice, our world political leaders and lawmakers would have already assured the even distribution of all the earth’s survival resources giving dignity to all, as this would have end the fact that twenty thousand (20,000) babies around the world die each day, due to the lack of food and water. Yes, over the years we have become more prejudice as the so-called wealthy/rich become even weather (top-10%) as they continue to mock, rob, and laugh at the poor and middle class, all the way to the bank. The wealthy understands that prejudice tactics will keep us divided by design, and they also know all of the laws that protect the wealthy, when it comes to controlling wealth. This type of thinking by the wealthy has been a proven fact throughout recent history, as it keeps the wealthy from having to share the wealth, with poor and middle class families. How can anyone "today" still have prejudice notions in their hearts and minds, as God have provided everything needed for His greatest creation, to live a full potential reaching life? How can we dwell together on this “spaceship” we call “earth” knowing of the many who are still suffering each day from the lack of basic survival needs that gives dignity to all? As this “spaceship” (earth) continues to revolve around the sun each day, it provides an abundance of warmth, food, air, and water, for all of mankind to share or consume, not just the privileged few due to their birth faith, wealth, personal inheritance, and geography. Prejudice is a 100% curable disease thru self-determination, psychiatrist, dignity for all, new laws forcing the wealthy to share the wealth, and prayer!!! (Lets Get To Work)
If not for prejudice continues:  Short Video #3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK8xHq6dfAo
Let's get to work!

Let's Get Personal:  I am in the process of raising capital that will end all poverty in Chester, Pennsylvania and the many cities like it all across America.  With that being said, I was raised in this extremely improvised city which was a very harsh way to grow-up. As a kid I had high hopes and dreams for myself. I wanted to go to Princeton, Yale, or Harvard, to become what I so desired to be during my career dream period. When I received my Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores they were on a third grade level, as this hit me with another dose of cold hard reality, after a long impoverished up-bringing. Going straight to college after twelve years of high school wasn’t going to happen for me, nor would it happen for about 95% of my male under educated classmates. Our poor public school education and very low SAT scores ended all of our dreams of receiving any type of higher education or a future upper income earning life-style. As adolescents we had no way of knowing we were getting an inferior/poor education or how many other kids from the same type of school environment, were being under educated as well. We were “babies” not men, at the mercy of our adult educators, who lead us down a dream killing path when it came to giving poor kids, a competitive education. We had no way to compare our so-called education or how to check our future SAT scores against the well-educated kids in the suburbs or outside of our school district. We did not know any of the kids who were getting a good education, as well as getting prepared for a much higher future or life style as adult men. Their good education is also being passed down to the next generation of well educated kids, who will never feel the "pains" of being raised in an improvised city, like Chester. I could have react to these unfair disappointments in many different angry ways after a full "twelve years" (12) of school, and a worthless diploma in my hand. Somehow “Thank God” I woke up early in life to this harsh cold reality and said to myself. If I want to be successful at anything, I was going to or have to take the long uphill, unpaved, rocky road, to get there. Since then I’ve known that my success would depend on working hard, six/seven days a week. Staying on track, staying focused, staying out of trouble, and trying to become one of the best of what limited choices I had at the time to choose from. In my case this meant I would become, a "janitor"! In time I became one of the best "janitors" in this country. Starting with nothing, to owning my own building cleaning service, has been an uphill challenge like none other. Over the years, I’ve completed cleaning contracts at various types of buildings up and down the east coast for all types of different industries. I’ve worked and contracted with Building Property Management Firms, Army Bases, Navy Bases, Construction Contractors, Hospitals, School Districts, College Campuses, Government Buildings, etc. Until I became sick a few years ago and hospitalized from over exhaustion, I was building a successful business and employing many people from the city of Chester. I ran a successful building cleaning service for many years that made a major difference for the city. I became self-taught and developed new day to day business skills so I could someday succeed as a businessman. It took an extra twelves plus years (lost) off my life to re-educate myself, after already paying my dues of being so-called educated, in an impoverished school system. Higher levels of education should be entitle to all innocent kids/babies right to pursue prosperity and happiness. What good is the Constitution when it comes to educating poor kids and babies? (Let's Get To Work)

The Positive Struggles Continues:  Hopefully this information will give you a better understanding of some of the positive work we are doing here in the City of Chester, Pennsylvania, the oldest and poorest city in Pennsylvania/America.  Raised in Chester, life has dealt me and so many others like me a challenging hand that somehow gives us the strength, courage, wisdom, and love, to do the "work" which must be done in order for a positive change to manifest.  As we continue this challenging work day by day to make a major difference in our community, we are still faced with the many unbelievable uphill odds that no other community has ever faced. Living by “choice” in this poor city is a serious challenge and decision that most people will never make or understand as we feel the daily sting of its low economic pains that only comes from living in poor conditions and poverty. Yes, we who are on the frontlines could move far away and hope for the best, that someone else will fix this economically challenged city, but we refuse to do so! No matter what the daily challenges are we will face and fix them, as we keep getting up each day even after, millions of knockdowns. Somehow deep down inside we know we will succeed by turning Chester's poverty into untold wealth, as we continue pushing forward. There is no easy way to change the impact of having little to no wealth like most of the citizens who live in Chester, other than hard 24/7 work. As we continue to give our blood, sweat, sleepless nights, and sometimes tears, to this challenging never ending work. I know we will someday make a difference not for ourselves, but for our grandkids, in this city and the many cities like it all across America!!! At this time we are asking you to find it in your hearts to "volunteer" your time to Chester City whenever or however you can, to help us move this poor city forward!!! PS: This My 1st Book (please click link below) Is A Small Business-Self Training Program. Please Donate It For Free To Those Who Are In Need-Click link below.

FYI:  When we reach our full fundraising golds, we will permanently donate the already on display art collections to the local museums, for everone to enjoy as part of our rebuilding process of Chester.  Thanks to the late William Dandridge the artist & Dorothy Dandridge the actress of Chester, Pa., who were well known for all types of artistry and the teachings of art to poor kids, as they changed my life and many others lives forever, when it comes to the awareness of surrounding art and positive thinking. Mr. Dandridge art was displayed at The Deshong Museum, Delaware County Historic Society Museum, Widener University , Crozer-Chester Medical Center, Senator Pileggi's Office, Bryn Mawr Trust Bank in Chester, Chester Branch of The YWCA, Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, St. Luke Community Christian Church, Swarthmore College, Chester Fine Arts Center, Our Lady of Angels, and The Salvation Army, to name a few.    A teacher is someone who helps another to "remember" what God has already placed within us all. No man could ever "teach" another "human being" anything, because we are already a bunch of "know it all's" who already know everything. For example or a repeat of one of our past discussions. How do you explain the genuineness of a prodgie or unschooled smart baby? On many occasions during my lifetime I have heard and seen countless babies at the age of four or five play the piano or the music of the famous composer Beethoven's 5th Symphony, with flawless comprehension after hearing it one time. These babies had never been in the company of an accomplished music "teacher/professor" when one day they just sat down behind a piano, and remembered the universal knowledge of music. Man/Scientist can not explain the higher knowledge of these genius type babies, so they just label them as being gifted. This music/plus or geniusness is already within all of us as we are God's greatest creation, of whom has already been given our utmost desires. Man not animal, is created in the image of God and we were born with "all knowledge" of the universe/university within. This untapped knowledge just needs to be remembered/awakened or experienced once again among black folk, without the baggage of past fear (slavery) that continues to steals our inner geniuses seconds before it returns to our natural higher way of thinking. You can only teach black folk if there is something we do not already know. We need to somehow help each other once again to remember that we were once the unlimited knowledgeable, Kings & Queens. Our geniusness was stolen making us look like idiots, as this is not who we are as a people. Einstein's mother was told by his "teachers" that Einstein had a low IQ and he would never amount to anything, just before he was introduced to science, the study of physics, stars and other universes. His genius or "piano" was remembered through science as he "remembered" the knowledge that was already within, without fear, making him one of the greatest scientist of modern times. 
(Daily Meditation or Prayer Before or During Bedtime = Success)

Second Book/The Movie: https://www.free-ebooks.net/ebook/The-Movie-Book-Dirty-Millions-the-Clean-Way

Reparation & More Capital For Chester, Pennsylvania  Citizens:    This Is A Petition for Monetary Reparations:  Bill #990,877777 Part 12 Revised: This bill is consistent and in somewhat the same content of past inquires for monetary reparations, for America’s wrongs against, African American men. Let the record show that these wrongs and or financial wealth withholdings have been purposely denied/designed with unequal actions committed against most African American men past and present, without any paid restitution. The last name given to African American men by its legally adoptive enslavers and or our slave owner adoptive grandfather's, as well as their estate/plantation ownership, gives us full legal rights. For centuries, these and other such actions against most black men have slowed progress and opportunities for growth or a chance to truly compete successfully. Let the record show, that we are still legally adopted freed slaves, as well as your legal non-reversible adopted family members of ex-slave owners, according to slave owned deeds, records, and adoption documents, in US courts and files. As legal family members or having original inheritance rights by law in our favor, we can never become legally un-adopted according to the laws of slave ownership and U.S., adoptions. With that being said, we are once again asking for our centuries of invested escrow inheritance for free labor (reparations) to finally be released or returned to its rightful owners as paid in full, as a part of the American legacy of correcting its highest of worst wrongs. A One Time Only Amounts Due: One Million Seven Hundred Seventy Seven Dollars, ($1,777,000) per black male/man over the age of 25 for a one generation, not to exceed over 25 years as we end this unfair wealth gap and the difficult position that has been forced upon black men. Slave owners and the last names of African American men today who are still legally related thru the legal adoption system and past court records, are in dire or desperate need of economic rescue and financial resources that will help us reclaim our family dignity as men, higher education, equality, and etc. (Question? What are the odds of ever finding a well educated black doctor, lawyer, or engineer in prison?) Knowing of the filed deeds, written records, bills of slave sales, and plantation documents, that show how slave owners are also our adoptive inherent grandfathers. These slave owners knew at the time of their actions of adopting black men for slavery would someday be questioned in court, in accordance to the constitution and God's law. Accepting full responsibility and understanding of the constitution and God's law, they were willing to adopted black men to use as their human labored slaves. This has put most black men in a daily "nightmarish" living position when it comes to inheritance and ownership rights of large amounts of wealth, according to certified records, deeds, and written testament. These legal documents were prepared with the knowledge of future corrective actions for monetary returns to the slave invested labor offsprings, that has yet to be paid in full to his free grandsons/descendants. According to the constitution this is a repercussion for knowing or having pre knowledge about the ownership of human slaves. All men are free to pursue the right to happiness, including enslaved men, such as the African-American man, who have rights that were included in the original constitution. As legally adopted grandsons of our slave owning adopting grandparents, this makes African American men "very wealthy men" through the legal inheritance estate rights and other legal systems. Once America finally releases our profits and interest made from African American past "free labor" this will be accepted as ending reparations and the untold pain-and-suffering for centuries, for the African-American man. As sole heirs, according to contracts, deeds, records, court filings, etc., used by the American legal slave adoption processing system to sell slaves, entitles most African American men full compensation as descendants of slave adoptees. African-American past enslaved men endured forced completion of millions of free “non-compensated” heavy labored work hours, as well as pain and suffering. We have with our free labor built many joint venture projects such as, The White House, plantations, prisons, governors mansions, etc., as well as doing all the heavy lifting for America, during its growth periods of untold wealth. This free enslaved labor process for profit has benefit the slave owner offsprings as they reinvest their slave owner grandfathers free labored wealth, to continue to prosper from our non-passed down unpaid inheritance and wealth. As these same offspring of once slave owners, continues to profit from our free labor, most of us continue to live in the poor man's shadows silently suffering for the innocent crime of being born an, African American baby/man. Our lost has given America a big head start on the rest of the world with a false sense of bragging rights of being the, wealthiest country in the world. As black men continue to pay a heavy price for these false rights of bragging, it leaves us with no respect/dignity from family (kids & wifes) as we continue to suffer throughout the continues. According to our already earned profits that have been redirected thru slave owner offspring, wills, and falsehoods, our adoption great-grandfathers invested estates is in most part, belonging to African American men. Yes, we are the “poor” millionaires & billionaires once removed from American's long time profit & growth. As Duly Noted, we the African-American men of legal residents and sound collective minds are once again requesting full payment for forced free slave labor, kidnapping, illegal selling/trading of humans, and the unfair treatment of human beings, etc., who were also denied full constitutional rights as adopted slaves/humans.
(Let's Get To Work) 


Please Contact The US Government / We Need Help! https://www.usa.gov/federal-agencies/w

Self Training Business Book/Program:    https://www.free-ebooks.net/search/make+dirty+millions+the+clean+way 

Second Book/The Movie:    https://www.free-ebooks.net/ebook/The-Movie-Book-Dirty-Millions-the-Clean-Way 

Stop World Hunger Short Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMpAvhM3gdU

Please Do Something To End World Hunger & Poverty:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Er1kTF3smOE

Contact:  wkirk777@aol.com

Once Again, Lets Get To Work!

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$50 of $25.0M goal

Raised by 3 people in 15 months
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