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Raised by 66 people in 42 months
Gil De Palma  1555, AU

How to Change the World with a Mobile App
By Gil De Palma
Founder, Whale Call Project

If you can help change the world with an app, will you do it? 

Join our Whale Call Project to make it happen.

My name is Gil De Palma, Founder of Whale Call Project. I am also the Cause Leader of the Causes community Stop Dolphin and Whale Slaughtering and its Whale Call: Save dolphins and whales campaigns.

Please visit the following sites for more information about what we do:

Stop Dolphin and Whale Slaughtering

Whale Call: Save dolphins and whales

Whale Call Project

Whale Call: Save Dolphin and Whales on Facebook

The Whale Call Project

The Whale Call Project is a global movement of like-minded individuals who care about ocean conservation and marine life protection.

Whale Call symbolizes a cry for help by one of the Earth's oldest, most intelligent creatures on behalf of all species, including humans, harshly affected by ocean degradation.

We are launching the annual Whale Call Day, an event calling for the sounding of the "whale call," a symbolic fusion of whale song and human music, to convey one urgent message:

Save marine life.

Whale Songs

The unique thing about Whale Call? We empower people to become Whale Callers and use whale sounds and technology to create awareness and take action to make a difference in the world.

We now have a Whale Call music album featuring a blend of raw whale sounds with human voices and instruments to symbolize harmony with ocean dwellers in the call to save our seas.

Watch out for the release of our Whale Call album through our own music player app for iOS and Android so you can play all the songs for free. 

Meanwhile, listen to one of our whale songs:

Project: Whale Call App

Aside from being a cause leader, I am also a writer, artist, filmmaker and Founder & CEO of my own game/tech company.

I have just launched my game app at the Apple Store and currently working on two new app projects. 

To make our cause's campaign for ocean conservation and marine life protection more effective, I'm sharing what my team and I can do with our community.

We launched a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign for the development of our mobile marine conservation application called Whale Call Ocean App.

We call it OApp for short.

OApp is a mobile activism platform that will allow Whale Callers—individuals, organizations and governments—to collaborate and combine social networking and offline mobilization to take action for the protection and conservation of marine life.

Using a mobile phone, people can use the OApp to monitor and report ocean-related issues and connect, organize and collaborate with other app users from different countries to achieve a common goal.

Our Whale Call App can empower anyone to become a mobile cause leader.

How Does it Work?

Imagine discovering a company illegally dumping toxic wastes into the ocean.

Understanding the hazards that ocean pollution brings to marine life, the environment and humans, you want to take action to stop it.

But you're just one person.

Here’s how to do it…

Become a Whale Caller. Bring out your phone and use the OApp to take a photo or video of the toxic waste dumping. Then create your personal Whale Call campaign, a call to action to create awareness, launch a petition, organize a protest, etc., and send it to other app users.

People will use their phones to respond to your Whale Call and all you have to do is manage your campaign by sending notifications, posting updates, stories and any instruction or information you want to share to achieve your goal.

With the OApp Whale Caller community, you're not alone after all.

OApp Main Tools

It's a campaign center for marine conservation. OApp is a one-stop application for global awareness and social action to save our seas.

It has three main tools: Community Builder, Actions and Hero Points.

Community Builder

OApp features community-building tools that make it easy for grassroots organizers, non-profits and brands to create awareness and drum up support for their marine conservation advocacy using their mobile phones.

The app offers two ways to achieve that:

1. Mobile Profile. Aside from integration with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as social media messaging channels, OApp includes personal and organization profiles to give members a unique mobile identity.

Personal and organization profiles connect community organizers directly with app users including other nonprofit organizations and brands. 

2. Stories. What sets OApp apart from other community builders is its mobile storytelling factor. The app provides a tool for Whale Callers to share an ocean-related concern that inspires social action to start building a community of supporters around the issue.
Stories may be about oil spill, whale and dolphin slaughter, pollution or any environmental concern that sparks global conversation among like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of community.

OApp builds a community for each compelling story.


OApp connects stories with corresponding actions to communicate the goal and help community leaders and supporters work together for the success of a campaign.

Using a mobile phone, Whale Callers can launch a campaign to raise international awareness about an issue, recruit people to take a pledge, participate in a poll, sign a petition, support a crowdfunding project, or organize offline mass activities and other social actions.

One very important feature that OApp offers is user analytics that provides leaders, non-profits and brands useful insights on supporter activities. 

Hero Points/AppRewards

This is OApp's way of saying thanks to Whale Callers.

Every action they take lets them earn Hero Points. The system aggregates all campaign activities and features top supporters.

If available, Hero Points may also be used to redeem for rewards that individuals, organizations or governments may provide to encourage positive action. 

Help Us Make it Happen

The Whale Call Project is raising $175,000 to build and operate the OApp and we need your help to achieve our goal.

Now that you know how to change the world with an app, all you have to do is donate the amount that you want to contribute by choosing from any donation levels below.

Here's where your contribution will go...

OApp Project (12-month period)

App creation/design/basic prototype model --$25,000

Development/testing/infrastructure --$70,000

Going Live, Web services and extras --$30,000

Project Management, live operation team and marketing budget --$50,000


To enlighten you further, here’s a great article about the cost of building an app:


You will see that apps cost between $150,000 and $500,000 to develop. Some apps, especially games, even cost over $1 million. They take between 6 months to over one year to build.

And we’re just talking about development.

Our $175K budget already includes development, live app maintenance and updates, user acquisition and website support for at least a year.

So how do we manage to keep costs low? My people offered to cut their fees to help our cause. Of course, the community gets my services for free.

NOTE: We are now raising project funding incrementally based on project milestones so that our supporters can see work already done, work being done and work to be done. This way, donors can fully appreciate the progress of our project.

Our campaign will first raise $25,000 for the App creation/design/basic prototype model phase of the project.

Once we achieve the first funding goal and finished the prototype, we will go for the Development/testing/infrastructure phase, and so on until we complete the full Whale Call App project.

With your donation, you are helping us put marine activism on every phone around the world.

As our way of saying thanks, we put together a list of gifts (please see Rewards below) for your donation.

You will get your gifts within three to four weeks after the completion of our funding goal.

Let's save our seas

When you support the Whale Call, you impact marine conservation with three things: the donation that you make, the information that you share and the influence you leave behind.

You can make a global difference

Let us do this together.

Thank you very much,
Gil De Palma
Founder, Whale Call Project

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Update 45
Posted by Gil De Palma
13 months ago
Congratulations, Whale Callers! We did it.

Thanks for your pledges! We have surpassed our 5,000-pledge goal at:


We have officially started our 30-day donation drive for our Whale Call App at GoFundMe.

IMPORTANT: We reset our $175K crowdfunding goal to $25K to implement our staggered project funding system.

We will still raise $175K to build and operate our Whale Call App but we will fund it by incremental project milestones or app development stages.

Our campaign will first raise $25,000 for the App creation/design/basic prototype model phase of the project.

Once we achieve the first funding goal and finished the prototype, we will adjust funding goal and go for the Development/testing/infrastructure phase, and so on until we complete the full Whale Call App project.

Please see our Campaign Description below for more details.

With our staggered fundraising system, supporters will see work already done, work being done, and work to be done—and fully appreciate our project’s progress.

Let’s make it happen, Whale Callers!
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Update 44
Posted by Gil De Palma
13 months ago
Early-Bird Donors Show How Crowdfunding the Whale Call App is Done...Again

One day before supporters start fulfilling their signed fundraising pledge to help build our Whale Call App, early-bird donors once again showed us how crowdfunding is done.

View our community’s Thank You messages for our early-bird funders as of March 14, 2016 at:


Thank you very much, early-bird Whale Callers for setting the pace!
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Update 43
Posted by Gil De Palma
13 months ago
Early-Bird Donors Lead the Way in Crowdfunding Our Whale Call App

We have reached 4,603 of our 5,000 crowdfunding pledge goal to build the Whale Call App!

And some supporters have started to donate even before we kick off community funding on March 15, 2106.

Thank you very much, Whale Callers!

View the list of our early-bird funders as of February 27, 2016 along with a link to our community’s simple Thank You messages for each one of them at:

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Update 42
Posted by Gil De Palma
14 months ago
This is one of the reasons why we are building our Whale Call App…

A young La Plata dolphin has died of suspected dehydration earlier this month after beach-goers in Argentina took it out of the water and passed it around for photos.

CNN news and Daily Mail UK videos showed a person removing the rare La Plata dolphin from the water in a beach resort in the coastal town of Santa Teresita, about 350 kilometers southeast of Buenos Aires, as a crowd of sunbathers surrounded, stroked, and took photos of the calf before abandoning it on the beach.

According to a February 18, 2016 article by CNN’s Carma Hassan and Lynn Franco: “Vida Silvestre, a wildlife foundation in Argentina, reported that one dolphin died after a group of beach-goers took it out of the ocean, then surrounded and handled it.”

And in a February 17, 2016 article by Isabel Hunter for The Daily Mail Online UK: “A young dolphin has died of suspected dehydration after being paraded around like a trophy and stroked by a crowd of sunbathers who then abandoned it on the sand.”

La Plata dolphins—also known as Franciscan dolphins because of their brown toned skin that resembles the attire of Franciscan monks—can live to be twenty years old. Like other species, they have thick fatty skin that dehydrates quickly so they cannot survive for a long time when removed from water.

The beach crowd in Argentina didn’t take that in consideration when they left the baby dolphin wriggling on the beach as they continued to take pictures of its agony.

Placed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (ICUN) Red List of Threatened Species because of its susceptibility to incidental human capture, Franciscan dolphins now have just an estimated 30,000 examples left in the world.

One of them just died.

People must help rescue these mammals because each one of them matters to the conservation of the species.

This tragic incident has once again demonstrated the urgent need for an effective information dissemination and call to action to save dolphins and whales.

And that’s what we aim to achieve with our Whale Call app.

We want to build a mobile app that will put action at people's fingertips and help create international awareness about the cruelty of whaling and the hazards of ocean pollution to marine environment and human life.

Our Whale Call app will bring individuals, organizations and governments together to quickly take action to achieve a common goal using their mobile phones.

(Maybe it could have been used to save that baby dolphin? Who knows.)

Right now, you are at the GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign page of the project to build the Whale Call App.

Help us make it happen with your generous donation.

Click on the donate button and select a reward level that best suits you. You will get your chosen Whale Call reward for your donation at the end of our crowdfunding project.

But then again, knowing that you have made a difference in the world is the best reward of them all.

Thank you,

Gil De Palma
Whale Call Project

News Sources:


Daily Mail UK
Photo by: Hernan Coria / CEN–Daily Mail
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$2,296 of $25k goal

Raised by 66 people in 42 months
Created October 24, 2013
Ginger Stearns
11 months ago

HiTherre, Time for another drop in the Bucket! Keep it going,you have work to do to save these wonderful Creatures!!! Cheers to you and your Team! Ginger. :)

Ginger Stearns
12 months ago

HiThere! Been a while but never too late! Hope This helps.Cheers,Ginger.

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13 months ago
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13 months ago
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13 months ago
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13 months ago

Because these super insanely intelligent trippy creatures need this mayhem to stop, it's 2016 Japan act right. How shame that you guys even go there... make Jesus smile and just stop this embarrassment, please.

13 months ago
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13 months ago

Keep those $$$ coming!!!

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13 months ago

Hope you exceed your goals!

Roger Coleman
13 months ago
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