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It started out like any other day. I was driving through one of the rougher parts of Memphis when I noticed I was about to run out of gas. As I pulled into the service station, I glanced over: something had caught my eye. I almost didn't see him at first. He was hunched down into a garbage can digging for something. I thought he was probably homeless. He was an older black man wearing a stained and worn out blue shirt; his pants were barely hanging on, his shoes were falling apart and his skin on his arms looked sun-baked and beaten. If he hadn’t looked up as I passed by, if I had not been paying attention at that exact moment; I would have missed it. But when he came up out of the garbage, when he brought his face into the light, I stopped dead in my tracks. Here, in a nowhere part of Memphis, in the garbage can of a gas station, I was looking at the most incredible smile I'd ever seen. It was amazing! He looked like a 10 year old on Christmas!! Like he had just struck gold! He was holding something in his hands, waving them up and down in celebration.

He had found what he was digging for.

He found his cans.

I had to speak with him. I had to know who this man was and where he came from. I remembered I kept some money in my center console to give to the people begging at the intersections. And fortunately there was $20 still in there. So I decided to offer it to him. When I walked over to him and called for his attention, he looked up at me with these warm and wise old eyes. But there was something wrong. As I looked closer I could see that his pupils were discolored and badly scarred. He couldn't focus directly on me or really look in any one direction. My heart began to slowly break as I realized that this man was blind. 

I put the $20 in his hand and told him that God must have wanted me to give it to him because I had run out of gas at this station. He laughed with his whole body and smiled from ear to ear. He gave me a hug and we just laughed and embraced each other for a moment. It was so beautiful. 

When I asked him what he was doing, he chuckled and said “I’m hustling cans”. I asked him if he was homeless and he laughed loudly and said, "oh no man!…..this is what I do”. He said his name was JP Kibbler and he spelled it out proudly "K I B B L E R". He told me that he lived right down the street and that he goes out all day to dig for cans and uses the money to feed his family. At this point I was almost in tears. 

As JP and I talked I was in a trance. He told how he was 65, and that he had slowly lost his vision to a degenerative eye condition. He told me that he could still see light and a few colors, and that it was just enough to allow him to keep gathering cans for his family. He told me that he had just lost his wife two years ago and since then had been taking care of his family on his own. He said with his cans and his disability money its just enough each month to “keep the lights on”. And then he told me something that didn't truly hit me until I saw it with my own eyes. He told me that he does all this to support his beautiful daughter and 4 grand daughters. 

I stayed in touch with JP. He gave me his address and I came back that week to bring him some food and clothing. When I pulled up to his house, I saw them come running out his front door. I finally understood the reason this man goes out into the world blind, from sun up to sundown, 7 days a week, digging for the treasure that his neighbors throw away. It was all for them, the four most beautiful little girls I've ever seen. As I got out of my car they all ran up to me like I was family. I was overwhelmed. The youngest Janelle is 5 and she speaks with the most adorable lisp and has the eyes of an angel. The next oldest Kiera is 6 and she looks just like her grand daddy with a smile to match. After her is Laniya who’s 8 with her bashful and beautiful eyes. And then there's the oldest, Kashauna, 10, who is so soft spoken but  radiates with intelligence. They were so beautiful. The moment was so beyond anything I had ever experienced.

I met there mother Jessica who came out behind them and she was just as wonderful. It was obvious that she had inherited JP's eye condition as well as his smile and incredible spirit. There was so much laughter between them all. That's the thing that kept drawing me back. Each time I'd return to JP's I'd bring them little things. All the while I'd learn more and more about how beautiful this family truly was. How strong they were. And eventually, I'd learn how everything they had, everything they were as a family relied on JP. He was the center of it all.

I've never met a stronger man than JP. He may be small but to me he is a titan. The heart that this man has to go out everyday into the world blind, led only by his faith and love for his family, brings me to tears. 

After talking with JP and asking him what he needs help with, he's told me this: his ultimate hope is that God will bless his can hunting so that he will have enough money left over to buy him and his girls new clothes; so that they can go to church together. 

It's just too beautiful for words. It's just so pure and good. And I want this for him so badly. 

JP says that his can sales bring in about $100 a month and that this is just enough with his disability money to keep them going. His daughter Jessica is trying hard to find a job, but until she does, he is the sole bread winner. When I broke it down on paper, the $1,200 a year that JP brings in equalled out to about $3.30 per day. That means that for every $3.30 donated, he could take off a day and spend it with his beautiful girls. And anything more could be used to buy them clothes for church. So truly, with just a $5 donation, we could have a huge impact on this man's life.

I have created this gofundme in hopes that JP’s story will inspire the world, and with a prayer that it will accomplish one thing. I'd like to raise $1,500 for JP so that he can take off from gathering cans for a year, to spend that time with his girls and have money left over to buy them church clothes.

*Update* since we launched JP's gofundme, the world has responded with so much compassion that we are being asked to raise our original goal. This is too beautiful to describe!! In our time together, JP has told me of a dream he has for his 4 beautiful granddaughters: that they could get a good education- a college education. The first for anyone in his family. JP works so hard to provide for his girls, he wants them to have the things he never had.  He can't do this alone, but he doesn't have to. Together we can help his family break this cycle of poverty once and for all!!  We can give him and his beautiful girls hope for a future!! Thank you so much!!*

That day at the gas station, when I gave JP $20, he told me that he knew God had brought us together for a reason. He said that he was heading back home with his basket of cans that day when something told him to turn around and go down to the service station. And that’s when he met me. I’m so thankful he did. I'm so thankful to know this man, to stand in his presence and call him my friend. He is such a good father. And they are such a good and deserving family. I believe with all my soul that we can help them. I believe that we can. That you can. That the can man can!! Thank you so much for wanting to share in his life and to be a part of his story.

If you’d like to be more involved with JP and his girls, we’d love to connect you. They need you in their lives. They need mentors, friends, and God-parents walking alongside and watching over them. Anything and everything you want to share!! No matter what!! We want all of you!! The bigger the family we can build around them the better!!! Feel free to contact us here:

Right now they would benefit greatly from gift cards that they can use for food or clothing. But if you have anything you’d like to send,  any donations of any kind, I will make sure they get it.

The PO box is here (if you can’t ship to a PO box please email us for another address, thank you):

Matt White
PO BOX 11631
Memphis, TN 38111

You can also follow his story on facebook here:

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Important update for all donors to the Kibbler family.

As of today, January 30th, 2017, by the love and grace of God almighty, we have raised $36,000 for JP and his family. We are so thankful to each and everyone one of you that gave so generously to them. We know from the beautiful comments and letters that many of our donors gave for different reasons. Some felt compelled to give to JP for his courageous work gathering cans for his family; some were moved by his blindness and physical disabilities, and others were led out of their compassion for his beautiful granddaughters and their terrible living conditions. And while we can never thank you all enough for the donations you made and the love you all have shown, this message is being sent out to the compassionate few who donated for another reason. This message is specifically to address anyone who donated to JP because he was a veteran of the vietnam war.

When we began the campaign "The Can Man" for JP, during the interviews with him and his family, I was told that JP had served in the Vietnam war; specifically that he had served in the army and that he had suffered injuries from an explosion that had left him legally blind. In my conversations with JP, he explained to me in great detail, his vivid memories of his service in the war and even the horrific moments of the explosion that had disabled him.

However, it was not until after we had successfully launched the campaign that I was made aware of a very sensitive issue, one that requires a transparent and thorough response.

After the launch of "The Can Man" campaign, JP was contacted by **a local Memphis Hospital**

**EDIT: for privacy concerns we are removing the hospital name from the update**

where he had a meeting with the team of doctors who had worked on him as a newborn. Since that meeting, what has been disclosed to us is that JP was born with a very rare genetic mutation known as "Crouzon Syndrome". This condition causes an abnormal development of the bones of the skull in which the bones can fuse together causing deformations and complications in development (this is why JP’s eyes and jaws look the way they do). According to JP's doctors, he was treated for this condition from childbirth and spent the first part of his early life at **the hospital** having multiple reconstructive surgeries and physical therapy. We were also informed that his degenerative condition in his eyes is due to the Crouzons. But of everything we've learned, the most important is that we learned of the trauma that this condition caused to the development of JP's brain. According to his doctors, because of the deformation of his skull during childhood, JP suffers from traumatic hallucinations. The doctors explained to him that these hallucinations are so severe that they would appear no different from reality and would exist in his memories as being real. It was in this meeting with JP's doctors that he learned for the first time that he in fact had never served in the armed forces, and that his memories of those events from being in the vietnam war were a traumatic hallucination. JP is still having a hard time understanding this because to him, his memories of being in war and even the explosion are real.

But regardless of his skewed perception from these hallucinations, the reality is that JP was not a veteran of the vietnam war. It is with the sincerest of hearts that I want to assure you that neither myself, the Chauncy’s Chance volunteers, JP, nor any member of his family had any idea that this was a misrepresentation of the truth when we launched his gofundme campaign. Neither his daughter nor his sons had any knowledge otherwise and JP himself has lived his entire adult life completely certain that he had actually served in the Vietnam war and been seriously injured.

With that said, we are reaching out to firstly apologize for not doing the due diligence of researching JP's personal history, but also offer a refund to any donors that have donated to JP under the idea that he was a veteran.

All donations that were made have been transferred to a special needs trust that was established by attorney James Stiles of The Stiles Lawfirm here in Memphis, TN. If you will please contact us through email at:

**Please contact us through email and not through gofundme messenger. Thank you so much.**

If you will please include your name, address, contact information and donation amount, we will issue you a refund check from the trust and mail it back to you ASAP. Please make sure that you use the name that the amount was donated under and also the name that may have been used on the credit card so that we can properly verify your donation.

We understand that this is a very sensitive issue, and so to those affected and we just want to assure you that neither myself, JP and his family nor anyone involved in this campaign would act in a way to deceive the public. When we launched his campaign, all of us believed that JP was a veteran and were acting in good faith, and so, in that same good faith, we will do anything and everything we can to resolve any misguided donations or personal concerns. We will always be 100% transparent with our donors so please feel free to reach out to us at:

if you have any questions or concerns. We can never thank you all enough for the amazing gift you have given JP and his girls. They have a new life now, a new home, and because of you generosity, a real hope for the future. God bless!
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LOOK!!!!! Look at what is happening!!! It's so wonderful!!! The world is on fire for JP and his the girls!!!! This is unbelievable!!!! Their story is reaching around the globe now!! Now the whole world is learning about this man's tremendous faith!!!

And they are learning of God's faithfulness as well. They're learning that three years ago God woke JP from a dream where He told him that if he would donate the tops of his aluminum cans to St. Jude that He would bless him. Despite this being a large sacrifice of income for JP (3 gallons of tops a month) he remained faithful to God. And now look at what is happening!!!! It's too magnificent to describe!!! The world keeps passing our goals for him and his family!!

And what's even more beautiful is the community that is forming around him and the girls. People are reaching out from all over the world asking how they can help!! We even had a local group called Cause-play Memphis dress up as princesses and throw the girls a special party!! YES!!!!

This was one of the most beautiful days of their lives. I'm so glad we captured it on video!!

This family is in so much need of our continued love and support. There are so many things that they still don't have. As the donations come in, we are going to start looking for a different house for them to rent; one in a safer neighborhood and with amenities like an air conditioner and heater. It has to be within walking distance to the girls school for now because they don't have a car so this limits their options. But I know that God will guide us to the right place for them.

We don't know what God has planned for this family. But we trust in Him and know that He will provide for them in ways we could never dream of.

I am so thankful for everything that you are doing for this family; for every package, every donation, every kind message and email. It all means so much to us!!! Thank you so much!! From the bottom of my heart!! Thank you!!

If you feel God calling you to get involved in these girls lives, please don't hesitate to contact us. They need you more than you know. Someone who cares for them, who will walk alongside them as they navigate their lives. If you feel this is your calling, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us here:

Thank you for being with us through all of this. We couldn't do it without you. And we cannot wait to see what the future holds for them!!
Princess party!!!!! YES!!!!!
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This is absolutely incredible!!! The world keeps giving and giving to this incredible family in ways we could only dream of!!! I wish you could be here with us to see it all happening in person. The beautiful gifts keep coming in for him and his girls and people are gathering together from hours away just to come and spend time with them. It's like a dream come true!!!

We went on our first shopping trip with JP and his girls last weekend and they had so much fun!!! JP got some new work boots and clothes and so did the girls (minus the work boots, lol).

People have also been reaching out to help us get JP's story told around the world. We are so excited about this!!! His message inspires so many and it deserves to be heard. I know that personally it has had a huge impact on my life.

But yhe greatest part in all of this has been the creation of the new family around JPs family!! People from all walks of life coming together to just love on one another, it's so wonderful. I can never thank you enough for what you've done for them!!! Thank you all so much for your incredible hearts!! We love you so much!! We have so much more to update you on!!!
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One video says it all!!! Look at what is happening!!!! God is bringing a community together to love on JP and his girls. These are just everyday people who heard their story and saw their videos and decided they wanted to walk alongside them. It's like a thanksgiving day love parade, and JP is the giant Garfield cat!! Followed by the power puff girls, LOL!!!

It is so beautiful to experience the world through their eyes. They are so appreciative of every little thing. And to see all the people who gathered in one place to love on them, oh my goodness, I started crying at one point. There was a moment where Chauncy and I were serving the amazing food Barbara had cooked to over 25 people and I looked up and realized that it was really happening, we were creating a family around this family. In that moment, we were a community built on love. It started with a city uplifting Chauncy, and now look!! LOOK!!!

This is what it's all about!! This right here!!! Coming together in love to build one another up. I am so grateful to be a part of something so magnificent. I am so happy to see what is happening for JP and his beautiful family!!! We are praying big prayers for them, as I believe with all my heart that God has big plans for their futures.

If you'd like to join our new family, please contact us. We would love to meet you all!! All are welcome!! Email us at:

Thank you thank you thank you!!! And a million times more, thank you!!
A ZOO family!! A NEW family!!
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$36,392 of $40,000 goal

Raised by 1,088 people in 30 months
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