Spinal Care Scholarships for a Vibrant Humanity!

$10,509 of $90,000 goal

Raised by 78 people in 18 months

Spinal Health & Wellness Care Scholarships for those experiencing Financial Hardship

We at Graceful Waves Chiropractic believe that all people deserve to have access to quality healthcare, and to live vibrant, whole, energized lives!  Our care & programs help meet those objectives.  However, often our most vulnerable community members struggle financially to access the very care designed to help them flourish.  We offer a scholarship program which offsets the cost of care at a time when it’s most needed.  Sometimes, a helping-hand – and a more coherent spine and nervous system – can make ALL the difference!

We have an ambitious 5-year fundraising goal of 90K that we would like to complete funding for in 2019.

Why 90K, and what impact will it have?   

To break it down...those wishing to optimize the function of their spine, energy level, and life who are currently experiencing financial hardship and unable to afford our current ($60/visit) fee for care can qualify for a scholarship, reducing their cost to as little as $30/visit for adults, and $20/visit for pre-teen children.  This scholarship fund provides more affordable care for at least 50 spinal care visits/month, available to those who most need it, to help them rise!

Why Donate NOW in particular?

We at Graceful Waves Wellness Center (aka Graceful Waves Chiropractic) have just completed a more than 2-year process of designing, permitting, and constructing a NEW community wellness center, which houses a specialized form of Spinal/Chiropractic care called “Network Spinal ”, and will serve several other classes and modalities such as Yoga, Massage, Dance, Counseling, Retreats, FREE community programs & film nights, and more!  In the coming year(s), we also intend to formalize our center as a non-profit, as that is the true spirit for how we have run our business for the past 15 years, and will continue to move deeper in that direction in the future.

All this takes capital…  While 100% of the donations received here will provide for subsidized care available to the community as described above, they will initially be used to assist and provide stability (and grace) during our transition into our new building.  We are now relying on credit cards, additional unsecured loans and donations bridge the final construction bills (and fund loan repayment).  <3

We abide in deep and humble gratitude for your assistance in helping us serve on a larger scale, and in helping fund our vision for a more vibrant community and world!

***** SOMETHING SPECIAL for those who DONATE BY OR BEFORE AUGUST 17TH, 2019!!! *****

Our GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION is set for Saturday August 17th at 2:00PM!  

At that time, I (Dr. Dawn) will be reading the names of EVERY PERSON who has made a donation of $5 or more in thanks and acknowledgement for energizing this program, making this community service possible, and our wellness center’s transition more graceful.  The names of each person, business, organization, or foundation will be placed in a 5-year Gratitude Time Capsule to marinate in the healing energy of the center! The capsule will be daylighted on our building’s 5-year Anniversary Celebration, and each name read in thanks AGAIN!  Those donors wishing to be anonymous will receive a moment of silent blessing and gratitude on both occasions… <3

I can hardly wait to read YOUR name aloud (or send you a Silent Blessing) at our Grand Opening Celebration!!!  If you would like to attend, please RSVP to gracefulwaves@gmail.com with number of guests.  Truly, this program – and this building – would not come to be without the love, energy, enthusiasm, financial contributions and shared resources of MANY people.

THANK YOU for choosing to be part of this beautiful project and way of serving the world!!!

With Richest Blessings and Gratitude,

Dr. Dawn Sea Kahrs, DC
Graceful Waves Wellness Center
Visionary & Founder

For more info., pictures/history of this project, please read our campaign updates! Campaign #5 and #6 give our ARCHIVED original Campaign Description, before it was time to refresh it.  However, for those who enjoy MORE content and history, please feel free to delve in!

Oh!  If you prefer to MAIL your donation, we'll gladly receive your gift at:

Graceful Waves Wellness
PO Box 315
Wheeler OR 97147

please note “Project Liberation” in the Memo



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Please Join us as we Celebrate and Honor YOU - our Sponsors - at our GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION!!!

Saturday August 17th, 2019

Please RSVP for planning purposes. ❤️


We love you and can’t wait to celebrate with you!
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The GOOD that’s happening because of YOU!!!

All’s been quiet on the western front, or at least in terms of our updates for a while…

I appologize for not being in touch more lately. To be really honest, I've been up to my EARS between overseeing final construction details and decisions, personally landscaping most of the grounds, planning and preparing the space to move in, hanging pictures, installing towel bars and curtain rods, communicating with sub-contractors, creatively juggling finances, providing the BEST care we can out of the (still open!) Health District Building, and still being a Mom too!

Whew! I’m looking forward to at least ONE less hat as soon as construction wraps up and we move IN – THIS MONTH!!!

In the midst of all the above, we have been BUSY making GOOD USE OF YOUR DONATIONS, and want you know know how much of a difference you – and they - are making!!!

So here’s an update and some stats from our SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM, as of June 2019:

*** > 300 Spinal Entrainment Sessions received to-date – subsidized by YOUR donations!

*** > 50 additional Spinal Entrainment Sessions committed by clients currently utilizing the program

*** More than 100 additional Spinal Entrainment Sessions have been received by creatively finding barters for services, to allow additional clients to receive needed care. These have NOT utilized your funds, but we thought were worth mentioning…

*** $8,052.50 out of the current fund of $10,300 in available funds have been either fulfilled as promised, or (a small portion) committed to current clients’ remaining corrective care.

*** Most clients utilizing the program are using an average of 50% subsidy, some slightly more, some less.

*** We have been SUCCESSFUL in making a client transition OUT of the program – finding ways to help increase right livelihood, and/or to utilize a barter – thus liberating MORE available scholarship funds for other people!

Here are some recent TESTIMONIALS and GRATITUDES from program participants – shared with permission:

April 20, 2019

“For the last 7 weeks I’ve had the very good fortune to receive spinal entrainment from Dr. Dawn. I’ve had a long history of pain, fatigue and distress in the body and nervous system and have seen many many doctors and healers to help this, with only partial results. What I have been experiencing with Dr. Dawn is truly unique and beautiful. With the most subtle of motions she has been rearranging my whole body and system, reconnecting and re-integrating parts, opening pathways long closed, and slowly but surely getting my system out of flight or fight, into greater ease, health and well being, both physically, emotionally and beyond. 

I am often amazed at the deep releases experienced during the sessions with Dr. Dawn on so many levels. There is a deep sense of more and more wholeness and wellness returning. She is truly a wonderful and powerful healer and human being. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to receive her kind help, and to the ones who have offered the scholarship fund. Without the latter I would not have been able to do this. I trust that with my increasing health and energy I will be able to contribute more to this wonderful community as my heart so longs to do. Thank you very much!”
- Shaukya Dekker
(pictured next to her "Kali" original painting)

June 9, 2019

“My daughter, who was just 6 when we began seeing Dr. Dawn, was a "tiptoe walker." We had continued care to address this along with general spinal health concerns for a growing child. After the first visit, I noticed such a dramatic change in her gait and balance. Future visits typically resulted in more subtle observable results, yet still notable. I believe this treatment was essential for the general well-being and future health of my daughter. Without such effective treatment, we might be facing surgical repair to shortened Achilles tendon, and grafted bone replacement for disfigured toe beds. Thank you, Dr. Dawn! The care you give is out of this world...and having the scholarship program helped make such care possible for my daughter.

– A Grateful Mom (Annie McDonald, for Kaydee McDonald)

“Without the scholarship program, I might not have experienced a type of care that relieved symptoms of chronic pain and fatigue to a great effect! Thanks to the entrainments I received, my excrutiating and debilitating pain and fatigue symptoms reduced dramatically! Dr. Dawn was able to address issues I had thought impossible to treat, and her gentle contacts, stretches, and advice for self-help between entrainments has led me to begin sleeping stretched out rather than curled into a tight ball like a cooked shrimp. I was able to reduce my pile of pillows to one neck-support pillow. My SI (sacroilliac) joints, which had given me difficulty for decades, have improved nearly to the point of forgetting how horrible I used to feel, all day, every day. I literally could not be more grateful!”

– Annie McDonald
(see picture taken with Dr. Dawn and her daughter!)

Please accept my – and our – HUMBLE thanks for helping fund this amazing program! We look forward to continuing to provide an avenue to meet the needs of those in community that can really use some financial assistance in receiving and utilizing care which leads to greater COHERENCE. A more coherent and energy-rich SPINE and NERVOUS SYSTEM leads to a more energized and coherent LIFE, where greater contribution is simply a natural by-product.

So….you guessed it….NOW is the time when we could use your additional help in increasing our funds available for this amazing program! We have used most of the funds we’ve received, in good faith, and would like to provide MUCH MORE in the future! Your SHARING, and, if possible additional (or original!) donation makes an enormous difference at this time for so many deserving souls!

Note: we originally intended to begin this program once we were IN the new building...but there were some really amazing people to help in the interim, so decided it couldn’t wait! Imagine how many more we can serve with a building designed to provide such services?!!!

We have a 5-year Scholarship plan we would like to complete funding for – 90K in total. Sounds like a lot, but we’re already over 10K toward our goal, and we hope the program results and uses thus far will inspire a quick rise in funding!

Also – AT LONG LAST – we are planning to move in to our new building in less than 2 weeks!!! Friday June 21st is the big day!!!

This month, as we are facing our 20th month of paying essentially double office-rents, in addition to final move-in expenses. THIS MONTH - June 2019 - is among the MOST critical to receive an influx of funds, as it helps us bridge the costs of providing the services, as well as meeting the additional final infrastructure expense demands (flooring, trim, etc.)

Thank you for your EXTRAORDINARY help, participation, and CONTRIBUTION! We appreciate you!!!

Dr. Dawn & the Graceful Waves Team


Grand Opening Celebration and GRATITUDE TIME CAPSULE READING: Saturday August 17th, 2:00pm!!!
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Dear Friends,

I am sorry to say due to unforseen circumstances and construction delays beyond our control, we are postponing our Pre-Grand Opening Celebration. ❤️

We will re-schedule a full Grand Opening Celebration (including gratitude time capsule reading) after we are moved in and settled, so we can showcase this beauty in it’s fullest and more complete state!

Please accept my sincere apology for any inconvenience this change may cause you. Thank you for your understanding.

Good things often take time...learning this one big-time right now. ‍♀️

Stay tuned...and looking forward to celebrating with you later this Spring!

With love,
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YOU are Invited!!!! Graceful Waves Wellness Center Pre-Grand Opening Party!!!

Saturday March 9th, 3pm!

We’ll be reading all contributors names, sending a silent blessing to our anonymous donors, and acknowledging those who have made this new Wellness Center possible!

All contributors names will go into our Gratitude Time Capsule, and placed under the floorboards of the largest room in the center to bask in all the healing, wholeness, and energy-richness happening there over the next 5 years!

At our 5-year anniversary, we’ll be daylighting the capsule and reading/blessing your names AGAIN!!!

We can’t wait to see you!

Please RSVP to gracefulwaves@gmail.com and/or 503-368-9355 if you plan to attend, and how many guests to expect.

Thank you!!!
In Gratitude,
Dr. Dawn
Graceful Waves Wellness Center
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$10,509 of $90,000 goal

Raised by 78 people in 18 months
Recognition by reading aloud your name on GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION day! Placement in GRATITUDE time-capsule to be read AGAIN @ our 5-year Anniversary!
Fist Bump
Millions of dollars have been generated from $27 pledges! We only need 90K (ok - 200K ;) This should be a cinch! BIG Gratitude! (And Previous Level)
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Now we're cookin'! Thank you for your generosity - it makes such a difference! BIG LOVE coming your way! (Plus Previous Levels)
Our Heartfelt Gratitude, a HUGE Hug next time we meet, or otherwise an ENERGY-RICH BLESSING from us to you! (Plus Previous Levels)
1-Year after GRAND OPENING follow-up message and Thank-You Note from us! (plus previous level benefits)
5-year Recognition on our website for your level of sponsorship of Project Liberation! (plus previous level benefits)
59 of 60 left
1-MONTH Project Liberation Sponsor! Receive 3 in-person spinal care sessions - or - a 1-hr. private Skype/FT/phone consult w/Dr. Dawn! (Plus Previous Levels)
20 of 20 left
Special VIP Guest to one of our future Soul's Alignment Events, or 2 private hour-long Skype/FT consults, or 6 spinal sessions w/Dr. Dawn (Plus Previous Levels)
12 of 12 left
An Exclusive and Private half-day serving you and/or your family, and sharing a meal together! Our eternal gratitude...and all previous levels!
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Private day w/Dawn serving you & family! Whatever is needed for your highest & best! Sessions, coaching, meals, eternal gratitude, + emerald & below benefits!
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