Spinal Care Scholarships for a Vibrant Humanity!

$10,009 of $90,000 goal

Raised by 73 people in 14 months

Spinal Health & Wellness Care Scholarships for those experiencing Financial Hardship

We at Graceful Waves Chiropractic believe that all people deserve to have access to quality healthcare, and to live vibrant, whole, energized lives!  Our care & programs help meet those objectives.  However, often our most vulnerable community members struggle financially to access the very care designed to help them flourish.  We offer a scholarship program which offsets the cost of care at a time when it’s most needed.  Sometimes, a helping-hand – and a more coherent spine and nervous system – can make ALL the difference!

We have an ambitious 5-year fundraising goal of 90K that we would like to complete funding for in 2019.

Why 90K, and what impact will it have?   

To break it down...those wishing to optimize the function of their spine, energy level, and life who are currently experiencing financial hardship and unable to afford our current ($60/visit) fee for care can qualify for a scholarship, reducing their cost to as little as $30/visit for adults, and $20/visit for pre-teen children.  This scholarship fund provides more affordable care for at least 50 spinal care visits/month, available to those who most need it, to help them rise!

Why Donate NOW in particular?

We at Graceful Waves Wellness Center (aka Graceful Waves Chiropractic) are in the last stages of constructing a NEW community wellness center, which will house a specialized form of Spinal/Chiropractic care called “Network Spinal ”, as well as several other classes and modalities such as Yoga, Qigong, Massage, Dance, Counseling, Retreats, FREE community programs & film nights, and more!  In the coming year, we also intend to formalize our center as a non-profit, as that is the true spirit for how we have run our business for the past 15 years, and will continue to move deeper in that direction in the future.

All this takes capital…  While 100% of the donations received here will provide for subsidized care available to the community as described above, they will initially be used to assist and provide stability (and grace) during our transition.  We are now relying on credit cards, additional unsecured loans and donations to finish the building, which is currently set for completion in March 2019!

We abide in deep and humble gratitude for your assistance in helping us serve on a larger scale, and in helping fund our vision for a more vibrant community and world!

***** SOMETHING SPECIAL for those who DONATE BEFORE MARCH 9th, 2019!!! *****

Our Pre-GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION is set for March 9th!  

At that time, I (Dr. Dawn) will be reading the names of EVERY PERSON who has made a donation of $5 or more in thanks and acknowledgement for energizing this program, making this community service possible, and our wellness center’s transition more graceful.  The names of each person, business, organization, or foundation will be placed in a 5-year Gratitude Time Capsule to marinate in the healing energy of the center! The capsule will be daylighted on our building’s 5-year Anniversary Celebration, and each name read in thanks AGAIN!  Those donors wishing to be anonymous will receive a moment of silent blessing and gratitude on both occasions… <3

I can hardly wait to read YOUR name aloud (or send you a Silent Blessing) at our Grand Opening Celebration!!!  If you would like to attend, please RSVP to gracefulwaves@gmail.com with number of guests.  Truly, this program – and this building – would not come to be without the love, energy, enthusiasm, financial contributions and shared resources of MANY people.

THANK YOU for choosing to be part of this beautiful project and way of serving the world!!!

With Richest Blessings and Gratitude,

Dr. Dawn Sea Kahrs, DC
Graceful Waves Wellness Center
Visionary & Founder

For more info., pictures/history of this project, please read our campaign updates! Campaign #5 and #6 give our ARCHIVED original Campaign Description, before it was time to refresh it.  However, for those who enjoy MORE content and history, please feel free to delve in!

Oh!  If you prefer to MAIL your donation, we'll gladly receive your gift at:

Graceful Waves Wellness
PO Box 315
Wheeler OR 97147

please note “Project Liberation” in the Memo



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Dear Friends,

I am sorry to say due to unforseen circumstances and construction delays beyond our control, we are postponing our Pre-Grand Opening Celebration. ❤️

We will re-schedule a full Grand Opening Celebration (including gratitude time capsule reading) after we are moved in and settled, so we can showcase this beauty in it’s fullest and more complete state!

Please accept my sincere apology for any inconvenience this change may cause you. Thank you for your understanding.

Good things often take time...learning this one big-time right now. ‍♀️

Stay tuned...and looking forward to celebrating with you later this Spring!

With love,
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YOU are Invited!!!! Graceful Waves Wellness Center Pre-Grand Opening Party!!!

Saturday March 9th, 3pm!

We’ll be reading all contributors names, sending a silent blessing to our anonymous donors, and acknowledging those who have made this new Wellness Center possible!

All contributors names will go into our Gratitude Time Capsule, and placed under the floorboards of the largest room in the center to bask in all the healing, wholeness, and energy-richness happening there over the next 5 years!

At our 5-year anniversary, we’ll be daylighting the capsule and reading/blessing your names AGAIN!!!

We can’t wait to see you!

Please RSVP to gracefulwaves@gmail.com and/or 503-368-9355 if you plan to attend, and how many guests to expect.

Thank you!!!
In Gratitude,
Dr. Dawn
Graceful Waves Wellness Center
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For my birthday this year, I would like to invite my fellow friends, family, and 'soul-family' to join with me in making a contribution to a cause I really believe in!

The short story is that this fundraiser creates a scholarship program of spinal care available for those currently experiencing financial hardship. The care this scholarship helps clients access assists them at a time when it can make a real difference in their lives!

This cause means something personally to me. I know first-hand what it means to receive some GRACE notes in moments or chapters when resources - and resourcefulness - have been low. Coherence and clarity in the spine and nervous system create better energy, improve decisions, and optimize resourcefulness. So it is with joy that – with your help – we are able to offer this program on a larger scale than we could do on our own. As my friend and mentor Donny Epstein, DC likes to say, “the biggest difference between Illness and Wellness, is an “I” vs. a “We”!”

It’s nice to give and contribute ‘just because’...but we wanted to do something special for those who make a donation: Those who donate at least $5 before our GRAND OPENING PARTY on March 9th, 2019 will have their name read aloud in thanks for becoming a founding donor! (Those donating anonymously will also receive our gratitude in the form of a moment of silent blessing!)

Your names will then be inscribed into our 5-year “Gratitude Time Capsule” to be placed under the floorboards of the Wellness Center to marinade in all the Grace, Beauty, Healing, Joy, and Wholeness taking place from there through March 2024. At that time, we will daylight the capsule and AGAIN read/bless your name at our Building and Program’s 5-year Anniversary in thanks and celebration for being a Visionary Donor to this program of coherence and loving assistance!

I look forward to reading YOUR name at our Grand Opening in March 2019!!! And, thanks for contributing to my birthday in this way!!!

With Love & Gratitude,
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**Part B of Update #5 - our ORIGINAL CAMPAIGN DESCRIPTION (Archived) as we update our current campaign and mission! **

The New Center will feature:

*  An EXTRAORDINARILY Beautiful and Inspiring location on an historic 5-generation stewarded family property - with architecture complimenting the natural waterfront & mountain-chain view, with building 'centered' on true-north, and coinciding with our local stunning "Onion Peak" Mountain (see building site pictured below)
*  A fall/winter/spring 'home' for Beach Dance Oregon (and other local Dance classes as our rural community has a shortage of this kind of much-needed amenity)
*  Yoga & other Movement Class location 
*  A drop-down screen for hosting community movie-nights (documentaries, medical/health related and inspirational films)!
*  A separate room appropriate in size for a LMT, Nutritionist, Counselor or Body-Centered Therapist will also be available for either a full-time practitioner, or to share between practitioners of multidisciplines.  (Due to the Health District Building's imminent closure, there will be other medical and/or health-related practitioners  looking for a new location, who may be among those who join us at our new location.)
*  As much 'green', reclaimed, and eco-friendly technology as our budget will allow, including radiant floor heating, solar (or possibly wind) technology, and an energy-efficient concrete/slate roof (most materials/cost for roof DONATED by a company for this project's mission)
*  Multiple Energetic Clearing sessions and physical analysis/design & placement of multiple Crystals in the land and building have been generously DONATED to help create the most uplifting and healing/sacred space in harmony with the land and all who set foot upon it.  
*  An Intimate weekend retreat/conference/workshop and seminar location. The large amphitheater-shaped room of the center will seat between 30-40 people, and will be built to house appropriate sound & recording/video setup.  This will also support opening up our classes into an online or distance-based learning format in the future, providing access to our services by a much broader and worldwide audience!
*  And finally, a Pacific Northwest EpiEnergetic  Hub on the Beautiful Oregon Coast!!!

Funding:  Our original target for the building budget was 250K.  However, with the complexities of permitting, partitioning the property, architecture, and the added dimension and shape of the larger room, the true cost of the 1900 sq. ft. building estimate is closer to 400K.  My family was able to help me acquire a bank loan for 200K...which still leaves a gap of 200K.  (I considered stating 200K above, but I'm also attempting to acquire grants for the project and am *hopeful* we will land some of those to make up the difference.)  In the worst case scenario of not landing the grants we hope for in the time period that is needed, however, an additional 90K from gofundme donors and sponsors will allow us to open the building, and for the publicly used areas of the Center to be completed - even if the finishes are more simple.  In that case, the kitchen and back bathroom may initially be left partially unfinished until additional funds or income come in, but we'll be able to open and serve the community, which is a MUST!

Timeline:  We broke ground on the first week of March!  All went without delay until the third week of May, when the trusses were back-ordered by 2 months.  We resumed construction on the third week of July, and hope to complete the building sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.   We will need the gofundme funds by OCTOBER 2018!

Passion for CONTRIBUTION:  Our business places a high value on giving back to the community.  For several years, we've given away portions of our initial exam fees at special events, and donated hundreds of dollars every year to the following organizations and non-profits: Tillamook County Womens' Resource Center , Paul Polak's Spring Health Program, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe , the Oregon Food Bank , The American Civil Liberties Union, and sometimes we give both services/care AND money to private medical or personal causes, such as gofundme accounts like this one, or this one.  This year, we are again sponsoring the ACLU, as well as contributing to the Building Fund for the New Nehalem Pool.  The future center being built will continue this trend of contribution, and in fact we already have our 2019 and 2020 local non-profit and/or programs picked out!

WHY A 90K SUBSIDIZED PROGRAM FOR CARE?  Our business wishes to be MORE available to those whose funding might currently be somewhat poor.  We know and acknowledge that we are all one human family.  We can't make great change in humanity if we only work within the middle of the spectrum - whether it be energetic, or monetary.  We have to serve the ends too - both those with incredible resources (and ability to contribute and influence), and those whose resources may currently be poor and in need of some grace and a helping hand.   In the past, we offered "Project Liberation" as a monthly program for several hours - including teaching a transformative workshop in combination with personally providing care to all that attended.  We offered this for several months through the Tillamook County Womens' Resource Center, before pausing the program to re-assess our marketing and outreach strategies.  We have registered with a colleague's non-profit which increases access to healthcare, and will in the next 4 months slowly transition our financial aid clients into using this system, so we'll be fully ready to launch and serve through this portal by September 2018.  Partnering with this non-profit will allow us to legally discount our fees by half (financial hardship waiver and affadavit signed by the client), and will give them the opportunity to receive the needed care for as long as they need the program - especially during the most costly period of time when visits are more frequent in order to uplevel and increase efficiency of the nervous system, spine and body in a sustainable way.  This program will help them become more energetically resourceful, which naturally assists in and 'trickles down' to becoming more financially resourceful, too.  In addition, we offer a monthly class that we have kept FREE for at least 5 years, and we intend to continue to offer at least one class of this nature per month, to allow access for everyone - regardless of ability to pay anything at all.  

BY DONATING to this campaign, you are helping us to provide a value of at least $1500/mo. in services to the community for a period of FIVE YEARS!  $1500/mo. x 5 years is exactly 90K.  You're paying it forward for others good to come, and helping us get the building that this care will be provided from off the ground.  It's a win-win for everyone! 

Historically for me, it's been easier and more preferable to give, than to receive.  However, BOTH giving and receiving are essential skills for wholeness!To be able to give on the scale that we are called to - including providing access to a community resource building of beauty, function, and purpose - we are COMPLETELY OPEN AND AVAILABLE to receive, and humbly ask for and THANK YOU for your generous support!  Frankly, we can't do this without you!

With love, appreciation, & deep humility,

"No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main" - John Donne
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$10,009 of $90,000 goal

Raised by 73 people in 14 months
Recognition by reading aloud your name on GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION day! Placement in GRATITUDE time-capsule to be read AGAIN @ our 5-year Anniversary!
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Millions of dollars have been generated from $27 pledges! We only need 90K (ok - 200K ;) This should be a cinch! BIG Gratitude! (And Previous Level)
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5-year Recognition on our website for your level of sponsorship of Project Liberation! (plus previous level benefits)
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1-MONTH Project Liberation Sponsor! Receive 3 in-person spinal care sessions - or - a 1-hr. private Skype/FT/phone consult w/Dr. Dawn! (Plus Previous Levels)
20 of 20 left
Special VIP Guest to one of our future Soul's Alignment Events, or 2 private hour-long Skype/FT consults, or 6 spinal sessions w/Dr. Dawn (Plus Previous Levels)
12 of 12 left
An Exclusive and Private half-day serving you and/or your family, and sharing a meal together! Our eternal gratitude...and all previous levels!
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Private day w/Dawn serving you & family! Whatever is needed for your highest & best! Sessions, coaching, meals, eternal gratitude, + emerald & below benefits!
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