Youth for Police Accountability & Racial Justice

The 4Front Project is a member-led youth organisation empowering young people and communities to fight for justice, peace and freedom. We support members with experiences of violence and the criminal justice system to create change; in their own lives, communities and society. 

4FRONT was established in 2012 to provide a platform for young people who have been impacted by violence to create change. Since then, 4FRONT has pioneered an approach that empowers the young people most directly harmed by violence and the criminal justice system to be at the forefront of a grassroots movement for change. 

Racial inequity drives violence. The criminal justice system drives violence. Unaccountability drives violence. We are building a powerful youth-led movement to transform the way peace and justice are understood by centring healing rather than punishment. Our work centres transformative justice and healing whilst directly challenging the UK’s addiction to criminalisation, policing and prisons. We are transforming the way in which society understands how to support communities affected by violence and shaping the agenda around how to address the systemic causes of it.

How we fight for justice:
- Exposing structural injustice
- Mobilising those most affected by injustice
- Building transformative justice practices

How we fight for peace:
- Supporting members to heal and promoting radical self care
- Building community accountability
- Advocating for approaches that increase safety

How we fight for freedom:
- Building pride in our cultural identity
- Creating space to envision freedom
- Providing anti oppression and liberation education

The criminal justice system is the only apparatus that exists to deal with violence at a societal level but many fail to acknowledge the extreme harm this system inflicts at every level. From policing to prisons, the criminal justice system is inherently violent in nature and this perpetuates the violence in our communities. If we truly want to understand the impacts of violence on young people and our communities, we must acknowledge all the ways in which we are exposed to violence. Young people who experience violence and the criminal justice system rarely access holistic services  which are designed to meet their specific needs. 

Our work centres racial justice and empowers members to recognise their strengths and identify systemic barriers to their progress. We specialise in providing culturally specific services, tailored to meet the needs of those with experiences of violence and the criminal justice system who identify as Black (which includes those who are Black British, African, Caribbean and Mixed Heritage). We not only acknowledge the impact of racism and discrimination on our members, we actively work to dismantle these systems.

The horrific murder of George Floyd has reinvigorated a global movement to end police violence and racial injustice. At this historical moment, we need your help to ensure young people in the UK who experience police and state violence every day are at the forefront of this movement. The 4Front Project is working tirelessly to empower the young people most affected to take action - by providing holistic support, we not only amplify their voices, but also ensure they can access emotional and legal support. Your financial contributions will enable us to support more young people to challenge police violence and access the healing and support they deserve. 

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In solidarity,

Temi Mwale

Executive Director
The 4Front Project


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