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Young Leaders Fund -Concorde Centre (Hackney)

We have young leaders, mentors and visionaries in our communities, but we live in one of the most under resourced neighbourhoods in the country, the Kingsmead Estate in Hackney, and we want your help to support our young people so they can, in turn, continue inspiring those younger then them.

At a time when the country is talking about systemic racism, we need to step up and see that it is up to each of us to readdress imbalances to make sure our future generation has opportunities to flourish. 

All it takes is 300 people each getting together with family/friends/work colleagues to raise £100 each... can you be one of those good good people?

10 weeks ago Concorde Youth Centre and Made Up Kitchen joined together to start supporting local families in our neighbourhood by transforming surplus food into 1000 meals and 150 shopping bags weekly to nourish our diverse community. Sharing time, skills and hardly any funds, together we make sure our local young people are also empowered to make their mark, whether through packing food, delivering to their neighbours twice weekly, or just as importantly being the ones leading on documenting our journey. Local young filmmakers ACP Network borrowed equipment to shoot, edit and create films like the one above to showcase the goodness we are growing.

As time has gone on we’ve started adding to what we provide, gifting tomato plants for people to grow, starting poetry sessions and finding new ways that young people can be empowered to better their environment even within these difficult times.
There is potential for this to be the start of so much more, but food is not enough, we need to address some of the core inequalities to be able to help create long term change.

We’re aiming to raise £30,000 to provide equipment and opportunities to help our young people. This is how we invest in the future and in creating change.
This money will go directly to Concorde Youth to buy and distribute resources to some of the families we’ve been feeding.
Our young people don’t have the same support, opportunities and finances that others take for granted, and still they are striving despite this.

Rather than just feed people for today, we want your help to provide more so that they can have better long term opportunities.

Real change happens from providing computers so our young children can complete school work, filmmaking equipment so they can change the narrative of how young black people are portrayed (which is fundamentally important), real change is being able to pay for an international trip to like minded organisations in the West Indies and Africa so that they can feel their heritage and majesty way beyond the area we live in .

This is an opportunity to invest in the future,

if you have more… give more… so our young people have the support to flourish… and be more.


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