Bush User Groups United

Green  and other activists are destroying our economy and dividing our communities by demanding more and more LOCKED UP LAND!  
Political groups are playing with the Australian way of life and want to lock away huge tracts of land by turning many State forests and public land, into closed National Parks.
There is clear evidence that restrictive, mis-managed National Parks, puts our wildlife at risk from feral animals, flora, fauna and country communities at risk from wildfires and DO NOT BOOST THE ECONOMY! 
With  the final recommendation of the Victorian  Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC) in regards to the Central West Forest Investigation we are now losing more of our bush for recreational purposes. 

National Parks restrict or deny access to the following;
Horse-riding, camping, prospecting, trail-bike riding, 4WDing, picnicking, firewood collection, fishing, hunting, timber harvesting, mining, grazing or just walking your dog – you will be negatively affected by the creation of a Park.

Rural economies CANNOT have visitor numbers to these areas reduced by Locking away these lands! 
These families are struggling and need BUSH USER GROUPS to keep supporting their communities!

Help us keep the great Australian freedom of bush access by donating and helping us stop this madness.

Bush User Groups United believes there is a better alternative. We need a Multiple Land Use management system which allows for protection of conservation values in sensitive areas whilst allowing for economic and recreational values to be utilised in less sensitive areas of public land.

Your donation will help us pay for advertising to get the FACTS and information out to the public. We demand to be heard and not ignored.


The influence of green groups on Government policy is out of hand; it is stifling economic growth and our freedoms. Public land and water management is being manipulated by city based, green activists in positions of influence. It is time this stopped and the people be heard.

BUGU was formed on Facebook 12 months ago and have now over 13,600 members and growing, so please help us spread the word


We have been running a public awareness campaign during those full 12 months to ensure the public is fully informed on what a change of land category means, something that our politicians and bureaucrats have failed to do until after the event.

There are currently campaigns and recommendations  by VEAC and green groups to create new National Parks over hundreds of thousands of hectares of the goldfields, the Central Highlands, Central and East Gippsland and coastal areas.

Decisions on public land use should be based on common-sense and science, not green politics that would only satisfy a few .

Help us keep the great Australian freedom of bush access by donating and helping us stop this madness. Public land for Public use.
 For us to try and achieve our goal takes money. So please donate today to keep our fighting fund going. "Help Us To Help You"

Thank you for your support.
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