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Will the CFTC honor its oath in the silver market?

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Are you frustrated with the manipulation in the silver market?

Have you lost faith that the CFTC will ever maintain its oath to serve its public constituents, rather than the banks who have been violating the CFTC's own laws?

Are you tired of watching what's been happening with precious metals since the Hunt brothers in 1980, but wish there was a way you could actually do something about it?

Well if so, then you're in the right place!

Because for anyone who thinks the CFTC has betrayed its mission  to serve the public, this campaign has been created to finally hold the agency accountable.

On February 1, when the silver price rose above $30 for just a few hours in response to record silver demand, acting CFTC commissioner Rostin Behnam launched a new investigation into silver manipulation .

Yet despite then seeing the price fall 10% the following day, on what by some metrics was far and away the single greatest day of silver demand in the history of financial markets, the CFTC has yet to comment.

The agency has received detailed evidence through its whistleblower program , confirmation of criminal market influencing statements by Goldman Sachs commodities chief Jeff Currie , and more fraudulent activity by JP Morgan , who the agency has already fined $920 million.

Yet amazingly, the same fraudulent trading activity  continues on. Perhaps more blatantly than ever.

Which means that the investors the agency is supposed to be protecting are continuing to get ripped off.

Keep in mind, this is the same agency that once said they found no evidence of silver manipulation after their investigation in 2013, yet years later in March of 2019, former CFTC commissioner Bart Chilton revealed to me  that they had found plenty of evidence. 

In fact he even mentioned that he was disappointed in how several of the other commissioners were actually blocking emails from the people who were submitting evidence.

Yet the same activity that the banks have been repeatedly fined for continues to occur .

There are legitimate questions, that I've stayed up late at night for years answering and responding to, from the CFTC's own constituents, despite not having the access to trading records, the CFTC's subpoena power, or their $304 million taxpayer funded budget. 

A budget financed by the taxpayers the CFTC has sworn an oath to protect, yet who have instead been served as victims to the banks that the agency is supposed to be protecting them from.

Fortunately, the way this campaign is structured is that people can pledge money, and if the CFTC simply answers the questions posted below, the money will be donated to a charitable cause.

I'm happy to host a respectful conversation where these issues can be addressed on my Arcadia Economics youtube channel , or any other method in which the public is finally given sufficient answers to these questions.

However if the CFTC refuses to answer, even after money has been pledged that would go towards a cause where some people could really use some help, then the money will instead be used to file a suit against the CFTC for criminal and negligent action. 

***UPDATE- The CFTC and Rostin Behnam DID NOT answer questions or reply to the evidence or letter submitted.
All donations will now be withdrawn by the organization and put towards our lawsuit against the CFTC.

The CFTC was a key culprit in allowing the banks to default  on their gold and silver customers back in 1980, and they've gone out of their way at every turn since to guarantee a similarly damaging outcome for the public once again.

At least for me, the reasonable period of time to be extended to the CFTC to honor its oath has expired. And if you’d like answers to the following questions, I would ask you to consider supporting this campaign.


The questions to the CFTC include:

-Does the CFTC think there was criminal trading activity on February 2nd, 2021?

-Has the CFTC reviewed the evidence I submitted on February 12, 2021?

-Does the CFTC have any issues with the SLV prospectus changes that were made on February 3rd, but not announced publicly by the trust, the authorized participants, or the custodian?

-Has the CFTC examined the statements made by Goldman Sachs commodity chief Jeff Currie  on February 2 and February 4?

-Why is JP Morgan still allowed to participate in the gold and silver markets despite its track record of criminal behavior, and even being labeled as a “criminal enterprise” by the Department of Justice?

-Have you seen this petition that thousands of your constituents have signed requesting that JPMorgan be permanently banned from trading gold and silver? What is your response to that?

-What oversight is in place to make sure that JP Morgan's accounting on the silver in the trusts that it acts as custodian for is accurate?

-Is the CFTC monitoring the audit procedures for the SLV trust? 

-Is the CFTC concerned with the issues I found regarding the audit facilities of the SLV trust ?

-What efforts have been made to compensate the investors who have lost money to these crimes?

-Why did the CFTC say they found no evidence of manipulation in its investigation that ended in 2013, despite former commissioner Chilton describing plenty of evidence  that was directly relevant to the public?

-Does the agency feel that what Bart Chilton described was material information that should have been made public earlier?

-What did the CFTC do about the commissioners who blocked evidence, over the same period of time where the CFTC’s later found “hundreds of thousands ” of occasions of fraud?

-JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs have repeatedly gone over the position limits  on the exchange delivery reports. Were they given an exemption, or were they in violation of the position limits? Where can investors see which of the two it was?

-Can you explain the CFTC's actions in the silver market in 1980 during the spike to $50, and also during the subsequent collapse


I feel these are reasonable questions that the CFTC can address without interfering with any legal processes. 

If you agree, and would like to support this action to incentivize the CFTC to finally address them, then I ask you to consider supporting this campaign. Whether financially, or just by sharing this message.

Remember that every Goliath has an achilles, and the CFTC is no different. 

They've never been more vulnerable to public scrutiny, and with more attention focused on the silver manipulation case than ever, this is your chance to finally help hold them accountable.

Now, they can either honor their oath and end the fraud in the silver market, or be exposed for abusing their power.

I thank you for your time and consideration in reading this letter, and if this message resonates with you, I look forward to being your humble servant in restoring honor and integrity to the silver market that so many of us still do care about.

Chris Marcus

Arcadia Economics 

*I’ve chosen this particular cause to support as it’s something I’ve been studying, and have been quite saddened by. I believe it’s one of the more serious security issues affecting this country at this very moment, and if the CFTC does offer a sufficient response, I will be hosting a show where the specific allocation of the funds will be revealed in transparent fashion.


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Chris Marcus
Denver, CO

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