Wes Weaver - Rest In Power

Thursday, March 25th I had to accept that my Uncle, Wes Weaver, passed away. He went into the hospital due to chest pains and suffered several heart attacks. Knowing that my Uncle was fighting for his life in ICU, not being able to sleep, I turned to Facebook to inform his friends and fans of his condition.  I knew he needed positive vibes and I also knew I needed the support. So much love empowered his Facebook with comments and some posted on his time line sending their support, their love and words of encouragement.


When posting the news that Wes passed away, so many people posted memories and their stories about Wes, how they met him, how he influenced them and what kind of friend or mentor he was. Some reached out personally sending their condolences and assured that if the family needed anything to let them know.  I can’t say this has been easy because it isn’t for any of us, especially to all those who shared a piece of my Uncle and those who he was very close to.


Wes Weaver is an Icon, a legend, an influencer and the reason that Texas Death Metal is where it is today, probably where it is all around, and known for being the co-creator of Sweet Night Mare Radio Show on 90.1KPFT with Bill Bates. Wes has impacted so many people’s lives that this is truly, not just a lost to our family, but to so many around the world. His death has hit so many.


What hits even harder is he left behind two beautiful, amazing children, he wanted to be around for and loved with all his heart and more. Kassidy and Wesley will now grow up without this amazing man or his support and love that he had to give them. The love that everyone has felt from Wes, only more powerful because it was love of a father.


One of his last wishes would be that his children and family would be taken care of. Especially more now that he isn’t here to support them.


This Go Fund Me is strictly for them, 100%, it will go into a Trust Fund that they will receive at a certain age. This fund that Dana and I will create will build interest and money can be added so that they can go to college.


Thank You for all the support and love that has been given. We are very thankful. We are thankful to all who can put in a little for his children. Thank you for sharing my Uncle with me. He was gone too soon, but will live on through you and his children.
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