Walk to Save Oak Flat

Special Event! Apache Stronghold comes to Seattle!

Help support the work of Apache Stronghold, an Indigenous led activist group standing in protection of the water and land of our country.

Please donate to help cover costs of this event and the venue. 

Apache Stronghold leader and past San Carlos Tribal Chairman Wendsler Nosie, Sr. will visit Seattle on Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 7:00PM at the University of Washington to talk about the latest efforts in the fight to save Oak Flat, a sacred space and desert oasis in Arizona . Get the details here.

The Viceland film RISE: Apache Stronghold will be presented, and Wendsler Nosie Sr. will speak after the movie.

Learn about the struggle firsthand from the leader of the fight to protect our planet and its sacred spaces from the movement's long-time leader.

What is the fight for Oak Flat all about, and what's the walk to save Oak Flat?

In December 2014 the U.S. government gave 2400 acres of National Forest land in Arizona to one of the biggest mining companies in the world, Resolution Copper (an Australian/British conglomerate.) Resolution Copper plans to mine the area which will destroy many Apache sacred sites and also destroy a unique desert riparian ecosystem.

We are walking from Bainbridge Island, Washington to Oak Flat, Arizona to spread the word before our beautiful National Forest is gone forever. Whether you’re an advocate for the environment, religious freedom, or protecting public lands, there are so many reasons to join us in opposing this giveaway so that a few rich foreign companies can get even richer.

Oak Flat Campground, a property of the USDA National Forest Service, is on the site to be mined. The San Carlos Apache Tribe, local residents, and visitors from around the the world are now occupying the campground, vowing not to let Resolution Copper mine the land.  We are walking to join them at the campsite, bringing with us the support of the people of the Northwest. We'd like to add you to the list of people we can tell the San Carlos Apaches that we stand firmly beside them.

We find it unconscionable that a place sacred to the indigenous people of our land is under threat – again – and we want to spread the word so that this piece of land doesn’t just turn to rubble without anyone knowing until after the fact.

But doing this walk isn't free. There are many costs we have to consider to help spread the word nationwide. You can help by donating to our Walk to Save Oak Flat fund. This will help us to pay for many essential things we need to make this 3-4 month trip, including:
-gas for our pilot car/portable office
-pamphlets and posters to spread the word
-essential gear, such as good walking shoes

Sponsor a Mile for $9.60  Be part of our journey, help us spread the word that Oak Flat should be saved for future generations to enjoy.

Sponsor a Day for $131. Pick up expenses for a day of our walk and we'll carry a note of encouragement and support to the San Carlos people in your honor. If you'd like to write something specific, just let us know and we will personally deliver your message.

Sponsor a Week for $917. If you can sponsor a week of our trip, we will also note you as a sponsor on our website and Facebook pages, including a logo if you represent a business.

You can learn more by visiting our website. Thank you for your support.

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