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                                        THE MISSION IS NOT OVER

My name is Ray Guasp and I want to make a difference...My family is from Puerto Rico and I have a deep love for the Island.

I have been raised going to Puerto Rico and I have raised my family going to Puerto Rico and enriching their lives with the music, food and culture of our ancestors.

I am a fomer Marine Corps Veteran and we have assembled a team of prior and active duty military  members to head to the island and assist with the recovery and relief work.

Some of the team has yet to hear from family since before the hurricane hit and part of our journey will be to reunite them.

Our mission is simple

- Get immediate communication supplies and satellite phones to communities in Puerto Rico
- Deliver and deploy critical life saving supplies and water purification systems to these towns
- Provide fast relief to the island as new needs arise.

If you chose to donate 100% of the donations will go to relief efforts for those impacted by the hurricane. We will ensure that all donations are used for providing supplies and medications directly to the families in need and help in the facilitation of the divvy system.

We are affiliated and I am one of the directors of the  non-profit organization Creando Consecia;Mi Trierra Grita Incorporado Register #337455 on the Island of Puerto Rico.

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The People of Puerto Rico need help and many hands make for light work.

                                                     100mi x 35mi...

That's the size of Puerto Rico. It is an island the size of New Jersey and Connecticut combined, with a population of 3.4 million people. Puerto Ricans have been called upon to serve since World War I. They have always answered that call and performed their duty with honor.

These proud Americans are now in desperate need of help. Hurricane Maria has caused unprecedented destruction. It’s situation was described as "A bomb went off and destroyed all the buildings but left the people behind". No aspect of life on the island has been left untouched. Electrical power, cell phone communication, air transportation, and the most routine commerce all ground to a halt. Imagine if you and everyone else if your state or country had lost power and communication at once. And the reality is that it won't be restored for months... How would you cook your family a meal, how would you speak to a relative out of state just to let them know you're okay?

There are major relief efforts underway, but they are slow moving and will take a while to reach the entire island. The aftermath of this hurricane has made way for a relief effort that will be measured not in months but in years.

We are asking for your support in sending a small group of veterans that are experienced in relief work and assistance.. These volunteers with strong local connections possess skill sets that include logistics, medical assistance, and safety and security. This group will be led by:

• Reinaldo “Ray” Guasp Jr., USMC Veteran

• Angel Fernández, US Navy Police Retired

These volunteers will make their way to five (5) towns around Puerto Rico looking to find the hardest hit on the itinerary :

Day 1: Juncos
Day 2: Cidra
Day 3: Guayanilla
Day 4: San Germán
Day 5: Mayagüez

(The schedule will be subject to change based off of time and need)

The team will deliver supplies and humanitarian assistance to members of the community in the towns where their families reside as well as making assessments for future needs.

They will each bring in medical supplies, prepaid satellite phones for people to make brief calls to loved ones, water purification straws, tablets, insect repellent and other basic supplies so that people can survive until relief efforts are able to reach them.

These veteran volunteers will also work with local officials and provide manpower to assist on “in the moment” relief and recovery efforts.

This is a humanitarian appeal to provide a method of obtaining potable water and possibly a 5-minute conversation to connect with a loved one. The former is needed for the body. The latter is for the soul. Any help will be gratefully appreciated.

No donation is too small...even ten dollars will be able to provide a purified water system for a family for weeks to come We are all worried about our friends, family and community but we are also looking to make a difference. All funds will be used for the mission or will be donated to a Hurricane Maria relief fund for Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico se levanta!
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