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VET Locker Retail & Recreation

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VET Locker Retail & Recreation : For the greater good in your neighborhood. 

I'm a retired US Army soldier and after earning my technology degree following retirement from 21 years of active duty, I've been an aspiring entrepreneur looking to make a difference in our communities.  ( Video Slides )

Introducing, the Vend Every Thing Locker - A VET Locker is an internet sales driven vending machine that can operate off-grid and provide 24/7 access to an almost endless variety of items for purchase and even shared use.

A locker is essentially a collection of individual storage bins that can be opened by entering a unique purchase code on the numeric pin pad.   Leveraging the power of the internet and credit card purchases, VET Lockers allow anyone the ability to lease a container and sell items for purchase/use.  Although 24/7 access to buying/selling products is a key feature, community use is where the benefits are the greatest.

A VET locker can operate anywhere, all the time and at very little cost. The technology leverages the internet and green technology to operate anywhere sales space is needed. This technology allows easy purchase of items for immediate use, anytime, and anywhere.

Community parks and school/church playgrounds: Basketballs, Disc golf, table tennis, mini golf, corn hole and a variety of sports toys and games can be offered for extremely low cost.  

Beach front parks: Volleyball, Frisbee, Hammock, Beach chairs, umbrellas and sunblock are right where you need them.  A tourist can maximize the value of their vacation at a very low cost to find fun in the sun.

Wilderness areas: Fishing kits, firewood and even a kayak/canoe or bikes can be offered deep in the wilderness, outside of normal operating hours, and at low cost or need to transport your own equipment.

Retail stores and Event Venues: Branded sports team hats, souvenirs, tourist collectibles and gifts can be available 24/7 and received instantly without human contact.

Your contribution will help fund the expenses required to build the physical locker/container systems as well as pay for the business expenses needed to host locations.  Since the computer software and technology has been created by me and at my expense, the majority of collected funds will go directly to implementing lockers as soon as possible.  Surplus money will be used for more lockers and even supplying containers with extremely low cost recreational use items.

BOTTOM LINE: The true value of VET Locker is realized by the utility it provides to the community.  With very low cost for operation and anywhere, all the time access to its use, a VET Locker is always ready to serve you.

A VET Locker allows anyone to sell products from the machine and buyers have 24/7 access to purchase items for their evaluation and use.  Suitable items can even be returned for resale and the next time the unit sells, the latest purchaser is refunded most of the purchase price, effectively creating a rental system where items are community shared. 

Visit Us at Facebook  and provide your feedback, suggestions and ask questions. We strive to create a greater good for your neighborhood.  Thank you for your support, encouragement and contributions.  Please feel free to contact us if you have donations suitable for use in lockers in the event that monetary contributions aren't possible.


Sheldon Pasciak
West Jordan, UT

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