Unite in Love - Pandemic Relief for Families

Imagine you've lost your job and your savings has dwindled, leaving you unable to put food on the table for your family, and your landlord is warning you to pay up or else.

What would you do? Beg on the streets? Knock on your neighbors' doors to ask for their leftovers?

After hearing such very stories of starvation and desperation from her Bible students and brethren who lost jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic, where one commented, "Hunger is bad--worse than the deadly coronavirus," blind and physically disabled award-winning author Dr. Shirley Cheng established "Unite in Love" on May 21, 2020, a relief fundraiser for families in developing countries impacted by lockdowns.

Unite in Love’s goal is to raise funds to meet urgent needs of desperate families--families who are left to face hunger alone without any government assistance or food bank. Additionally, Unite in Love aims to help families become self-sufficient through planting of crops and raising of hens at their own yards.

As of January 7, over $3,300 has been raised to provide emergency food supply and cover medical expenses, including a new wheelchair, to twenty-seven families and dozens of individuals. Unite in Love has also covered the rent for five families and one individual, preventing the eviction of two families with small children.

Since the pandemic continues to strip people of livelihood, Unite in Love needs your support so it can continue to meet the immediate needs of families. Your small donation will go a long way. For example, about $5 can buy twenty-two pounds of maize in Kisii, Kenya. Monthly rent in these countries costs between $6 and $100 (for the families that Unite in Love has assisted). 100% of the funds are distributed as soon as possible to the families, providing basic assistance until they can return to work.

This fundraiser continues the three previous ones hosted on Facebook, as Facebook runs their fundraisers for only ninety days. The earlier fundraisers can be found at (they're no longer taking donations) at:

The first one: https://www.facebook.com/donate/2629408767332498

The second one: https://www.facebook.com/donate/310402090175008

The third one: https://www.facebook.com/donate/3628807677210507

Unite in Love is supporting the following families. Please give them the gift of life:

1) Perveen and her eleven children--four daughters and seven sons--live in a rented house in Pakistan. Her husband passed away two years ago due to hepatitis c and liver cancer. One of her sons in his early twenties was working in a factory before this pandemic stripped him of his job. The family is facing a lot of problems as hunger and house rent mount.

2) Obonyo is a 90-year-old gentleman in Kenya, with six adult children--one daughter and five sons--the eldest is 65 and the youngest 38. They all suffer from the disease known as elephantiasis and thus cannot work and the children have never gotten married. They have been assisted by the "well wishers" in their community but the pandemic has stripped much of their assistance as many of them have lost jobs. Consequently, the family is lacking food and money for medical care. Their community has managed to raise funds to buy a wheelchair for Obonyo, but he and his family still need support to cover their daily bread.

3) Some days, Enibe Shemuel with his wife, Esther,and their eleven-month-old baby boy whom Esther is still nursing, go with little or no food. Their region in Nigeria has been negatively affected by the pandemic, as Shemuel noted that it has caused an economic stalemate for several months, making it difficult for the family and many others to make ends meet.

4) Susana Johnson from Liberia lives in a bad conditioned zinc round (a house built out of old tin sheeting) and hardly gets a meal a day. She has only a son who helps her, but he cannot do much as he is just a store boy (someone in a shop who packs and arranges goods and brings them out to the customer) who makes $80 a month and has his wife and two children to take care of. Susana used to get some support from community members especially for her medical needs, but now many community members have lost their jobs and businesses during this Covid-19 pandemic, so life is very difficult for Susana because her helpers are in need, too.

5) I'm Faith from Nigeria, a single mother of three girls, aged five, three and a one-year-old baby whom I'm nursing. My husband abandoned us for over a year now, when I was pregnant with my third daughter. Ever since then life has been unbearable for me and my kids. I was blessed to have a group of wonderful brethren; they help me from my childbirth until the pandemic. When I thought all hope was lost, I met Dr. Shirley Cheng; she's like an angel sent by God. She has been the one feeding me and my daughters. All we need is food and cooking gas, and our house rent will expire on December 22, 2020. Our rent is 2,500 Naira/month (less than $7). Please help me and my kids before we become homeless.

6) Faqeer Mohd is a gentleman from Pakistan who has lost both of his legs from the knee due to diabetes. He is married with two children. Due to the pandemic, his family is struggling to survive. He is receiving a bit of support from brethren who themselves are struggling in this crisis.

7) Gulistaan is a widow and mother of five children in Pakistan. Her husband passed away in early 2020 from liver cancer. Her oldest son, age sixteen, is the family's sole breadwinner as a worker in a clothing factory, but due to the lockdown, he couldn't work to support his family as the factory shut down. For months they haven't been able to pay their rent and are in need of food.

8) Martha Sackie of Liberia lost her husband years ago during the ebola outbreak. She is left with their three boys: Moses, Joe and Alocious. She used to wash dishes at a restaurant but because of the lockdown she is unable to work, leaving them without money for food.

9) Praise the Lord, beloved! I appreciate all the brethren who have sacrificially stood with me and my family during this pandemic through Dr. Shirley Cheng (Unite in Love fundraiser).

I'm Pastor Christopher from Uganda, a husband to my dear wife Peace Glorious and a father to five children. During this covid-19 pandemic, we were evicted from the house in which we had lived since 2009, because paying rent and feeding has been so difficult for us since the churches were closed for months. Now the government has eased on the lockdown by reopening some businesses and churches but the attendance is very poor.

Please, brethren, I'm hereby requesting your prayers and support through this hard time so that we may have food to eat, pay our house rent and school fees. God miraculously gave us a house but it needs a lot of work before we can move in and stop needing to pay rent, as it's not yet roofed, shuttered, and needs power connection, etc.

May God bless you all for your unceasing support for the needy!

"For I was hungry, and you gave me food to eat. I was thirsty, and you gave me drink. I was a stranger, and you took me in." (Matthew 25:35, WEB)

10) My name is Geoffrey Osiemo Nyakeyo from Kenya, a born again Christian. I'm married and blessed with two children, Franklin and Michelle, as well as seven adopted children, Stephen, James, Ruth, Mary, Damacline, and Faith and Darimas who are brother and sister. I was working in a restaurant which I was depending on for feeding them, but now since there is no work, it has become so hard for me to meet all the basic needs of all my children. I pray and believe that God will provide. Amen.

After the pandemic started I have been feeding my family as well as my children's ministry through the money that was raised by sister Shirley through Unite in Love. It is not over--we still need your help as the coronavirus has not gone away. May God bless Unite in Love more so many that God uses will continue to make our family smile. Amen. Be blessed all.

11) Qaim's brother, Saleem, who has diabetes and the sole supporter of his large family of twelve, including nine children, and his sister, Shahida, who has hepatitis C, with her husband, who had kidney-stone surgery in 2019, with their seven kids, all are going through hardships in Pakistan.

12) I am Joseph by name from Nigeria. I am very grateful to all the people that have helped me during this trying time. I hope everyone is well & safe at home. The outbreak of the virus (Covid-19) has affected some of our daily lives like work & other physical activities; some still go to work but they don't know if they would come into contact with the said virus. Worse is the poor homeless person who lives alone or an Orphan who is just trying to survive.

During the pandemic, work is hard to come by & it's a struggle trying to make ends meet to survive, but with your benevolent kindred gesture towards us, we the less fortunate ones might find our bearing in this world of ours. Anybody reading this & decides to play a part in helping people who can't help themselves is an honorable being. Thanks& God bless you all. Shalom.

13) Jackline, age 38, divorced, lives in Kenya with her three children and grandmother who is 116 years old. For a living, she used to wash clothes for people before the pandemic struck; the lockdown has forced the family to depend on begging for survival.

14) Jani lives with his wife and two children in Pakistan. He worked in a factory until the lockdown forced him out of work. Even though the lockdown has eased, he still has no employer but depends on anyone calling him up for house repair, which does not happen often in this pandemic, so his family continues to struggle meeting their daily necessities.

15) My name is Sunday Tersen from Nigeria and I stay with my mother, Veronica, and younger brother, Stephen. I am a math teacher in a small primary school which had been closed for half a year due to the pandemic so we went with no income. It recently opened but they have cut the salary, so it's still hard for us to survive. Mother, who's old and unemployed, is sick now and we are in need of food and money for medicine.

16) Junaid from Pakistan lives with his mother, two sisters and three brothers; his father passed away years ago. He was working in a cotton factory before his job got terminated by the lockdown. Some months ago, heavy rain and flooding destroyed his house in the village, and then a bike accident injured him, fracturing his hands. At this time, being the breadwinner and yet unemployed, Junaid and his family are facing a lot of problems and in need of assistance for their daily bread.

17) My name is Israel from Lagos, Nigeria, a man with a modest business and the only son of the late Mr. & Mrs. Okoreke. I'm facing difficulties concerning my business ever since the covid-19 arrived in Nigeria with its lockdown, and after it's been eased I tried to rise up a bit by the grace of God before the END SARS protests came and hoodlums attacked our marketplace in Lagos and I was one of the victims. I've been shouldering myself and my three siblings, Favour, Chioma and Charity. I pray for God's intervention in our lives.

18) Josephine Okemwa, 25, lost both of her parents five years ago and lives with a relative in Kenya. In order to walk, she requires the aid of canes. She would appreciate any support to meet her basic needs and daily bread.

19) Married just months ago, Raeesa and her husband from Pakistan share both joy and sorrow as a couple--joy, for they are expecting their first child in about seven months; and sorrow, for they are facing mounting challenges. Raeesa is a patient of leprosy and lost her father years ago. Her husband worked as a table cleaner in a hotel but lost his job due to the pandemic. Additionally, he has a very frail health that keeps him from working at the moment. They are three months behind on their house rent and their landlord has threatened to evict them if they cannot pay up. Their monthly rent is 5,000 PKR, which is about $31.65. Any support with their daily bread and/or rent will be much appreciated.

20) I'm Badri Bajgain from a very poor family. I was born in 1969 in a hilly area of Nepal. My father left us when I was 6 months old and my mother was 22 years old. From then on, my mother brought me up with a lot of grief. Now I am 51 years old and Mother is 72 years old. we now have five family members, including my wife, one daughter, and one son. My family is all my wealth. I had only a small job, and I lost it due to the covid-19. My mother is sick, unable to walk; her heart valve is not working well, and the treatment costs a lot. Thank you for the love of God the Father, the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

100% of donations are distributed to everyone according to their needs.

"There is strength in number; there is power in love. When we unite in love, we can achieve common good for society. I believe that when we have the resources and ability to act, we should act. As one individual, I can do only so much. I therefore hope that our community will stand with me to provide assistance where it's most needed," says Dr. Cheng.

About the Founder of Unite in Love

Dr. Shirley Cheng is a blind and physically disabled award-winning author of nine books with twenty-seven book awards, Bible teacher and founder of www.Ultra-Ability.com Ministry, motivational speaker, poet, a contributor to over twenty-five books, and an editor of one. Due to years of hospitalization, she received no schooling until age eleven. Back then, she barely knew English but after about 180 days of attendance in a special education class in elementary school, she mastered grade level and entered a regular sixth grade class in middle school. She was a top student, earning "Student of the Year" in sixth grade, "Student of the Month" in seventh grade, and received an excellence award for earning the highest grade of 97 in Earth science in eighth grade. She's also a three-time winner of the National Reflections Program in the visual arts. Her high school GPA is 3.9 (97) with no advanced placement factors. After she lost her eyesight at age seventeen, Dr. Cheng had to complete chemistry by balancing long chemistry formulas and equations in her head, and earned a high school equivalency diploma. She took the entire GED test, including mathematical calculations, graphs, and an essay, without Braille or vision. She received a special recognition award for scoring an exceptional 3280 on the GED test. She became an author at age twenty, completing three books within the first year. Since 2011, Dr. Cheng has been teaching the Bible in depth one-on-one to students from around the world; she has written five volumes of expository lessons and tests in seven years. She creates and maintains her own websites and self-published her books, designing and formatting her manuscripts on her own. She uses the screen-reading software Jaws which reads computer text and tells her which keys she types.

Dr. Cheng’s history of philanthropy includes two other successful fundraisers, one of which is the ongoing, “Support an Aspiring Medical Doctor.” It has helped to send a young man to the best university in all of West Africa: the University of Ibadan. Gideon completed his second year of college just before the lockdown. He ranks at second-class honors and has been elected as the social director of his entire department. He aims to be an obstetrician.

To learn more about Dr. Cheng, visit http://www.ShirleyCheng.com

Follow Dr. Cheng at http://www.facebook.com/drshirleycheng


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