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Building Safety Crisis

Millions of innocent leaseholders and their families in the UK - ordinary people like you and me - go to sleep each night in homes at high risk of fire. Just this month a life threatening fire occurred in a building which almost 4 years on from the Grenfell tragedy, is still covered in dangerous cladding. No wonder then, that 90% of affected leaseholders have reported a deterioration in their mental health. And it's not just concerns about our safety; recent legislation means that all costs for fire remediation work can now, by law, be passed onto leaseholders to be paid within 28 days. These bills can be four, five or even six figures high. Unable to sell or remortgage our homes, many of us are being made bankrupt and our homes repossessed to be sold on at auction to wealthy cash buyers

All because our homes were not built to be safe from fire.

Funding provided by the Government to date is nowhere near enough - they have turned their back on us. And the developers, who built - and profited from - our homes, are not taking any responsibility. 

None of these failings are the fault of leaseholders, yet we have been made legally and financially responsible for fixing dangerous fire safety defects not of our making. The strain this is having on our mental health is immense. We’re feeling angry, hopeless, helpless and trapped. 

We urgently need to raise awareness of this huge injustice that is happening in the UK right now.

Please will you stand with us today and help us fight for our homes and our lives?

Here’s how your donations could help:

- £10 could pay for a coach ticket, so that a leaseholder can add their voice to our protest outside Parliament

- £30 could help fund paid ads on social media, to help raise public awareness of this issue, forcing the Government and developers to take responsibility

- £50 could help pay for a large banner at our forthcoming #LeaseholdersTogether rally on 16/09/21

All donations to this crowd funder will go towards helping raise awareness of our situation, and forcing developers and Government to take responsibility for their regulatory failure and corporate greed. We will contribute 5% of funds to the Grenfell foundation, in recognition of the tragic fire in 2017 which took the lives of 72 innocent people.

The story so far

Following the Grenfell tragedy, it has become clear that thousands of residential buildings have been built with a plethora of fire safety defects that include - but go well beyond - dangerous cladding, with many failing to have even met regulations at the time of construction.
Facing remediation huge bills, leaseholders and campaign groups, including UKCAG, have lobbied for change to fix what is an estimated £15bn problem. To date just £5.1 billion has been made available to remediate buildings over 18m with some forms of dangerous cladding.

For many leaseholders, little has changed despite funding announcements. This is firstly because the pace of such works across the UK has been extremely slow and secondly because funding is currently only limited to cladding above 18 meters meaning many buildings with equally lethal and costly fire safety defects simply do not qualify for help, meaning bills of up to £100K each per leaseholder have arrived on people's doorsteps. Furthermore, until these buildings are made safe leaseholders face huge 24/7 fire patrol wardens bills and insurance hikes of up to 1200%. 

 Some of the issues residents are facing:

Who are we

The UK Cladding Action Group (UKCAG), formed in March 2019, was born out of a collective frustration at the Government’s inaction after the tragic fire at Grenfell. Its three founders; Ritu Saha, Rachel Loudain and Will Martin each live in dangerous buildings across the UK and wished to unite leaseholders nationally to call for change from the Government. We also help run the End Our Cladding Scandal campaign  which we co-founded alongside Manchester Cladiators and Inside Housing.

UKCAG is run entirely by volunteers who are running this campaign for justice and change while holding down full time jobs. Keeping this issue in the public eye and helping residents just like us is hugely time consuming, and we’ve spent every free moment of the last 14 months fighting for justice and recognition for affected leaseholders across the country.

Here are some of our latest reports we’ve produced on the impact of the Building Safety Crisis on leaseholders.

UKCAG 2020 Mental Health Report 

UKCAG Mental Health Video   

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