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TORRES 2024 For President

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My name is Jay Torres, a U.S. Army Veteran that was born and raised in the 80s in New York City and currently residing with my family in Virginia. While serving my country overseas I was disheartened at what was occurring back home in our great country. The lawlessness, the crime, the economy, and the continuing social-economic long-standing issues that the everyday commoner faces each day.

Many of the issues could have been addressed and corrected long ago by those that wielded power and authority. Instead many politicians up in Capitol Hill only seek to build power and wealth and hold on to their seats indefinitely. After the last 4 administrations, it was clear to me that none of our last 4 Presidents were committed to We The People.

We will not and can not wait for another re-run of 2016! Since 2018 I have stepped up to help our nation by running for President. The time has come for a RELATABLE President. I will bring my military leadership and diplomatic experience to bring about the change that was expected long ago but never materialized.

Your support to this GOP campaign will go towards my national address I intend to deliver this summer from Washington D.C. Funds will be used to cover the logistical costs incurred for my speech to the nation in the hopes of reaching across the U.S. and garner further support from private and public sectors.

When I win and become your 47th President, this is what we will work to accomplish together: Unite America, stabilize and grow the economy, pass Legislative reform such as term limits in Congress, mold jobs of the future, deal with human trafficking, dismantling illegal gun and drug operations, continue to re-build and repair infrastructure, enhance humanitarian assistance, secure our border, streamline the immigration process, target unhealthy and unsafe foods or products, agree on sensible gun laws, doing more for our veterans, ending the vehicle property tax, affording seniors with deep discounts on prescription drugs, free meals in public schools, cutting childcare costs, and working with industries to reduce costs so their product prices are rolled back, less intrusion from the government in our lives, a strong military offense, stronger diplomacy with our international community, and a push for a year of peace through partnerships.

To do these things, we need to get the word out to EVERYONE about my campaign. We need new hope, new vision, and new leadership! I believe I can bring to the bargaining table a NEW GOP that will be the most relatable and representable of the nation. Funds that are received will go towards costs incurred for this national campaign to include logistics, advertising, promotions, staffing, and all campaign-related essential expenditures.

I look forward to representing the common man and working hard to set things right. Thanks for your support!


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Jesus Torres
Woodbridge, VA

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