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Thetford Slow Cooker Challenge

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Throughout September, Thetford Labour Team are aiming to purchase / collect a total of 50 slow cookers.

It is proven that slow cookers are significantly cheaper to use and could save families hundreds of pounds on electricity and gas bills – an important financial saving in this cost of living crisis.

From October, the slow cookers collected will be matched with families that will benefit from them – using referrals from Citizens Advice, Thetford Foodbank, The Burrell Shop and Dove’s Nest Ministries.

Each family will also receive a Slow Cooker cookbook and be invited to attend special ‘Cooking On A Budget’ cookery classes taking place at the Burrell Kitchen to make best use of their new slow cooker.


We’re looking for donations of new slow cookers, or cash equivalent, throughout September. Our target is for 50 slow cookers!

A small slow cooker, for an individual requires a donation of £20
A larger slow cooker, suitable for a family, requires a donation of £30.
These costs also cover the cost of purchasing the cookbooks.


This campaign is being co-ordinated by Thetford Labour Team (a group of Labour Councillors and activists in Thetford).

For more information, see www.thetfordlabourteam.com. Many thanks for your support!


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