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Lawyer: Let's Start an Anti Harassment Law Group

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Attorney Ray A. Schumann, Esq.; California State Bar Member Since 1999
Juris Doctor, UCLA Law School, Los Angeles CA

I am a California lawyer trying to create a Public Interest Law Group that will fight for the stalked, harassed, and underrepresented!

This Campaign describes:

1. Why this effort is crucial, 
2. How the crisis came to be,
3. What we're doing to solve it

1. Why this Effort is Crucial, a Summary:  

Millions of Americans, including children, are victimized by harassment, bullying, mobbing, and stalking, right now.
Good people hounded out of jobs, run out of their schools, and scared away from their neighborhoods.  Pushed around into despair, or worse:  Children 10-14 are suffering a skyrocketing suicide rate two and a half times what it was in 2007.  

Young and old bullies, are having a bully feast.  Low and hi-tech griefing is being used without much fear of police.  Innocent people, losing hope. 

To make matters worse, Millions of Americans can't afford an attorney to investigate and stop these bullies. 

If we get your help, we're going starting a National Legal Association to investigate, educate, and litigate on these cases, bridging the victims to the legal help they need.

This is a worthy cause, and we ask you to share this on facebook, twitter, and to donate even a small amount.  Thank you.

The Crisis by the Numbers:

Department of Justice statistics, for just one year:

-5,300,000  harassment & stalking cases nationwide, including

-3,400,000  cases of sustained,  disturbing behavior, inflicting fright.

Over Five million people suffering

Case details:

Stalked by more than one perpetrator. 

Stalked by people they can't identify.  
-Nearly 1,000,000          

Stalked for two years, or more.  
-Nearly 1,000,000            

Harassed for at least one year. 

There's more than meets the eye:

That DOJ study is only a part of a larger picture:

-The DOJ numbers exclude any minors:
Up to 1 in 3 trapped in schools, harassed, bullied into silence

-DOJ confirms a staggering 78% non-reporting rate:
3 out of 4 Stalking cases aren't reported to the Police, who can reply, 'sorry, that's a civil matter'

-Most people lack any legal representative 
In California, 8,000 potential clients for every single Legal Aid attorney

The Teenage suicide crisis:

-Over 250% increase in the yearly suicide rate for the 10-14 age ranges, from 2007 to 2017:

(Graph data from the Centers for Disease Control)

We hope you are as shocked and motivated as we are. 

The younger people are, the more vulnerable they are, the ongoing crisis is more obvious in the younger age groups. 

These official numbers confirm what we are seeing in the front lines against workplace, school, and neighborhood harassment and stalking:

This is a surging and nationwide crisis, people are being preyed upon.  We need your shares and your donation to fight this.

2. How the Crisis Came to Be: Aggravating Factors, Methods, and New Technologies:

Aggravating Factors:

Political extremes
and prolonged war, encouraging bullies. 

Public Awareness rejects unknown causes, and multiple perpetrators.  We have the statistics and know different.  Call it a bully surge, call it sadist/psycho gangs; and above the numbers are the writing on the wall.

Newer Technologies:
I'll show you what's being used to track and grief.  Even youth like Daisy Coleman, and Canadian Rehtaeh Parsons, followed from one neighborhood to the next.

Fear, and Stigma:  People look away and victims stay silent. 

Bullies and psychos couldn't ask for a better situation.  The victims need our help right now.

Methods Of Harassment & Stalking : Rumor Campaigns, Databases, Slow Swatting, & Harassment:

Traditional Rumor Campaigns:

Rumors are frequently used, read the examples of Daisy Coleman  and Rehtaeh Parsons, spread by social media resulting in prolongued suffering and suicide even within the protection of school systems.

Aging bullies graduate high school, and go live in your neighborhood.  What do they do they do for fun ?  The same thing, but with more cruelty:  Griefing for reaction videos.  Mobs of these people are growing, and getting stronger.

The following video is an example: false rumors, replayed by gullible/idle neighbors & co-workers, combined with harassment.  Except for one detail : the perp in this case was stopped, hauled into court, and convicted of their crime:

That conviction should be the ending every time.  Brought about by fact finding, investigation, and persistent legal action.  That is what is needed, and that is what a Legal Coop will do.

Databases & Slow Swatting:

More troublesome is the latest technique, which is slow-swatting people. 

Perps sling rumors of crimes or depravity until the victim is subject to constant disapproval, disgust, surveillance, and harassment.

Except now idle gossip snowballs through a myriad of for-profit databases, known as watchlists

Almost every entity has one, from big retailers, to industry, to neighborhood groups, to national organizations: including political and even special interest groups.  That's right, even those people you might disagree with.

Here is the real secret behind these watchlists: even top echelon national and secret databases require just one uncorroborated 'report,' which you and I would call a 'rumor,' to get your shiny name added. 

The ACLU and Yale Law School clinic calls this phenomenon,

"deeply problematic for numerous reasons, including that it permits the use of uncorroborated or questionably reliable information, necessarily entails a significant risk of error, and makes it likely that individuals will be nominated for, and included in, the TSDB and KST based on conduct that is innocent or protected under the First Amendment.[emphasis added]"

        ACLU/Yale Law School Report: a simple rumor lands you on watchlists. 

That's a recipe for a national disaster.  Even the top level databases are prone to rumor campaigns.

We've seen rumor campaigns used by bullies and psychos, destroying good people.  The Coleman, Parsons, and Orozco cases all involved rumor campaigns.  Confirm this with the Audrie Pott case.  

Even top level databases to become long term, eager repositories for those rumors.   

So it's mostly social media for kids, and watchlists for adults.  Same destructive result.  Those now stored rumor campaigns will get you fired, mocked, hassled at a grocery store, and will make for a very hostile neighborhood. 

So adults find themselves practically hunted from neighborhood to neighborhood - having done nothing to deserve it.  Even children, followed from school to school, until they give up in despair.

People won't talk to someone they barely know about an outrageous allegation, so they just slurp the false label slur and get their pitchforks out.  Or they look the other way and shut the door when they see a victim near. 

Behind it all is cruelty: jollies out of suffering.  Good people destroyed, others watching in silence while lives shatter.  

We need you to share this campaign to help those victims.

Beyond sadist jollies or plain revenge, what else could possibly motivate a false, or harassive report ?

The Love of Money.

So rumoring in databases is an inexpensive and low-key way to reduce competition for promotion, wear down competitors, or put someone out of business. 

New technology makes the activity very profitable. 

Enter the Surveillance end of our new business of 'security:'  

A.)  Put people on watchlists through rumors, and
B.)  Get hired to do so-called secret surveillance of them. 

It means a 24/7 watch job for some locals. 

It's cold cash, traded for a rumor, and some of it is reliable tax payer money.

The ACLU/Yale study proves it:  Take a sore loser with connections , a jilted lover with new friends, or, desperate surveillance enthusiasts in need of a car payment.  An allegation is made - with or without corroboration - Then the surveillance gets eagerly picked up by our new, ballooning, seemingly unstoppable BS nets:

The Business of Surveillance was called out of control, and that was nearly ten years ago.  It's funneling tax payer dollars into watching their rivals, and into watching harmless citizens for the sake of money.

Just the Top Level Watchlist grew from 22,000 names in 2003 to an estimated over 1,000,000 names today, with hundreds of thousands of Americans, including Watchlisted babies, and Watchlisted U.S. Legislators.  Many don't even have an investigation on them.  They're just being watched.

How fast is it ?  I have seen cases where an innocent person is engaged by the same harassment and rumors campaigns within a few hours of arriving at neighborhoods, somewhere they'd never been before.  

Enter The Harassment & Stalking Element

If the rumor stays in one place, it's shown as false and defeated, like the Orozco case.  Enter stalking which involves fright, and silences the victim. 

The real key for perps however, appears as forcing repeated relocation.  That's why those crimes last years upon years.  

Enter the Operational end of our new business of 'security.'

Operators are guys who clear undesirables from a town because somebody said so.  'We don't want your kind' types.  It's really for reasons unknown, like someone said they are undesirable.  As in, a rumor.

They 'test' people - to see if they're 'dangerous' - because someone said so.  Again, a rumor.

What does such 'testing' entail ?  How do they run people out of town ?  Basically picking fights with the victim, crowding, provoking, and harassing them until they explode, or simply griefing them until they leave 'their' area. 

Then the victim s go into the next town, where there's a similar setup waiting for them.  Each new town adds more wear and tear, bringing the victim further down into despair. 

Perps force the victim to move to their neighborhood - for the watch job and jollies, keeping the rumors fresh, and unresolved.  That way, the case is never looked at long enough to unravel as a total falsehood.

I'll give you a couple of high profile examples.  You've actually heard of these Operational guys pushing people out of town, and scaring them into silence: like Harvey Weinstein's repeatedly crushing and silencing his sexual abuse victims through private 'security' and surveillance companies: 

As you can see bullies are not reluctant to bully and then silence even popular people, like actresses or famous reporters - using gaslighting, smear campaigns, threats, and intimidation.  It's that effective.

It's become a power game, a source of fun, a way to test their skills and prove their toughness.  The perps penetrate power structures, and they are in every town.  Now they have for profit databases to enable their professional smear campaigns, to trade victims with their neighboring town bullies, and they can make an income by doing this.

Worn down by long term harassment and frightened into silence by stalking, most victims relocate from their now inexplicably hostile neighborhoods, hoping for a clean break.  Surveillance technologies track them through social media.  Facial recognition and Automated License Plate Readers (both now available on simple handheld phones) light up databases wherever they go. 

Adult victims consistently report harassment follows despite relocation. 

It's a Bully Feast

I am telling you what I am seeing in the front lines of law and society.  This is the crisis of our times.  Give us a little share on facebook /twitter, and donate even a small amount to help us stand for what is right.

More High Tech Harassment

Resilient victims become a challenge to things like The Game, and then become subject to advanced techniques of harassment.

These include microaggression, mobbing, sleep disruption, infiltration and betrayal, solder-capable or plug-in devices to disrupt work, griefing with military grade putricants, and other stress causing substances sometimes launched at a distance, along with other devices designed to make people ill, with none the wiser. 

These links show cheap and available versions.  There is much, much more available.  Pranks, you say ?  There is no laugh track in these cases.  Just someone repeatedly griefed in the middle of high pressure moments, every day.

More advanced versions are used on top level people.  Like the dozens and dozens of American and Canadian diplomats getting hit with brain damage in Russia, Cuba, and most recently China.  Some examples of these harassment campaigns are explored here.

These used to be James Bond type Stuff, and rare.  But let us remember, Cell Phones used to be James Bond gadgets and rare.  Now they're in nearly every hand. 

'Directional' energy, a longstanding hazard of covert fights in other countries, is now easily emulated from eBay components.  These things are showing up as griefer and harassment tools, at the street level.

I have personally met with and studied the cases of victims of these very devices, and I have seen many used to harass, bully, and mob people.  People are unaware and defenseless against these things, and that is wrong.

We've got to stop these practices with peaceful, law abiding legal action and education.  We have to stand unequivocally against these developments and protect the freedom to work, travel, and live in peace, for all.

We Don't Want Harassment

We need to make a statement now.  Give us a little share on facebook /twitter, and donate even a small amount to help us stand for what is right.

Otherwise, high or low tech harassment will continue to see people as a cash crop.  Rumor campaigns will expand to  unhinge innocent people, with griefers guaranteeing themselves months of 'bullies jollies' and cash flowing in their direction: Cash for rumors, like cash for trout stories, while clearing the lake of competition.  

If they are allowed to get away with this, unprincipled griefers will prosper, while our commendable, hard working, and modestly paid law enforcement will suffer.

I hope you can see the parallels of how both our children and adults are first being abused, then ruined by persistent rumor campaigns and low to high-tech harassment. We must not let that happen.  Give us some shares and please donate any amount.

3. What We're Going to Do, Together, to Be Part of the Solution

A National Legal Rights Association, it

-Grants Improved access to legal resources, vastly improve survival, exposes and terminates those crimes

-Draws Professionals, who get educated, and leverage their services to members.   

-Coordinated efforts, pooled resources, maximum impact in testing claims and boosting credibility

-Legal action makes people less vulnerable, and therefore, less enticing targets.  

Work has already begun improving Cease and Desist, Investigatory, and Litigation oriented materials and strategies.  Dozens and dozens of cases have been studied, meetings held with survivors - the urgency is absolute.

Example: The NAACP:  That National Association was created during difficult times, to fight for the Civil Rights of underrepresented African Americans, winning stunning victories, freeing many from harassment, and changing the world as a result.  That is what is needed, that is what we're working to achieve.

Facts show a public interest Law Firm is desperately needed to fight for the rights of people experiencing stalking, harassment; and unrepresented status in court. 

Glimmers of Light

Lord Acton's maxim that 'absolute power corrupts absolutely' has seldom rang so true.  We have to put a stop to It, or it will put a stop to us. 

At the core of the issue is a longstanding fight that must be waged by all principled individuals.  Think about this: the survivors are the tip of the iceberg, there are always many more victims we don't see, because they already perished while others looked away.  

We have had Some advances in this fight:

Stopping Intrusive Surveillance:

-This 2017 FISA Ruling : American Civil Rights violated by surveillance practices.

-This 2018 FISA Ruling: American Civil Rights violated by surveillance practices.

-This 2019 US Court Ruling : American Civil Rights violated by the Watchlists.

-And this European Court Ruling : European Civil Rights violated by surveillance practices.

Exposing and Stopping High Tech harassment:

-Courageous Canadian counsel, suing to stop directed energy attacks, a claim that must be emulated.

-Given the horrific effects of directed energy devices, which include people suffering violent nosebleeds, concussions, brain damage, and even dogs vomiting blood, legislative and policy bodies have long been taking courageous actions to regulate even space deployment of energy devices (some of which are misnomered as non-lethal wespons.  At federal, and municipal, level, including some state bans, with similar efforts yielding ordinances regulating high tech surveillance, which fuels high tech harassment: these are all great developments, especially given some of these gadgets can now be emulated with cheap hardware and used by your rivals across town. 

We need to maintain the momentum and get these victims the help they deserve.  

It's Time

This is what we can do: Donate and share this campaign - the funds support our work, partly seen at TheLegalCoop.Wordpress.Com, assisting victims of Harassment, Stalking, and Unrepresented litigants.

-If the campaign reaches $2,000 by 2/14/2020 the money will be used to fund the launch of The Legal Cooperative, a nonprofit organization, taking our work to the next level, pursuing these cases, hiring motivated lawyers, training law students, and educating judicial and law enforcement. 

Getting in at ground level is good:  Donate at or above $30 and get recommended for a free One Year membership in the Coop when it launches.  You also get an attorneys' personal thank you email.  Donate $99 or above to engage in  up to three hours of telephone dialogue with our founder Ray Schumann, Esq., who welcomes the chance to share ideas and propose solutions to the issues.  You can use that time to document any ongoing situation in your life, getting suggestions to restore order and prevail.

-If the drive does not reach $2,000 by 2/14/2020, the drive will close.  Donors of $99 or above will still get a dialogue with Ray Schumann.  And donations will be used to encourage and fund ongoing work through  including effective Cease-And-Desist, pinpoint FOIA, and other ground-floor strategies to reclaim people's rights as citizens.  It's a win if you help us. 

You stand by us, we will stand by you.

Let the real fight begin: to put an end to wrongful persecution, in our time.


Ray A. Schumann

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Ray Schumann
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