The ripple effects

Hi friends ! over the past year we have all gone through immense changes GLOBALY... We must never forget, we are all in this together, this is a time to reconnect with each other (Abiding by COVID-19 restrictions of course). Waiting in a que for our morning coffee, about to pay and the attendant smiled and said, your all paid up! Scratching my head in confusion, she laughed and said "the driver in front already paid for you!" keeping this flow going we paid for the car behind! This reminded us of a seed that was planted in our hearts "Human BE-ings" The gift of giving will and has always been the richest feeling in ones life, more so than materials we may gather in our life journeys. From that moment we decided to give the people we meet, whatever we have to offer. To see smiles on the faces of strangers and the shock looks on there faces when the FREE word comes out!

From little things, Big things grow, help us be our true nature once more. During events come down and say "hello" it may be hard at first but we are all in this boat together stuck in our de-socialized world - Lets make a change -
Every weekend from here on when the suns out we will be having a day on the beach, starting off with kayak rides (FREE of course) games for the kids (feel free to bring some games of your own for all to enjoy!) and with your help we will grow!

lets start this ripple effect together 

The benefiters of your donations will be people just like you! Me (Josh) & my wife/ best friend Amy have felt this feeling of wealth just seeing strangers smile as they relive the past (Human connections!) its the way we are meant to be! I have games for the kids on the beach and 1 x Kayak everyone is welcome to use and its been a great start with lots of interest, my only wish is to make this big, no rush, but to just get this out there and create a ripple within every ones hearts and minds. We are not alone, we have each other! So every single dollar donated will go straight into purchasing new equipment for everyone to enjoy a day out in the sun. More kayaks (Our goal was 5, I have 1 & another on the way, so 3 more!) but as I sat thinking with my wife and family, why stop there?

Everyone has once walked past a beautiful boat just sitting there, years later it has not moved a inch, slowly rotting away! things like these we feel in life is what makes us rich! the drive to get to the point of owning such material to finally getting there, and... for what? you have these material possessions, you've met your goal you have set, yet we feel unfulfilled! we want, want, want, but this constant feeling of want has no end in site.

Imagine that instance, but sharing the experience of meeting that goal with everyone you come to pass! that object you have put so much effort in then becomes something special. We are not meant to hold onto possession's but share our experiences and experience the world together, connecting to one another as the roots of nature intends.

Not to say for people that work hard to give up there possession's but to share with others that have struggled in life, whether it be families struggling the day to day work life with no end, only to put food on the table and the never ending pile of bills. What happened to the good old days, you give some of your time, you get paid for your time and yet there was nowhere near as much stress people go through today. Human to Human disconnection, Social media making us all Anti-social, Fake news (Doom & Gloom) no good news in site? With the struggles of COVID-19 we have all suffered... As a support worker working in the community, we make sure to be there for people in need. I love what I do and this gives me the greatest satisfaction I have ever had in a job, The idea of including my clients and there families into giving everything we do to the community around us is just so soulful, a sense of fulfillment within me since the first Sunday of FREE doings just past and Oh My God, it is so much more precious than anything I have ever done!

Me and my wife sat on the beach looking out with such gratitude to the day that had past, we just had to do it again!

We got home and jumped on our computers and started typing away, creating pages and sharing what we have just discovered within us.

The ripple effect is what it is, we want to give this feeling to everyone we meet and make a change, with your help (who ever you are) we can turn this into something great, spreading far and wide, making as much as we possibly can FREE of charge. I want to help people reach there goals and tick off bucket list with no charge at all! This is only but a dream to begin with but is do-able with hard work and dedication. With or without help, my best friend and I will be at that lagoon (Ian Dipple Lagoon, Labrador) right next to Charis Seafoods set up with our kayaks when ever the sun is out, giving every one a go. we'll be adding more games and fun things to do as we grow, but with all of this positive feedback and comments "will be there!" "this is great!" "bringing back the old days!" has, somewhat got me thinking @#*^@! 100 people will show up to ride 1 kayak for 10 mins switch overs so everyone gets a go! 3rd September we get a 2 seater.. 

Please consider us and help us give to the community, we have so many plans and every hand we can get will help us on the way! Lets do this together!

This is the most precious thing other then my wife kids and the big man up stairs something we can all treasure and remember forevermore.

Thank you for your ripple!

From left to right, Blonde lady is my clients (In the wheelchair, middle) Mum, Dianne. She was the first to take me on as a support worker and to grow my business to what it is today, we consider each other as family and our bonds have grown to match, Dylan her son (Middle) is about to turn 18 and has a condition called CMT, he is a dedicated animal lover and has a heart of gold, can be super cheeky but wears his heart on his shoulder, I feel as if they are my close family, friend to the right Meagan, was there with her kids to support us on our first day of free kayaking.

It took lots of parents some courage to come over and say "Hi" but easy enough for kids walking bye, to pick up a pool noodle or frisbee to then hear the parents say "I'm so sorry!!" not at all i said! This all all free for everyone to enjoy, as is the kayak! I loved seeing the look of shock as if to say (nothings free?) it was a funny start but ended in plenty of smiles and laughter and lots of photos taken by parents.

We'll see you next week as they walk off... Me and Amy smiling away looking at each other with such love... this was a great day...

We originally said 12 to 3pm, 5pm went by and still here on the water... Look at the fish! we only hope to see you here with us!

Left - my beautiful wife Amy & right - my beautiful self... haha

Hope to see you guys down on the lagoon with us! If not, we forever appreciate your donations and will put every dollar to great use!

May this inspire you to create a ripple of your own.
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