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Not for Singles Only! Bring Back Dating with Healthy Values to Your Single Friends & Family!

With Your Help, We Plan to Turn America's Hookup Culture Into an HeartLed™ Dating Culture!
Hello, I'm Christine Marie White, a dating expert with over 40 years of experience. We have a serious problem, and it will take a serious effort to change it. Your children, grandchildren, family, community, and the future of America depend on us to bring them the solution. I hope you will participate with us in this cause, mission, and movement.
Everyone Deserves to Love and Be Loved!
It is one of our highest purposes in life. We all deserve to find true love and be loved by them for a lifetime. I believe that today, everyone can find deep, committed, long-term love with their ideal partner. I know how to do it with integrity, respect, and healthy values... and I can prove it. However, I have run into a huge problem.

America has embraced a hookup culture. All aspects of dating with healthy values are gone. Courtship is gone. Traditional dating has lost its healthy values and is outdated. This leaves singles with recreational dating. Recreational dating, hooking ups, friends-with-benefits, and the like usually focus on having sex, not building a long-term love relationship. These are two very different paths. Help me bring another option to singles, a clear-cut path to finding love based on healthy values to your family, friends, and community.
How This Hookup Culture is Affecting Our Communities and Those We Love
Our hookup culture is hurting everyone involved. Single adults, young adults, teens, tweens, parents, families, and our communities. We need an answer and a change, or this will continue to negatively affect those we love.
Some Examples of What I Am Hearing and Observing
  • Singles who want long-term committed love now have casual sexual relationships simply because it is socially acceptable. They tell me they are following along, even though that is not what they really want.
  • Seniors are deciding not to look for love again but instead enjoy non-committed sexual relationships instead. I remember sitting around a table of seniors a few years ago. They talked about how they have decided to enjoy having as much sexual fun as possible before they die. My heart sunk to hear them giving up on love. They said it was too hard to find a loving relationship anymore, so why try. Is this your mom, dad, grandmother, or grandfather? 
  • Women are lowering their higher standards to fit in or just for the fun of it, even though it has nothing to do with love. A 60-year-old woman told me she is having casual sex in exchange for cleaning a man’s house. She feels terrible about it and doesn’t want to do it, but it occasionally makes her feel desirable, even though no love or possibility of it is involved. Women are also using men to have sex, just for the fun of it.
  • Kids start out having sex in middle school, continuing through high school and college, with little or no knowledge or skills to build healthy love relationships.
  • Young adults in their 20's come to me saying they have been hooking up all their lives. Now they want to have a serious relationship with marriage and children... but they don't know how! I recently conversed with two young men in their early twenties. One was going through a breakup, and the other was unsure if he wanted to pursue love. They were depressed and confused. They said after years of hooking up and not finding love, being rejected over and over, they are seriously considering suicide. Please help me help these men and others like them! When these men learn the Finding Love Mastery program, they will have everything they need to be happy, loving men living a fulfilling life with their perfect partners. They will no longer be confused. They will have a clear-cut path to follow. 
  • Single men have told me they will keep enjoying sex with Easy women while waiting to find their Keeper! However, men admit that when they meet a woman of higher standards who could be their Keeper, they are willing to wait to have sex with her. I have interviewed hundreds of single men, and most of them confess to waiting for love with a high-quality, high-standard woman. They will not say this in front of others. In front of others, they will brag about their fun hooking up with different women every week or night.
  • The double standard – Women can’t have sex freely while waiting for their Mr. Right because that would take them from Keeper status (higher standards) to Easy status (lower standards). Most women do not know that they lower their higher standards when they follow everyone else and lose their special status as a man’s Keeper. Most men want a woman who is different from others, but most single women do not know this. Please help me build this cause, mission, and movement so more women will stand firm to their higher standards again!
America has also seen an increase in divorces, broken homes, rapes, unplanned pregnancies, battered women, sexually transmitted diseases, and other negative effects of recreational dating. Please help us bring back dating with integrity, respect, and healthy values with our innovative new HeartLed™ Dating progression.
Who do you know that has been affected? Who are you trying to help now? 
How You Can Be a Blessing
  • Spread the word: Help us bring awareness of this cause by word of mouth, social media, call or email friends and family, share at work, church, and other places. Share this link everywhere!
  • YouTube Channel: Watch and subscribe, share with others. It is new and needs subscribers!
  • Volunteer – What are your skills & talents? Do you have referrals? Do you have an empty room to share in Tampa? Do you have ideas? Why not share them? You don't have to be local to share your ideas, referrals, skills and talents. 
  • Speaking engagements are always welcomed: at organizations, colleges, businesses, schools, churches, etc.
  • Contribute financially – This is always an excellent way to show your support. Large or small, don't miss the opportunity.
  • Single? Check out our website. Find Love quicker and easier! Join the Finding Love Mastery Program. Be a positive example to those watching and learning from you. CLICK HERE 
  • Married or in a committed relationship? Join our Free Version of the Finding Love Mastery Program. Discover ways to help your relationship grow, learn what to tell your children, learn the new information you should be telling others to whom you give dating information, and use the personal development courses to become an even better you for your loved one. Go to the website  CLICK HERE then click on Finding Love Movement.
Questions? Comments? Need More Information? Have Ideas? Leave Me a Message. Thank You!

How Your Money Will Be Used
($4,000 x 5 months = 20,000) Your money is helping me get started, covering expenses for the next 5-6 months of doing the groundwork for this exciting new movement. It is also a way for me to reach those you want to help, your friends and family who are frustrated with a confusing dating scene.
Office Space & Expenses: A place to work from, hold meetings, shoot educational videos, etc.
Advertising Costs: Creating promotioanal materials, cards, fliers, banners, posters, website, etc. 
Marketing and Promotions: I plan to do as much free promoting as possible but sometimes there is a good reason to pay for it.
Other Expenses: Zoom, Canva, Active Campaign, course software program, legal, bookkeeping, tech help, meeting rooms for larger events, etc.

This is a huge endeavor which will take time and teamwork. Thank you for teaming up with us to make life better for your family, friends, community, and country! Thank you for being a hero!

If you can not donate $20 or more, please donate $5 and share this link with 5 or more. 
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Questions? Comments? Need More Information? Have Ideas? Leave Me a Message. Thank You!

P.S. We Are Not Just Bringing Awareness... but a Solution!


Christine White
Clearwater, FL

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