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                                                TEAM CSW

On Friday March 11 our family experienced the sudden death of our sister-in-law that has left all in shock and deep sadness.  Niki Newton-Cappello was a beloved daughter, a great sister, dear friend, Godmother to our son Chase, a wonderful relative and above all an absolute INCREDIBLE mother. 

Niki was a single mother and was often faced with challenging times emotionally and financially.  Through all of her stresses and challenges she raised three amazing daughters.  Her girls wanted for nothing, were apart of every school and sport activity available, were raised with impeccable manners and always had a house full of love. 

Gabby 10, Reagan 8 and Riley 6 are true reflections of their mother.  Niki’s greatest attributes are seen every minute through these three.

Niki’s final wishes were for Amy, myself and her sister, Tethra to manage the care and well-being of her three daughters. There was no question, no hesitation…only an immediate YES. Amy, Tethra, and I know the challenges that lie ahead of us are far out weighed by the gifts of these three girls.

Although it a positive one, our lives are forever changed.  Future plans and thoughts have been placed on hold while the immediate future and well-being of the girls and our son Chase have become our only concern.

Our game-plan is as follows: Amy, Chase and I have moved to Danbury until June to allow the girls to finish out the school year.  They attend St. Joseph’s Catholic School.  During this time we will reconfigure our home in Mamaroneck (our home is currently a two-family, we need to turn it into a single family so there is enough space to accommodate our large family).  This summer Amy, Chase, Tethra, Gabby, Reagan, Riley and myself will transition back to Mamaroneck to start our lives together as Team CSW with a fresh start.

Team CSW is a name the girls came up with to call ourselves. They took the first letters of our last names (Cappello, Stellwagen, and Tethra Wallace) and came up with this team name. Gabby, Reagan, Riley, and Chase call themselves the “Cappellwagens.”

We may have lost Niki, but I know she is proud and approves of our new team. We see this challenge as an incredible opportunity to continue Niki’s legacy as a mother, for Chase to gain three sisters, and for Amy, Tethra and myself to provide a future for three remarkable girls.

We are asking our friends and family for your help.  The following are a list of the immediate and future changes we are planning, all of which have significant financial impact.

·      Renovation of our home
·      Amy will be leaving her employment to manage 4 children, loss of income
·      To fit our new family, we will be losing our rental income which helps to pay our mortgage
·      Our current monthly overhead provides for one child, now we have four
·      Building a college fund for Gabby, Reagan and Riley

We have always wanted a big family…God’s way of delivering it was just a little different than what we had planned.

Thank you in advance for your support!


Jon and Amy



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