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 So that they can feel n have eid happiness as well [see picture  ]
 *Fidiya : charity to make up your Ramdhan fast if you cant fast due to chronic illness [Fidya  is equal to saqatul fiter  ,see picture 


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Last Event :

Assalaamu Alaykum Warahmatulla hee Wa Barakaatuhu

'Nahmaduhu Wa Nusalli Ala Rasoolilah Kareem~

Life is full of pressures and stresses, the modern man has trapped in the surroundings of depression by pursuing materialism and having busy mechanised lifestyle that leads to loneliness and severe anxiety despite having all sort of modern techs and gadgets for entertainment , there is no real relief .
Allah tala has mentioned in the Quran
1- Also



We need basic Islamic awareness & values to tackle the modern problems not only nationwide but also globally like those mentioned above to achieve the satisfaction of heart & peaceful and tranquil lifestyle and to have best life on the face of earth like it would be in paradise as mentioned by shaikh Hasan Albasri rahma tullah ; the word ‘’ hayatan taybah ‘’would be a life like life in paradise.

The London Muslims is an organization that aims to provide a haven for people to escape these stresses and focus on a real peaceful environment, furthermore we do this is in light of the guidance of the Quran and sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) .
It means people have access to guidance, knowledge at their own convenience. Furthermore, regular meetups and gatherings allow the community to discuss their personal issues with knowledgeable imams in confidence while having food* , *sports & *fun.

* Food [BBQ, Biryani , pakora and samosas etc ]
*Sports [Horse riding, Archery, race , tug of war etc ]
*Fun [sighting outstanding natural beauty, animals and birds in their natural habitat ]
*A brief Talk After Aser Salah in'shaAllah ,Join us from Zuher salah at 2pm there .
Help us to help the communities , find peace through spreading the peaceful message .
The London Muslims meetup aims to alleviate the pressures and stresses associated
with modern life by emphasising core Islamic values in a fun setting.

Your contributions will also aid in providing learning to thousands of people, spreading the Quran Awareness & the love of Prophet Muhammed PBUH sunnah In’shaAllah.

your contribution will directly play an important role to support our free services we provide for the non Muslims & Muslim communities Alhmdulillah like Quran , Hadith , Fiqh awareness classes globally online , managing few prayer places specially Jummah and traveh prayer ,and gatherings etc to unite the Ummah regardless of any sect and race or language In’shaAllah.

*Families get Together after  Lockdown  lifted completely in'sha.Allah ,  [ The London Muslims Eid Festival ] .
Please Donate to  Contribute Generously. {still you can come if you cant in'sha'Allah}
please book using the below links for the place right now as very limited space left [for essential arrangement ,please let us know how many of you will be attending the event InshAllah ] by simplly 07723504826 text only .then we ll send you venue detail .

It would be really appreciated if you could donate to contribute whatever you can afford and please share with your family and friends , Also 
To help us cater for the right number please complete the registration form -   or  [ 07723504826  simply text only please  to confirm your place , cant guaranteed without it otherwise ]   thanks JazakAllahu ahsnul jaza.

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Hafiz Ahmed

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