Such Unfortunates Foundation

Right now, more people die every year in the US than the total of those who perished in the Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq wars all combined! That is 194 people every day! In my opinion, this is the biggest crisis facing this nation and you can help to end it and save lives! 

I am raising money to start a free rehabilitation/animal shelter center for anyone suffering from addiction, those who have had abusive childhoods, and those who suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses.  This will also be a no-kill shelter for animals.

I am a recovering heroin addict that wrote the book "Such Unfortunates". After going to many different rehabs and seeing what works and doesn't work, I decided to start my own place to help save lives doing treatments that actually help people to get and stay sober. While doing a Podcast and telling the interviewer about my idea to start a free rehab/foundation for animals, he said I needed to start a GoFundme page to get this started right away, so here I am not putting this off anymore. I know I can save lives by focusing on what caused people to use in the first place and not the drugs. 

So many good people are caught in the grips of addiction and families have no idea how to help them. I know the way most rehabs currently fight addiction is wrong. We need to focus on the core problem that caused the addiction in the first place. Most addicts have been sexually, emotionally, and physically abused as children. Until we heal that trauma, they will never be able to stay sober.

I have seen the healing power working with animals can have for addicts. I want to eventually have a free rehab in every state that will accept addicts that need treatment and all unwanted or homeless animals. The recovering addicts will have a purpose in their lives by helping to take care of these animals and in turn the animals with help them heal. Animals bring joy and healing that all addicts need and there are too many great animals killed because they have nowhere to live. This is such a horrible waste of beautiful animals.

Where your money will go?

I need to buy my first property for the foundation, the majority of your money will go to doing just that. $40,000 should be enough for a down payment on my first property. 

My foundation/rehab will accept people regardless of their ability to pay, your money will help make that possible.- Also, the profits from the book will help pay for people. $5,000

Your money will also pay for the animal's living area and their food. $5,000 

How will we heal people?

We will give addicts enough time to heal and get their lives back together. I am going to use all of the things I know that work to help people get and stay sober.  I plan on having a detox where doctors could volunteer their time or we could have a paid doctor on staff. Then the treatment facility will consist of groups, animal therapy, one on one therapy, meetings, and most importantly we are going to get to the core issues which caused the person to become an addict in the first place. We may have massage therapy, hypnotherapy, and any other alternative therapies that may help.

What are some of our goals for the foundation?

I want to be a resource for other families that feel they have nowhere to turn. I want to help the people that no one can help and feel they are lost causes. I want families and loved ones to be involved with treatment as well because I know how much that can help. I want the addicts to develop a connection to the foundation where they can call 24 hours a day to get help if needed. I also welcome all volunteers to help. Whether you are an addict or not you can get involved and help the people or the animals. I also want to have apartments at the facility so that addicts can live in a sober environment and stay as long as needed until they can get back on their feet.

This is a start, it will help buy a place to make that our first rehabilitation/animal rescue. I will also use some of the money to get the message out about the center to more donors. Thank you to anyone that donates no matter how small of an amount, it means the world that you are willing to help. You are all welcome to come volunteer or bring animals that have nowhere to go. I also want to hear any suggestions you have on how to make this place incredible and save as many lives as possible?

Please share with your friends, donate if you can and thank you again from the bottom of my heart! 



Andrew Mann
Little Ferry, NJ

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