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Stop Aerial Spraying of Naled in FL

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         FEDERAL INJUNCTION (1:17-CV-22419-FAM)

Emergency federal injunction to stop the use of Naled in Florida.  Our case will be initially heard on 12 July, 2017 @ 4pm at the federal the courthousese in Miami by honorable judge Federico Moreno.  We are dealing with an environmental and human health catastrophe in Miami and South Florida. Recently, as of 16 June, 2017 and 3 July, 2017 the City of Miami-Dade Department of Sanitation, which oversees the Miami-Dade Mosquito Control Board and is governed by  Deputy Mayor Alina Hudak sprayed a known highly toxic organophosphate toxin, called Naled, brand name “Dibrom”, aerially over the southern part of Miami.   It is a known neurological toxin, which is outlawed in Europe and has been linked to increased autism incidence (25% increase) in the United States.  Aerial Naled spraying demonstrated a direct and marked increase in autism and spectrum disorders, as evidenced in an article "Neurodevelopmental Delay Diagnosis Rates are Increased in a Region with Aerial Pesticide Application" authored by Steven D. Hicks, Ming Wang, Katherine Fry, Vignesh Doraiswamy and Eric M. Wohlford., 24 May 2017.   On 2 June 2017 the CDC has lifted any Zika threat or emergency and the decision to spray Naled is being done to control the innocuous black march arch mosquito, which is food for all the creatures you see in the air, think of it as air plankton.

In early Sept 2016 many in the Miami community recognized there are other less toxic and proven alternatives are available and can promote a smart integrated mosquito and vector management program (SIMVM). There is no reason to use 1950's era technology to combat mosquitos in 2017. We as a human species should not utilize aerial Naled (Dibrom) fumigation for any reason vis a vis commercial farms or residential areas and especially not over densely populated areas of human activity, including the homes, schools and playgrounds of infants, children, and pregnant people.

We seek an immediate federal injunction and litigation to prevent and stop the use of Naled (Dibrom) in South Florida. We have a legal team ready to move if we can finance the cause.

Why do we need to do this? Simple. We need to stop the poisoning of our environment, ecosystem, and human species or we will destroy our planet. If we don;t draw a line the sand, the spraying of Naled (Dibrom) will continue.

A. Ecological Hazards
1. Man-made pesticides, including Naled (Dibrom) can also kill the natural predators of mosquitoes, which have great difficulty in recovery from pesticides. For example, our bees and dragonfly’s eat hundred of mosquitos a day per insect.
2. The continued spray program leads to survival of mosquitoes resistant to pesticides – “the pest mill”.
3. Describe the role of mosquitoes (marsh mosquito) within the food chain, and subsequent impacts if they were removed in terms of amphibians, birds, reptiles, fish and insects.
4. Upon application and broadcast of pesticides, what is the fate and transport of these chemicals? Droplet size, dispersal patterns given wind, conversion products (both in storage and environment) and impacts of conversion products.
5. Endangered species will be killed off if we poison their environment, e.g., sea turtle nests and eggs.

B. Human Health Hazards
1. Adulticides (Naled a neurotoxic poison) present the greater danger to humans than the threat of Zika, period.  As it is a known carcinogen, neurotoxin, and endocrine disruptors, we cannot afford to be exposed to this chemical weapon.
2. Exposure to pesticides can result in compromised immune and nervous system, which would allow for the development of life-long allergies or autoimmune disorders and gut disorders.
3. Organophosphates disrupt the normal functioning of brain development in human fetuses. How do we protect the unborn from brain damage of we poison them in the womb?
4. Well known short-term and long-term human biologic damage to DNA based on epigenetics factors is known to occur with organophosphate pesticides retained in humans (young infant through elderly), pets, home garden vegetables, and fruit, etc.
5. Do we really have any idea of the long-term generational effects of repeated exposure to these human produced toxic chemicals (HPTC)? No, we don’t.
6. Concerned with the request of several community members to “properly warned” based on EPA guidance and “relocated” after they had exhibited adverse reactions to continued Naled (Dibrom) spraying.

There is a group of local community leaders who have been very outspoken toward SIMVM and are willing to finance and promote any efforts to protect humans and our environment from both mosquito borne viral disease by using alternative biofriendly technologies and to eliminate the use of human produced toxic chemicals on both humans and our ecosystem.

Please let us know if you can help!

We are pursuing the full funding of our federal injunction (1:17-CV-22419-FAM)
attempt to fund an immediate legal and expert team of scientist team to stop and prevent aerial spraying of South Florida at the federal level.  Any and all assistance is greatly welcome and will be accountable through a legal defense fund and tracked by the South Florida Resilience System GHRRA - Global Health Resilience Response Alliance. Eventually, we want to ban Naled use throughout the USA.

Please help us stop this war on humans and our environment! We are one people and live in one world.

Call Dr. MJ Hall @ [phone redacted] or lawyer Cindy Mattson @786 [phone redacted]


Michael James Hall
Miami Beach, FL

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