Speed to save the children!
Race Car Driver Roger Scotton has recovered incredibly and miraculously, mentally and physically to get back to racing again on the racetracks of Europe and Asia.
A warrior without fear of life, Scotton always mentioned that taking a beating from life didn’t keep him down. Scotton has always been willing to take more of life's beatings and continues to rise to win. "When you have a purpose with God (as I have) and others depend on you, there is no choice, and catch. I take my time to heal good wounds and continue to move forward seeking positive results to complete my purpose of winning for God and with God at all costs." I can't afford to be seating down regretting this or that after being beaten up by life. This is something cowards do and I'm not one of them. And as the great book of life clearly shows us today, we are in the end times. There is no time to waste.

Hi everyone, my name is Rogerio Scotton,
on (Roger Scotton). If you have come across this information on Go Fund Me is because God has shared this with you. And I want to make sure you are understanding why God Shares this with you.
I have been asking myself how I could return to racing. Even more, how to help our community again, children who depend on our help, our attention and our love to survive. I confess that I could never even think of something so impossible to achieve by myself. But for the greatest of all, my living God, nothing is impossible and everything we ask with faith in Christ is granted.

Just for the record, I was baptized on April 24, 2006, at a local church in Pompano Beach, Florida. After I accepted Jesus as my savior my life was never the same.
That's right, things could never go back to normal because I started to live the impossible, the extraordinary which many brothers and sisters couldn't understand or see. God made this unbelieving transformation in my life. Things that had no value in my life came to have value and things that were valuable to me lost their value. I began to seek more and more true happiness, which is only found by coming to the source of life, and by accepting Jesus as my savior. Things became clear on which various occasions I stopped judging the world and started to make a difference in the lives of people who needed to know that God is real and is everywhere.

However, it does not mean that because we accept Jesus as our savior that in this temporary life we living now, we ​​will not have turbulence, disappointments, losses and sadness. I am a living witness.
Therefore, Scotton returns to racing cars again with the full purpose of providing changes in the lives of several children in Brazil and Angola.

Thousands of Children are currently ignored and forgotten by all communities in the world. Determined to make a difference rather than do nothing like many, Scotton along with artists, singers, companies and factories are embarking on a great social work that will welcome and support thousands of orphaned, abandoned and poor children from Angola & Brazil. So that these children from Angola & Brazil would have the same rights as many privileged children in our society currently have it.
The same right that would allow them to have decent meals 3 times a day (every day), rights to dress worthily, to have a bed to sleep in, to have a school trained and equipped to receive studies that will give these children the equality, better and bright future. To have equal rights to the same justice. Justice that will protect these children from being subjected to slavery, sexually exploited or sold. Right to hygiene with medical and dental assistance. And above all, the right to live and be loved like any other human being. Imagine that with so much wealth in this world, with so many well-connected people, with the power to do something amazing in the life of this little one, we continue to see images like these posted here. Images of children eating from the garbage. Imagine you, in our society today we have children who do not know what ice cream or coca cola is living their humble life. The image you that, there are kids in Angola that never had a shoe.

Scotton strongly believes that you and I and all of us, children of the same God, can and should do differently for these children. If we all come together, we can, with little of each one, do extraordinary things for these children to be saved, and to have hope for a better future with dignity, peace and love. Many of these little ones' lives have already been lost. Many left this world very early because of the carelessness of our society and our egoism. How many more we will allow ourselves to lose or that will leave this world without knowing the good things that this life can provide? Do not stand aside, do not ignore it, there's nothing that could stop us now from providing these children with dignity, better life and love. Scotton further says that all of us under the same society pray and cry out to the same God during our difficult times. We cry out to the same God who taught us in the great book of life to love. But did we learn that? Do we follow these commandments of God? "LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I LOVE YOU!" Isn't it one of the things that regulate today is falling by the wayside? And what would we say to Jesus today if we were in his presence? What would be the report of this world that each one could draw up and deliver to Jesus? What would be your explanation? I Could do it because of this or that? I couldn't give up the new car. Couldn’t skip going on my scheduled vacation? What would be the excuse of each one of us? Not forgetting to mention the most once favored in our society. Yes, Scotton asks that every day, to himself, for his family and friends. What? What are we going to say to the almighty father who empowered us all, and gave us better living conditions in this world? Who has blessed others unconditionally? Sorry! I am sorry! Forgive me!
These photos released here fail to convey to anyone the true reality of what these children are going through every minute of the day, every week, every month, and every year. For no one here, has the power and the ability to see the hearts and minds of these children. The physical pain, the emotional pain, the tiredness, the cold, the hunger.
But God sees every day. And God also sees that all the capacity that has been allowed to us by him to do something amazing for these children is being ignored, forgotten by our selfishness.
On a visit to these children in Angola, Scotton mentioned one in particular when asking this child what was the greatest desire she would have. And the same child replied to Scotton “That Jesus would take me from this world”. This child was 7 years old. Her dream came true at age 10. She is with Jesus.

Scotton knows that maybe we won't be able to save all children, but we need to fight together, joining forces so that these children can grow, live, multiply and have the same right to contribute and be part of our entire society. Share this page with everyone. Me, you, and all of us are powerful instruments created by God. So, brother and sister, be sure to use your instrument and ability to do what God told you to do. Love others as he loves you. But don’t you wait to save a life, due today? Because your tomorrow doesn’t belong to you but belongs to God!

Race Car Driver Scotton throughout Speed Bunny Foundation will be a program that connects children in need with generous sponsors like you! By sponsoring a child, you will create sustainability in the community and give children the best opportunities for a stable and fruitful life THAT COULD NEVER BE IMAGINED.
When you sponsor a child, you are supporting them with quality education and educational needs such as school equipment, digital support, food etc.
The Speed Bunny Foundation will soon be promoting a fundraiser throughout Scotton’s racing and special events to help orphaned children in Angola and Brazil.
"The children live in an extreme state of need every day, they are in a rural area, far from large urban centers. Although they scream for help, no one hears them, they are crying in silence" while some don't even imagine that this happens nowadays, said Race Car Driver Roger Scotton.
"We want to ask for your support in good faith, who definitely could help us to keep these children alive so that we can also rebuild the space to accommodate about 200 children", he explained. And that's just the beginning. We have a long road to follow to definitively and permanently change the lives of these children.
The future orphanage of the Speed Bunny Mission will comport 254 children for now in Angola, aged between six and 21 years old, with over 100 scattered throughout the local communities. In Brazil, we are currently negotiating a better space to accommodate about 420 Children.
The children's needs "are enormous", from limited access to drinking water, food, teaching materials, clothing, shoes, medication, and hygiene product, among other things, including love.
Race Car Driver Scotton explained that his organization's main focus has been "food, drinking water, clothing and medication".
"The children need to have three meals a day", he stressed.
We are contacting some filter factors that will be donated to us which will contribute with a system that allows filtering 200 liters of water per hour, "but even so it is not enough", he said.
"Children need to walk 100 meters with buckets on their heads to fetch water. It is a system that has helped, but we will be developing efforts to build wells, which will not only be beneficial for children but also for the community in general," Scotton mentioned.
We all have the same DNA from GOD. Therefore, we are all brothers and sisters here and is our responsibility to help other human being. We all deserve the minimum and the same live qualities as human beings. Ignoring this situation not only makes God sad but us less human. Most of us get to go home, shower, eat a good meal, play, watch TV, and sleep under a nice and comfortable bed. Some of these kids never got the chance to do those things in this world. And there are thousands more that are currently in situations that our pets never will be. There is something very wrong with this situation. We need to change from this...
to this...

Very soon, children who will attend the orphanage will have access to filtered water, but some region "is struggling with a natural calamity", as in the summer the river completely dries up and residents travel enormous distances in search of water, "a problem that will be mitigated with the construction of wells" in Angola. Something we are working together with the Angola government and some construction companies from Brazil.
During the rest of the racing season, Scotton will organize an event, to raise funds to help Angola and Brazilian children, in which several local artists will participate.
"This whole situation touches me deeply because I have been seeing worse things that are too difficult to explain. We have to do something for those children", he stressed. This situation is not right and we cannot accept nowadays, with a world full of riches, children continue to live in conditions that our pets never lived in.

Scotton will race in numerous different racings endure and will attempt to run in the Le Mans 24Hours competition. He will be running in the LMP2 LMP1 CLASS and hopes to receive pledges for each lap he completes to raise money for the Angola and Brazilian Children (Speed Bunny Foundation) to provide relief for the estimated 1 million affected children in Africa and Brazil, many of whom have been orphaned or separated from their families and are in critical need of basic care and support. Scotton quotes, "I am very happy to be a part of this important cause to help those children that are in need right now. The world needs to be together at this terrible time. Many lives were lost and many still depend on our help to survive. I would like to take this moment to ask for your support, to be part of this cause to help those children in need."

Roger Scotton is back to racing. The strong-willed Scotton is showing remarkable improvement and is in excellent shape for the 24-hour race that requires all the energy from a driver.
Mr. Scotton has been involved in many community and charitable causes during all those years racing cars... He has helped the Humane Society raise money, together with WSV and Y-100. His race suit was auctioned and raised an additional $20000. Nearly $80,000 was raised from this event. He also participated in giving kids toys and hope in the Miami Children's Hospital for years, along with, helping inside Ventura Mall, Miami & Ventura police officers raise money for the children of police officers, whose lives were lost in the line of duty. He has even been involved at the local level helping kids from a local high school raise funds.

Roger Scotton, Brazilian/Italian citizen, Racecar Driver, and CEO of Scotton Racing Inc. and Speed Bunny Foundation, has extensive racing experience. A former Brazilian Karting Champion, he has continued to achieve success both on and off the racetrack. Mr. Scotton was a front-runner and winner in the Builder Barber Dodge Formula and finished 1st place in his class at the Moroso Speedway 24 Hours event. Scotton has raced in many different series including American Le Mans, Grand American Racing, NASCAR Hooters Pro Cup, NASCAR, ARCA, SCCA Pro Cup and others.

Let's complete one of our purposes in this world. Let's all do something extraordinarily good for these kids as we're doing it for God.
Do you know how delicious ice cream is? How tasty is a Coke? How tasty are candy and chocolate? They never imagined that such things exist!

What do your children dream of being in the future when they grow up? Doctor, Lawyer, Businessman, Teacher? The future They dream of surviving the next day.

United and in Jesus, we can do all things.

So today, by faith I am here, I have Faith in my God, who has given me the strength to get up again, to take my cross and follow my path that many thought no longer existed. And there is no question about that. I‘m here, right? Living and fighting for another day, until that day we will call me!
So, brothers and sisters, If God made Speed To Save Children cause reach you, I believe, and you can believe it yourself that such, has a proposal. Maybe it's so that you'll bless this by giving your support or sharing this cause, so my children could be saved.
I will also be grateful if you could share this cause with others and ask them to help share this with others as well. If this is how God chooses to be knocking on the door of your heart, open it because God's best in your life is yet to come.
Below I want to share with you the schedule of racings I will attend this year of 2023.
Feel free to contact me and ask any questions.

"I want to thank you all for your generosity" "and your support to share this information with others"
"Thank you and God bless all"!


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