The Virtual Cross-Canada Walk To Sobriety

January 24, 2022 - July 26, 2022

What is it?

SHE WALKS CANADA: The Virtual Cross - Canada Walk To Sobriety, January 24, 2022 - July 26, 2022. SHE WALKS CANADA is a movement to engage both the Sober and Sober Curious communities of women in and seeking recovery from Alcohol Use Disorder.


1) Engage and support women in and seeking recovery,
2) Celebrate those women who are thriving in sober living,
3) Raise awareness for the variety of recovery and support options available,
4) Provide online support gatherings for women in active recovery and for those that are sober curious,
5) Build a strong support community within SHE WALKS CANADA for its participants and supporters, and
6) Raise money for Canadian women's charities that focus on recovery from Alcohol Use Disorder.

I am hopeful that this initiative will help to provide any Canadian woman with the information she needs so that she can choose a recovery path that is right for her, in a place that is convenient for her in a way that is meaningful to her.

Where is it?
The virtual and in-person walk will take place in the communities of the participants accumulating all kilometers towards walking across Canada.

When is it?
The SHE WALKS CANADA website will launch in November 2021. The walk will begin January 24, 2022 through July 26, 2022.

Why is it important?
Not knowing the recovery options available kept me silent, alone, and in addiction for several years. I knew I had a problem with alcohol but I would rather remain status quo than go to a traditional program with which I didn’t identify, couldn't afford, be away from my family, or need to explain my absence. Had I known what was available, I would have reached out much sooner.

Why Obtaining Support Is Important
The immediate Start-Up costs:

for website, brand design and development, and additional materials to support the website development process.
SHE WALKS CANADA is part of the TD Private Giving Fund - an independent public charity dedicated to encouraging charitable giving in Canada. The Upside - 100% of donations received go to the designated charities SHE WALKS CANADA supports. The downside - All costs associated with building and sustaining the SHE WALKS CANADA movement under a Private Giving Fund are assumed by the holder of the Private Giving Fund. Therefore, a Go Fund Me page has been created for the SHE WALKS CANADA Start-Up Campaign. All money raised through Go Fund Me will go towards the website, brand design and development.

The Time Is Now

The world is ready to listen and stand up for recovery. Is it the COVID-19 pandemic? Is it rampant Mommy Wine Culture? Is it the number of top celebrities calling it quits on Happy Hour? Who knows but more and more women are recovering out loud. This collective, public conversation is the change needed to dismantle the stigma around recovery.

We can and do recover. Together.
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