A Flood Like NO OTHER-Our Rally to SAVE...

A Flood Like No Other... Our Rally to SAVE The Whispering Oaks Golf Course from Closing down forever!

It is with deep awe at what nature can do that we set up this page to offer support  to the Whispering Oaks Golf Course of Manvel, ND. A course that has been a part of this 350 person community since 1993.

The Whispering Oaks Golf course has only seen a Summer flood of this Magnitude 20 years ago. 

A former owner had come out to take a look at the Whispering Oaks Golf Course and confirmed that this was way worse than what he had to deal with 20 years ago. The previous owners at the time were able to recover the course by reseeding it. 

On June 30th, Manvel ND was hit with over 10 inches of rain to an already saturated ground.  Shortly thereafter on July 3rd, they were hit with another 5 inches.  You may have seen it on the local news. 

Flooding is normal when you are close to the Turtle River or Red River. But not of this Magnitude. 

( When I first heard about the course flooding, I didn't think much of it, NOT until I went to visit the course yesterday, July 28th. It wasn't until I saw it with my own eyes that the deep sense of knowing that this could be the end of the course we have all grown to love and cherish if we don't come together to save it. I was sick to my stomach at what I had seen.)

When you have an already saturated ground from the previous fall and spring, a summer flood makes for the perfect storm of destruction on a Golf Course. 

With the Golf course under water, the only way to scope the vastness of the damage was to travel by boat from green to green. (See attached video).

It was soon realized with the combo of the heat and depth of water, the course would not be reopening for the remainder of the year due to all of the reseeding of grass that would need to be done. 

Once the water cleared and you could drive a golf cart to see the full damage, it was clear that the damage was much larger than imagined.

Word quickly spread that this course may be closed indefinitely.

(NOTE: Due to the location of the golf course next to the Turtle River and being a part of the Turtle River Basin, it is not high enough to be eligible for flood insurance.)

Words cannot describe the heartbreak of what has happened.

Through showing our love and coming together as a community, we are looking to support  and SAVE the Whispering Oaks Golf Course through this time. 

We have set this page up to raise monetary funds to RESTORE the course so we can all come together again and create more of the memories we have come to retell year after year. 

Your Support will help the following restoration immediately so we can keep the golf course open for years to come.

Seed, Fertilizer, fixing of water pumps, rebuild bridges correctly, 100 yards of gravel, 85 bridge planks, 2 culverts, rebuild the two small bridges and more. 

These are just the bare minimums to be able to keep the course open. 

If you are not familiar with the Whispering Oaks Golf Course. We wanted to give you insight into  how amazing this golf course really is for the local and surrounding communities.

This is not 'JUST' a golf course.

This course employs the local kids of Manvel giving them a chance to be outside and learn the craftsmanship of  landscaping.

Whispering Oaks Golf Course brings opportunity for ALL kids to play outside by offering 'FREE' golf for kids under 18 years old. 

Whispering Oaks Golf Course brings surrounding small towns together and develops new friendships by hosting Mens and Women's Golf Leagues. It brings back  Alumni to visit every summer with its popular and well-known tournaments.

Whispering Oaks Golf Course brings families together with play and then feasting together in the clubhouse.

Lastly, Whispering Oaks golf course is a community.

This course was first created by local farmers and citizens of the community to bring everyone together back in the early 90's.

ALREADY, the support from the local town of Manvel, family, friends and those who just want to be able to send prayers, love and thoughts to see the restoration of the golf course has been huge and we are so grateful!

While many of you may not be able to physically be present to help with the restoration process, your financial generosity given to keep the Golf Course Legacy alive will help to provide the physical items needed to move forward. 

To honor you for your support and to help us reach our goal of  a minimum of $50k to keep the course from shutting down...

Every amount counts and goes towards saving the course.

Thank you for Rallying to Save the Whispering Oaks Golf Course from shutting down FOREVER. 

Your prayers, thoughts, and monetary support are so appreciated at this time.

If you have ever had the pleasure of experiencing the Manvel Golf Course or know of someone who has...

Please share this fundraiser with friends and family and those who want to support this precious community golf course. 

NOTE: All proceeds will go directly to the restoration of the Whispering Oaks Golf Course. 


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