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Losing the ashram is the loss of a dream, a community, a home.

For 17 years, Anuttara Ashram has grown from an old cut block scarring Nisga'a Territory to a vibrant, sustainable, loving yoga & meditation community. We have hosted people worldwide who quickly went from strangers to great friends to our spiritual family.

As an ashram, a community, and a small business, we were impacted by COVID-19 closures. We did our best to survive the last two years, but we might need to close our doors.

The grief we all feel at the possibility of losing the ashram overwhelms us. Anuttara has been a place where many have found peace, opened their hearts, connected deeply with others, made lifelong friendships, become certified teachers, met their partners, got engaged, married, gazed at the stars, and looked in awe at the aurora borealis, shared meals, danced, laughed, hugged trees, lay down in the mossy forest beds, collected herbs, swam in the river, chased bears, and watched eagles sore.

The ashram has been a place where all of us can indulge in the truly precious things of life.

For those of you who haven't been here, we had hoped to host you. This potential loss is not just the loss of our past and what we have done but also the loss of the future and what we had dreamed of becoming. We hoped to continue developing our relationship with the Nisga'a and developing sustainable living systems. We hoped to be a home and refuge for future visitors, and to have and raise our babies here!

To lose the Ashram isn't the loss of a business; it is the loss of a dream, a community, a home.

In 2020, the ashram took a loan from the Canadian government to cover our expenses and keep our doors open. This loan is due to the government this year, and because of our low number of guests, we cannot make money to cover our expenses, let alone pay off this loan.

We are asking for your help to save the Ashram.

If we can raise this money, there is a good possibility that we will be able to open next year. But if we cannot, we might lose the land and everything we have built out of love, dedication, and service.


Anuttara Ashram is located in Northern BC, Canada. It is tucked away in the sacred Nass Valley, surrounded by pristine old-growth forest, waterfalls, and the sacred Nass River; it has been a home and sanctuary for many people worldwide.

The Ashram is entirely off-grid and has built its own sustainable systems, organic gardens, yoga & meditation school, and loving community. Our mission has been to share spiritual teachings from the eastern traditions supported by western understanding. We have intended to aid others in exploring a science of Self-study strengthened by the great wisdom traditions.

Sustainability and a harmonious relationship with nature have been two of our integral values. Nature works as a supportive guide, mirror, and healing modality. Anuttara was founded on the premise that people need to not only rediscover their essential nature within but see that essentialism reflected in the natural world.Anuttara is non-hierarchical and there is no one Guru or Teaching that the ashram follows. That being said, this ashram is inspired mainly by the philosophies of Non-Dual Tantra and Guruji Maharaj of Shivoham Tantra.

Together we may have the power to keep this dream and sacred place alive!
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