Update on Lawsuit
January 19, 2022

Requesting the California Supreme Court to Hear Our Case

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Appeals Court Ruling and the Next Step – The California Supreme Court

In December 2021, The California Court of Appeals ruled against the Franklin Ridge Road connection lawsuit filed by the grassroots group, Save Civita. The Franklin Ridge Road connection will link Civita in Mission Valley with Phyllis Place in Serra Mesa, located close to the I-805/Murray Ridge ramps.

At the start of the lawsuit process, Save Civita discovered that our former city councilmember, Scott Sherman, promoted the road connection. His office offered letter of support templates to Mission Valley HOAs and offered to help with public testimony. All of this was done without transparency and before the public hearings were held in 2017. These actions affected due process – tainting a fair hearing.

Save Civita will file an appeal request with the Supreme Court of California before February 2022.

History of the Freeway Connector
10-30-2017   City Council approved freeway connection

11-27-2017   Environmental lawsuit filed by non-profit group, Save Civita, composed of   representatives from Serra Mesa & Civita

01-28-2020   San Diego County Superior Court ruled against the environmental lawsuit

12-16-2021   4th District Court of Appeals ruled against the appeal
1-20-2022      Save Civita files request to CA Supreme Court to hear the case.

If this freeway connector is completed, lives are at risk. A 4-lane, 55-mph freeway connector will immediately allow over 23,000 cars daily, increasing to over 34,000 cars a day through Serra Mesa and half-mile stretches of Via Alta and Franklin Ridge roads in Civita. 

In Civita, the affected roads, Via Alta and Franklin Ridge are permanently flawed because the steep slope and the curves of the half mile roads prevent crosswalks or traffic calming from ever being installed. Because of the permanent flaws, these roadway segments are “unsafe at any speed”. 

The road connection creates a safety risk for children walking to and from Nipaquay Elementary School at the corner of Via Alta and Civita Blvd, scheduled to open in Fall 2022. 

Exiting your community on to Via Alta or Franklin Ridge will be dangerous with a constant flow of cars and no traffic calming or stop signs. Promontory will be surrounded on all four sides by a constant flow of traffic. The dog park next to Apex will be cut in half if not eliminated.

Save Civita Will Appeal Ruling
February 13, 2020

An environmental lawsuit, regarding the October 2017 SD City Council approval of the road connection from Phyllis Place in Serra Mesa to Civita in Mission Valley, was filed on November 27, 2017.  A 501(c)3 nonprofit Board, composed of representatives from Civita and Serra Mesa, sued to protect public safety in Civita and Serra Mesa.

Barbara Bry, San Diego City Council member, was the only one to vote against the freeway connector during the City Council vote in October 2017. Council Member Bry asked the Planning Department several times about the possibility of crosswalks for Via Alta and Franklin Ridge. Finally, the Planning Department admitted that crosswalks were not feasible. With that information, Barbara did not support a connector that would eventually direct 34,000 cars a day through Serra Mesa and Civita.

Lawsuit Ruling and Appeal:
On January 28, 2020, more than two years later, the San Diego County Superior Court ruled against the environmental lawsuit. The decision supported the City’s process.

In a January 31, 2020 San Diego Union-Tribune article, “Judge Rules For S.D. In Lawsuit Over New Connector”, it was stated that the road “…would allow developers to build more commercial projects and dense housing in Mission Valley by boosting overall traffic circulation there.”

Within the 60-day deadline requirement (approximately April 1) the Board will appeal the decision to the 4th District Court of Appeal. We’re concerned about safety for both Civita and Serra Mesa residents. An appeal is heard by three judges and takes approximately 18 months. The brief will be filed by December 2020 and will include arguments about the inadequate preparation of environmental documents and the bias of City Council Member Scott Sherman. * (more info below)

Reason For The Lawsuit:
If this freeway connector is completed, lives are at risk. Based on the City’s final environmental impact report, the 4-lane, 55-mph freeway connector will immediately allow over 23,000 cars daily (16 cars every minute) increasing to over 34,000 cars a day (24 cars every minute) through Serra Mesa and half-mile stretches of Via Alta and Franklin Ridge roads in Civita, a smart growth, densely populated residential community in Mission Valley.

These Civita roads are permanently flawed because the steep slopes and the curves of the roads prevent crosswalks or traffic calming from ever being installed. Because of the permanent flaws, these roadway segments are unsafe at any speed.

The roads were not designed in accordance with walkable, mixed-use, industry-standard practices for accommodation of pedestrians and regional freeway traffic and is not compliant with the City’s Council Policy 200-07 and the City’s street design manual.

A report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) validates our concerns. Available at, the report states that pedestrian deaths have reached their highest level in 28 Years and that “pedestrian crashes have become both deadlier and more frequent. The increase has been mostly in urban or suburban areas, at non-intersections, on arterials — busy roads designed mainly to funnel vehicle traffic toward freeways.”

This freeway connector will also clog the only access road for many homes in Serra Mesa, creating a dangerous situation for emergency access and evacuation of that area.

The City, politicians, and large developers in Mission Valley argue that safety must be sacrificed for the “Greater Good,” stating the rest of the City will benefit from the connector by allowing more homes to be built in Mission Valley, a flow of regional traffic between I-805 and Mission Valley’s Friars Road, and a GPS short cut for commuters.

Turn your concerns into action. Donations are tax-deductible. Donations can be anonymous.

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*Actions of Scott Sherman:
City Council Member Scott Sherman actively campaigned in May 2017 to obtain support from the Mission Valley condo associations; Civita associations were excluded; the campaign began prior to meeting with the Serra Mesa Planning Group representatives. References to Sherman’s role are on pages 2, 5-6, 29-30 of Plaintiff’s Brief and pages 25-27 of Petitioner’s Reply Brief at

Sample quotes from the Plaintiff’s Reply Brief pages 29-30:

“In fact, as far back as May 2017, on at least one occasion, Mr. Sherman’s staff was offering to write the support letter for a group willing to support the Project.”

“Even worse, the day after the Planning Commission recommended approval of the Project on August 24, 2017, Mr. Sherman’s staff sent out an e-mail stating “[t]hank you to everyone who came to the Planning Commission Hearing yesterday and sent in letters of support! With your support, we had over 40 speakers in attendance and turned in over 50 letters in support of this Community Plan Amendment.”

“Mr. Sherman’s staff then urged supporters to attend future public hearings and sign an online petition in support of the Project.” “In light of the foregoing, by the time of the City Council’s public hearing on October 30, 2017, Mr. Sherman’s motion and vote in favor of the Project were a foregone conclusion. That his vote was already counted means the hearing failed to comport with the fair-hearing aspect of due process. Due process requires that all hearing judges be impartial.”

Inconsistency with Scott Sherman’s Concerns:
In December 2016, the long-controversial Regents Road Bridge in University City was voted down by San Diego City Council. The plan for a bridge that would attract regional traffic through a neighborhood was removed from the planning maps.

During the Council’s discussion, Council Member Scott Sherman said both sides in the debate made strong arguments, but that he believes the bridge could worsen congestion because smart phone apps would direct people to the new road.

An article published in the San Diego Union Tribune on 12/5/2016 titled, "Council deletes controversial Regents Road bridge from Planning Maps" includes the following quote from Sherman, “This road connector, I think, would take congestion off the freeways and put it through the neighborhood and we’d have one more congested neighborhood and we’d have a bunch of cars and a bunch of safety vehicles not going anywhere because they are sitting in traffic.”  

This is the exact same scenario playing out in Civita. GPS programs will indicate that cutting through the residential community of Civita is the shortest route for cars to reach I-805.

Council Member Sherman showed great concern for the University City neighborhood and how that connector would risk safety and diminish quality of life, but showed no concern for his own constituents in the same situation. 

For more information on the lawsuit and issues with The City of San Diego and Sudberry Properties, go to

Save Civita Website
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Resource Links FYI
Quarry Falls Specific Plan:

Lawsuit: Save Civita Because Sudberry Won't v. City of San Diego,
Case Number 37-2017-00045044-CU-WM-CTL
San Diego Superior Court – Central Division
Date Served: 12/5/2017 Date Filed: 11/27/2017

Information on the fight against the freeway connector:

City of San Diego lobbyist website:

Disclaimer: The statements here reflect our organization’s opinions. We strive to provide the source materials that substantiate our views. Everyone is encouraged to review the source materials and do independent research before drawing any conclusions.
Photo depiction of life on Via Alta in Civita if freeway connector is built.



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