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Restoring Thomas Chapel in Willis, TX

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The Willis Cultural Heritage Society has been working with the History Taskforce on efforts to restore the Thomas Chapel United Methodist Church in Willis, TX.

Organized in 1867, Thomas Chapel is the oldest continually operating church in Montgomery County Texas. The current building was completed in 1899 but the congregation formed before the city of Willis was established. The church was build by enslaved people from the Greenwood Plantation. The structure has elements of the Gothic Revival style including large Gothic windows on the front façade, smaller Gothic windows above the entrance, and the square bell tower. The members of the congregation have been strong leaders in the African American community since its founding.

Extensive renovation work has been already undertaken by the History Taskforce. The current critical project is the preservation of the back wall and windows of the structure. The total project which includes replacing rotten boards and windows will cost approximately $5400. But there is a need to mitigate further damage until those funds can be raised. As you can see in the photos, the windows are at risk of falling out of the wall. We'd like to raise $600 to cover the purchase of 4 exterior treated 4' x 8" plywood panels, white paint, installation supplies and labor. This would allow the protection and securing the windows until the restoration can happen.

Many of Willis' historical sites have been lost over the years. We are going to ensure this is not one of them. Please join us in this important effort!

The following article recently appeared in The Courier.


Jack Carrel
Willis, TX

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