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Hello! My name is Krissy Mae Cagney. I am a recovering addict/alcoholic with five years sobriety under my belt and also the sole owner of Black Iron Gym in Northern Nevada.  At Black Iron Gym, I give out free memberships to people like myself with one goal in mind: to help them stay sober in a safe, friendly environment through group fitness, counseling, and more. This program is called Reps 4 Recovery, and we’re raising money with GoFundMe so we can keep it running.

About Me

I grew up in Reno and my drug and alcohol problems were at their worst between 15 and 25. I was put through countless rehabilitation programs and I saw a plethora therapists and counselors; these methods work well for some people, but something I never had was a safe place where I knew I could be (and stay) sober. During my years of using, the gym seemed to be the only thing with the power to pull me away from using. I truly believe there is something to be said about that, so I opened the Black Iron Gym 3 years ago and created the Reps 4 Recovery program (R4R).  I want more people in need to feel the power I did to overcome.

About the Program

Since launching Reps 4 Recovery, I have been able to help well over 100 people in my community stay sober through fitness, community, and a “home” they want to keep coming back to. I have seen doctors, college students, lawyers, and more come through my doors and they all want the same things… to be sober, to be accepted, and to be loved. My staff and I give them all of those things, as do the other members who have been in the program for a while. We truly make each other stronger.

My business model has always been to provide as many free gym memberships as possible with the money that comes in. Unfortunately, not enough is coming in to properly support the Reps 4 Recovery program. I refuse to turn people away and in order to expand the program, hire help, and bring in more recovery warriors, I need you to help me (and my amazing staff who makes this all possible) offset the cost of providing free, training, equipment, coaching, group talk, programming, software, and clothing.

If you have ever struggled from addiction or alcoholism, or you have a loved one who has, this is a huge opportunity to help someone in need by providing them with a free gym membership. I firmly believe in the notion that fitness and lifting can act as treatment for substance abuse problems. I believe it, because it worked for me and I am a firsthand witness at seeing it work for countless others.

Many people have remained sober through fitness and everyone deserves the chance. Money will be managed through the Black Iron Gym bank account, and your donation could potentially save a life. Every donation and the love behind it is meaningful.

To offer you a cost breakdown of the program, here’s info about what different donation sizes could mean to a Reps 4 Recovery member:

★ $5 covers a member’s monthly administrative fee
★ $10 covers one day of the R4R program
★ $30 covers about 1 week of the R4R program
★ $60 covers about 2 weeks of the R4R program
★ $90 covers about 3 weeks of the R4R program
★ $120 covers about 4 weeks of the R4R program
★ There are also varying costs for new equipment, repairs, and day to say supplies

$60,000 would support 70-90 people for a whole year or 140-180 people for 6 months.  I’ve seen that around the 6 month mark, a lot of people are able to begin supporting themselves with a paying membership.  It’s amazing to see them give their free spot up so a new Reps 4 Recovery member’s journey can begin.

Joey and Quiana celebrating at the gym

THANK YOU for your support! In addition to donating, please share our story with your friends and family to help us spread the word:

  • Hannah Lim 
    • 10 $ 
    • 33 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • 10 $ 
    • 33 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • 20 $ 
    • 34 mos
  • Tara Taylor 
    • 50 $ 
    • 36 mos
  • Catherine Whitten 
    • 20 $ 
    • 39 mos
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Krissy Mae Cagney 
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